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Volume 20 Number 48 Friday, January 6, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Gives Birth to Twins in Jail
Wedding Eggert Nilson Nuptials
Surprise Party
New Lecture Course for Marysville
Leap Year Dance A Success
Stimson's Crossing
A Good Position
Methodist Episcopal


Type Names
beaman Beaman, Berta
Local and Personal - Miss Berta Beaman, after spending the holidays with her parents has gone back to Machias where she will resume her duties as teacher.
born Joe, twin boys
Gives Birth to Twins in Jail.
Born to Mr. Joe and Maggie Joe in the bastile of the city of Sedro Woolley on the morning of Tuesday, December 26, 1911 twins. Both boys as robust as a dynamite explosion. Mr. and Mrs. Joe unmindful of the delicate condition of the latter and according to established Siwash custom, were in the city to add to the holiday festivities as far as firewater and wet weather would permit, and there seems to have been an abundance of both. It was Maggie's state of inebriation and dampness that induced her arrest, rather than the more cogent reasons stated above. Maggie was given blankets, locked in the cell alone and the fire in the rotunda induced to greater heat. When Marshall Bell went into the outer room later on Maggie was at the cell door asking for a drink of water. After drinking she announced, "got a baby.: She had brought a young child to town with her and Bell thought someone had brought it in. He departed and on returning later found Maggie again standing at the cell door. She again announced "got'n other baby." Bell investigated and upon absorbing the true situation it flashed into his mind to turn in a fire alarm or call for help. He did the latter though Maggie did not need any such thing. Jap Holman came up and opened the cell door. Maggie walked out to the stove with the two kids each wrapped in one half of a city blanket. The news spread and there was a Siwash swoiree in the vestibule in a few minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Joe, each carrying a twin clad in city blanket departed (on foot) for their home near Lyman early in the forenoon of Tuesday, and no doubt gave the twins their first bath in the Skagit enroute.
crime - burglary
Stimson's Crossing - The store here was robbed Tues. night 27 Dec of Nearly twenty-five dollars and a pair of no. 8 men's shoes. A small clue was left behind.
death Rees, Sarah
Notice. Final Discharge of estate. Rees Rees Administrator.
marriage Eggert, Max E.

Nilson, Agusta
Wedding, Eggert-Nilson, Nuptials.
At the home of the groom's parents Mr. and Mrs. Eggert of Getchell, the marriage of Mr. Max W. Eggert and Miss Agusta Nielson, was performed on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 pm by the Rev. J. D. Marsh, P. E., of the Free Methodist church, of Seattle before a large circle of friends and relatives. After the ceremony the company was ushered into the banquet hall where a must bounteous wedding dinner was served in four courses. When nature had been duly supplied with all the tempting viands of the season, the bride and groom were escorted to the near by dance hall where the afternoon and evening were pleasantly passed in dancing to strains of excellent music. The bride wore a beautiful gown of white satin messaline with pearl ornaments. She carried a shower bouquet of crysanthemums. Miss Eggert, sister of the groom acted as bridesmaid, wearing a becoming gown of cream satin trimmed in cluny lace. She carried a bouquet of pink carnations. The groom was supported by Mr. Fred Nilson, brother of the bride. The parlor where the ceremony took place was beautifully decorated with carnations, potted palm and smilax. After a short wedding journey to Portland and other points the happy couple will make their home in Getchell. The brides traveling suit will be fine navy blue serge with a beautiful hat trimmed with large willow plumes. , Mrs. Eggert is the third daughter of Mrs. Nellie Nilson, an old and respected resident of the Kellogg Marsh district near Marysville. She has long been one of the most popular girls in the younger set. The wedding gifts which were of fine cut glass, silver ware and fine china were displayed on a large table and were the tribute of the respect and love of the friends and relatives of both the bride and groom. Among those attending the ceremony were Messrs. and Mesdames W. S. Myers, N. P. Phillips of Everett, Andrew Erickson, C. H. Quast, Mrs. Nettie Nilson, Sophia Stohr, August Carlson, Reese Repler and daughter, Joe Hathorne, P. J. Gehl, P. J. Johnson, Carl Westlund, W. C. Smith and daughter, Peter Nelson, Joe buddy, J. M. Ordway , Oswald Moebius and family, Julius Moebius and family, Herman Anderson, August Schmidt, J. T. Jackson, Louie Winchell, N. C. Nelson, John Hammel and family, Oliver Barnett and family, J. A. Jacobson and daughter, J. W. Larson; Misses- Christine Nilson, Emma Stohr, Irene Myers, Mary Johnson, Bettie and Lottie Anderson, Inez Gibson, and Bessie Ratcliff; Messrs. Fred Nelson, Adolph Nelson, Louie Swans, Agust Swanson, I. K. Hope, John Johnson, John Nelson, Will and Anton Anderson, Paul Mocbius and Harry Olson; Mesdames O. A. Killy and son. Coral McNiel of Everett, Archie Campbell and daughter, Moion and son and Mr. J. P. Roe.

Volume 20 Number 49 Friday, January 13, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Among the Grangers What they did at Marysville
Children Give Fine Entertainment
City Council
Death of John Steve
Well Known Lecturer Here
New Photographer Comes to Town
The Pension Matter
Town Clerks Report
Congregational Church
Byron Piatt


Type Names
accident Keenan, Mrs.
Local and Personal - Mrs. Keenan had the misfortune to cut her finger quite badly last Tuesday.
accident Travis, Ella
Local and Personal - Miss Ella Travis while cutting kindling wood last Monday, had the misfortune to cut her finger off.
death Steve, John
Death of John Steve.
John Steve, an Indian, who has lived on the Tulalip Reservation all of his life, died at Dungeness between Port Townsend and Port Angeles, of Pneumonia, and was brought to Marysville and buried in the Tulalip cemetery on Tuesday, January 9th. Mr. Steve was aged about 55 years, and was a cousin of Henry Steve, of Stimson's Crossing. He leaves no family.
fire Carroll, Mrs.
Local and Personal - The home of Mrs. Carroll north of town, burned to the ground last Tuesday night. Mrs. Carroll's lot is indeed a sad one, as she lost a son, a boy of sixteen, in the powder mill explosion last spring, and now her home is gone. Any help that the good people of Marysville and vicinity see fit to give will be gratefully received by this widow and children. Leave clothing, household goods or anything in this line at Barlett's store and it will be promptly delivered

Volume 20 Number 50 Friday, January 20, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Prospects for a New Mutual Mill
Reno, The Magician
Big Jack Gets in Trouble
Baseball But Begins to Buzz
I.S.W.U. of A. Convention
City Council


Type Names
beaman Beaman, Mrs. Lester
Local and Personal - Mrs. Lester Beaman was called to Tacoma Tuesday, owing to the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. Triber of that place.
born Hovik, baby
Stimson's Crossing. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hovik are entertaining a little stranger who arrived Jan. 11 for an indefinite stay.
born Schumacher, son
Local and Personal - Born Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schumacher, a baby boy
born Sullivan, baby daughter
District No. 29. Mrs. Carroll is staying with her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Sullivan of Everett. In spite of her trouble she is rejoicing over her little granddaughter which arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sullivan, Tuesday
crime Lashua, William
Holds Up Hobos With A Club.
William Lashua of this city who works at the boom near the smelter, held up a couple of hobos who had broken into the boom house and stolen a few paris of socks. Will's weapon was a good club, and he must have demonstrated his ability to sue same as the hobos accompanied him to his home where he got the shotgun and then phoned to the sheriff, who came and took the marauders to jail. Fear does not seem to be one of Mr. Lashua's failings.
crime - liquer Reese, Big Jack
Big Jack Gets in Trouble.
"Big Jack" Reese, an old timer in Marysville, is in trouble for getting liquor for the Indians on the Tulalip reservation. Marshall McDonald has long suspected "Big Jack" but has never been able to catch at his tricks. The Marshall predicts that the people of the town can rest easy as to their hen roosts and wood piles for a time at least.
divorce Bailey, Ella M.
Bailey, Harlow
Summons. Divorce.

Volume 20 Number 51 Friday, January 27, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Death of Mrs. M. Swinnerton
Grange News
Women Politicians Have Lively Scrap
Noted Rupture Expert Here
An Expert Illusionist Saturday Feb. 3, '12
Stimson's Crossing


Type Names
death Swimmerton, Mrs. M.
Death of Mrs. M. Swinnerton.
Died At the Tacoma Private Sanatorium, on Wednesday, January 24th 1912, Sarah A. Swinnerton. Age fifty-six years. About a month ago Mrs. Swinnerton was operated on for gall stones and was recovering from the operation. The immediate cause of her death was embols. The death of Mrs. Swinnerton removes from Marysville one of the earliest pioneers, she having been a resident of this town twenty-eight years. Older residents of the community will recall her many acts of kindness when there were but few women hereabout. Her home was always open to the stranger and many a one found true hospitality there in. She leaves to mourn her loss her aged father, a brother and four sisters in Iowa; also one son, five daughters and six grandsons in this State. The funeral will be held this Saturday afternoon at 2 pm from the home. Rev. Richard Bushell will officiate.
marriage Lagmance, Henrietta
Underwood, Roy M.
Local and Personal - Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Lagmance of Waterville, Washington, announce the marriage of their daughter, Henrietta, to Mr. Roy M. Underwood on Sunday January 21st, 1912. The young couple will be at home to their friends after January 25th. Mr. Underwood is well known in Marysville having been with Blair the druggist a few years ago. His many friends here including the Globe, join in wishing he and his bride happiness through this life.

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