Marysville Cemetery
Marysville WA

Originally platted as I.O.O.F. cemetery, the Marysville cemetery has been in regular use since the 1890's.

The original records were kept in the head of Steve Saunders an early Marysville business man and therefore some of the earliest burials can only be identified from the headstones. In the mid 1950's the office made an index of their records.

The cemetery is located at Cemetery Rd and State St. across the street from St. Mary's Catholic Church and its Cemetery.

The cemetery has had several up grades... each addition about equal to the original size. The oldest section was sold as family plots. The largest size were 20 feet by 20 and there were 10 foot aisles between the plots. Later additions were individual size plots.

My method of reading the Cemetery

I drew the above map and there was no attempt to create it to scale... I also gave the cemetery sections that are not the actual "legal description" and this has caused problems.

The "legal description" did not lend itself to my way of reading cemeteries. I am systematic. I picked a corner and used the boundaries created by paved roads as I read a north south direction. A newer section with much smaller plots is next to an older section with the lovely huge family plots... I had to read them separately. The oval... the ends of the oval were done in a triangle plot (pie wedges). I did not read the triangle... I tried to read the area in as close to a row as possible.

My Statement

A group of us did the cemetery with aide and assistance from the cemetery office. This reading is NOT an official page for the Marysville Cemetery. It was never meant to be.

Please visit the nice people at the office for help. They will give you a map or even walk you out to the right spot.


This presentation is broken down into 4 parts.

The Index: All the records. 12,658
including office records, St. Mary's Cemetery headstone reading, Marysville Cemetery headstone reading, and extracted articles from the Marysville Globe. The index is in alphabetical order by Surname. Some of the people will be listed 2 or 3 times because they have office records, headstones, and obituaries. Some will be listed once because they have an office record and no headstone or they have a headstone but are still alive (kind of startling to be writing down the name of one of your friends who is helping you read....) This is the only listing for the office records.

the Index
History Surnames A and B Surnames C an D Surnames E,F and G
Surnames H and I Surnames J, K and L Surnames M and N Surnames O, P, Q and R
Surnames S Surnames T, U, V and W Surnames X, Y and Z

Marysville: Marysville Cemetery Headstone Reading. 5,149 entries
This record shows information taken from the headstones of Marysville Cemetery. This is presentation is by sections (not the "legal description used by the cemetery office ) and then by rows. Each headstone was given a sequential number as it was read to help connect the families buried in family plots.

the Reading
Section 1 and 1a
Headstone numbers 1- 606
Section 2 and 2a
Headstone numbers 607 - 1602
Section 3 and 3a
Headstone numbers 1603 - 1967
Section 4
Headstone numbers 1968 - 3067
Section 5 Headstone numbers 3068 - 3404 Section 6
Headstone numbers 3405 - 4323
Section 7
Headstone numbers 4324 - 5149
Secion 8... not ready yet

St. Mary: St. Mary's Cemetery Headstone Reading
This records shows information taken from the Headstones of St. Mary's Cemetery. This is presentation is by sections (not the "legal description used by the cemetery office ) and then by rows. Each headstone was given a sequential number as it was read to help connect the families buried in family plots. (note: I did not have access to the church records for the earlier burials although the Marysville office did have records for later ones)

the St Marys
Introduction and Rows 1-10
Rows 11-21
Rows 22-24 and Index

Globe: The Marysville Globe
Goodness knows why but I did an extraction of events from the Marysville Globe for the years 1917-1918 and have started doing more. There are nearly 100 death related articles.

Marysville Globe Main page


To Fred Smathers, Marysville Cemetery, Fred offered to let me copy the office index records that are so important to this work. He also took the time to explain the history of the Cemetery and the how things are located.

To the rest of the nice people at Marysville Cemetery, who offered me water, and coffee, and the use of the photocopier.

To Elaine and Lyle Swan. Elaine read the cemetery with the help of her husband Lyle. She transcribed all the notes and made the original headstone database. She started it two years ago and has kept after me every week to finish it.

To the youth of the Marysville Ward who came out on one windy dark evening and did one complete section.

To the two LDS missionaries who volunteered to help do the proof reading not once but twice.

To the Gang from Ken Baxter Senior Senior who came out one day to experience the joy of cemetery reading.

And to my daughter and husband who don't understand why I do this... but help out anyway.

my heart felt gratitude...

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