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JUNE 1912

Volume 21 Number 18 Friday, June 7, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Directory of Teachers
Marysville Loses to Everett 1 to 6
Inventory of Edition
Program, Social and Sale
Great Preparations for Fourth of July
Card of Thanks
Burglar Tries to Enter Turner Hdwe Store
School Meeting
William Dunbar Dies Suddenly


Type Names
Burglar Tries to Enter Turner Hdwe. Store
Monday night, J. D. Field who has a room in the rear of his store, adjoining the Turner Hdwe. Co. in the Bank Bldg., heard someone trying to get in the back door of that store. He hurriedly dressed, went over on Front Street and got several men to try and catch the burglar. The fellow, however, must have heard him leave the store, as he had disappeared when the posse arrived. The key to the back door was found to have been pushed nearly out of the lock and was just hanging. The Turner Hdwe. has been entered a number of times before and Mr. Turner thinks of getting a gatling gun and train it on the door with an electric attachment to fire it when the door lock is being tampered with.
death Dunbar, William
William Dunbar Dies Suddenly
Friday afternoon, while going home from town, near the Quil Ceda bridge, William Dunbar had an attack of heart trouble and died in a very short time. Mr. Dunbar was a resident of the Tulalip reservation and has worked on the boom for a number of years. He was aged about 45 years and leaves a wife and three children, two married daughters and a young son. The funeral will probably be held at Tulalip on Monday.
marriage Turner, Homer D.
Raven, Lola
Mr. Homer D. Turner and Miss Lola Raven announce their marriage 24 May 1912. At home after June fist at Bayne WA
move Alvord, C. S.
Local and Personal - C. S. Alvord will move his family to Clearbrook, Whatcom Co., WA, this week. Mr. Alvord has purchased 8 acres of land at that place and will build a first class blacksmith shop. He is a first class workman and will certainly make good.
move Heider, A. E.
Local and Personal - Mr. A. E. Heider is moving his family to Seattle this week.
wildlife - fish McClafflin, W. G.
Local and Personal - On Monday of this week our townsman, W. G. McClafflin made what we believe to be a record catch of trout, getting 150 in eight hours up the Quil Ceda. They were all brook trout and the entire catch weighted 7 1/2 pounds. Having but one arm, this is a remarkable feet for Mack, as he baited the hook and took the fish off. If you think it's easy try to bait a hook with one hand.

Volume 21 Number 19 Friday, June 14, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Children's Day Program at Methodist Church
Attention Yeomen
Marysville 4 Stanwood 1
Marysville Market Opens Next Week
Local and Personal


Type Names
accident - logging Downs, H. R.
Local and Personal - H. R. Downs, who runs a donkey engine at the Ebey Logging Camp, had both of his hands badly burned last Thursday, 6 June when the valves blew out. He went to the hospital in Arlington but did not improve, so he came down to see Dr. Munn. He expects to be able to resume work in a few days.
death Hilliman child
The 2 1/2 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. James Hilliman died last Saturday and was buried Monday. Rev. Ashby officiated at the funeral services which were held at Schaefer's Undertaking Parlors.
marriage Coffin, Ewin P.
Matheson, Mae
Coffin - Matheson
Mr. Edwin P. Coffin of Seattle, and Miss Mae Matheson, of Seattle, were united in marriage last Sunday evening at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Coffin of Marysville, by Rev. J. L. Magoon. The happy couple left Monday for Seattle where they will make their future home.
marriage Noble, Elva
Raymond, Hugh
Local and Personal - Mrs. Chas. Raymond and Mrs. Thos. Potts went to Portland this week to attend the wedding of Miss Elva Noble and Mr. Hugh Raymond, which took place on Thursday. Both of the contracting parties are well and favorably known here, Hugh being the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Raymond and was for years a barber in his father's shop on Front street. Miss Noble is a daughter of Mrs. Potts and has held a position in Portland for sometime. Mr. Raymond has a good position with the Union Packing Co., of that city and their many friends here wish them success and happiness.
move Lee, Chas.
Local and Personal - Chas. Lee will move his family to Ballard where he has a position in a mill. Mr. Lee is one of our best citizens and has served a term on the council. He and his family will be missed.
move McInnis, Mrs. D.
Local and Personal - Mrs. D. McInnis and daughter Marguerite have moved to Sedro-Woolley where her son Al has a position with the N.P. Ry. They expect to make their home in that city for a time.

Volume 21 Number 20 Friday, June 21, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Marysville Wins from Healey's Team
consolidation Meeting
Want Horse Race for Fourth of July
Smith - Berry
Good Roads Meeting
Davidson - Steele
Bank Statement
Donald Gipple Celebrates Fifth Birthday
Popular Lecturer Coming.


Type Names
accident - horse Hewitt, Robert
Robert Hewitt, delivery man at Murphy's store, had his shoulder thrown out of joint Friday morning. One of the horses jerked back and twisted his arm very badly.
death Malthy, Eli
Eli Malthy, a former resident of Marysville, was buried here Monday, the body being shipped from Portland. The body was interred in the Odd Fellows cemetery beside his wife, who died here during their former residence in this city. The deceased was 9(0?) years of age.
editor comment
Either our local correspondent to the Herald is a poor speller or the linotype man there is a poor reader, or the proof reader had been walking through the Great White Way on Wednesday of this week. The fact remains that almost every proper name in the Marysville locals was mis-spelled.
marriage Davidson, Mrs. Mary E.
Steele, Edward
Davidson - Steele
On Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock occurred a wedding of unusual interest to Marysville people. Mrs. Mary E. Davidson and Mr. Edward Steele were united in marriage at the home of Mrs. Davidson on Beach street. This event brought surprise to many of their friends. It was a quiet affair, as only a few were present, Mrs. L. E. Stedman and Mrs. Edna Leonard, sisters of the bride having come from Minneapolis MN, also Frank Stuth and Fred Leonard who live in Marysville made up the party. Rev. W. W. Switsor of Everett, a former pastor of the Methodist church in Marysville performed the ceremony. Mr. Steel has lived about Marysville for a number of years. He is a highly respected citizen and a successful business man. The bride came from Minnesota about four years ago, and has many friends in this city. We all join in hearty good wishes and congratulation. They will live among us and may they have many years of happiness and friendship.
marriage Smith, Eulalla
Berry, Frank K.
Smith - Berry
the home of S. T. Smith was the scene of a very pretty wedding Monday June 17th at 10:30 am, when Miss Eulalla Smith, the second daughter of Senator Smith was united in marriage to Mr. Frank K. Berry of Vancouver, B. C. The ring service was used. Rev. Richard Bushell, of Seattle, officiating. Mrs. Berry has lived all her life in Marysville, where she has a host of friends. Mr. Berry is a newspaper man, being the circulating manager of the Vancouver "World:. Immediately after the ceremony they drove in the machine to Everett, where they took the Vancouver Express for Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. Berry will be at home after August first in Vancouver, after an extended trip in the south. Only the immediate families were present, the following being out of town guests: - Mrs. H. A. Berry, Mesers Jack and Arch Berry, mother and brothers of the groom and Mrs. Lees - all of Vancouver.
marriage Solomon, Beryl
Hiatt, Leon
Miss Beryl Solomon and Leon Hiatt were married on June 15 at St. Marys Cathedral, San Francisco, Fr. Ramm officiating. The young people have hosts of friends in Marysville who wish them well.
move Curtiss, Lucile
Mrs. Lucile Curtiss received a graduating announcement of her namesake, Miss Lucile Nagley, of Olalla High School. Miss Nagley is only 16 years old. The Nagleys were former residents of this city. Mrs. Curtiss presented her with a beautiful necklace

Volume 21 Number 21 Friday, June 28, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Program July 4-5
Marysville Beats Brown & Hulen 7 to 1
Royal Neighbors Hold Convention
Death of Jimmie Carmichael
Kellogg Marsh
Getchell Road Items
Some Extracts from Press Comments on Dr. Rees' Lectures


Type Names
death Carmichael, Jimmie
Death of Jimmie Carmichael
The funeral of Jimmie Carmichael was held from the Methodist church on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The church was filled with friends many of whom brought the beautiful floral pieces. The sermon was preached by Rev. Ashby. Jimmie was fourteen years of age, the son of Mrs. Tallman and the grandson of Rev. and Mrs. Bushell. Out of town relatives from Bellingham, Seattle, and Portland were present. Interment was in the Odd Fellows cemetery.

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