The Official Newspaper for
Marysville WA

April 1917

Volume XXVI Number 12 Friday, April 6, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

County Camp Modern Woodmen of America
Departing Members are Given Parting Reception
Entertainment of Eastern Star Ladies
Gill, Beckingham et al, "Not Guilty"
Marysville Couple Married at Everett
Much State Highway to be Built This Year
Senior Play to be Staged this Evening
World Events of a Week


Type Names
liquor Gill, Beckingham et al, "Not Guilty"
After a trail lasting more than three weeks the noted bootlegging bribery trial in Seattle came to end last Saturday by the verdict of "not guilty.: given by the jury, thus freeing Mayor Gill, Police-chief Beckingham and four detectives of bribery charges preferred against them in the federal court
Evidence resting on the statements of bootleggers and proved lawbreakers such as the Bellingsleys is poor material on which to convict men of good reputation and yet there are many who are still convinced that a lot of bribery was carried on.
In the meantime the mayor and police force are continuing their war against illegal booze selling in Seattle, and all unite in saying that liquor is not so easy to get except through the regular permit system.
marriage Jones, Marion and Gordon W. Cameron Marysville Couple Married at Everett
Monday at 11 a.m. Miss Marion Jones was united in marriage to Mr. Gordon W. Cameron, the ceremony being performed in Everett by Rev. E. Flint. The happy couple left at once for Seattle, from whence they will visit Bellingham and Vancouver, B. C. for a week or more, when they return to make their home in Marysville.
the bride is the daughter of Mrs. Olive E. Jones, who has charge of the Currie Hotel and Cafe, and has made many friends during her short residence here. The groom is night operator at the G. N. depot, and is highly respected by all who know him.

Volume XXVI Number 13 Friday, April 13, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

High School Play is Successfully Staged
Important Session of Rebehaks at Edmonds
President's War Program
Potato Diseases and Seed Selection
Shall We have a Big Cleanup Campaign
The DeMoss Family to Give Entertainment
To Increase Production of Food Supply in U. S.
Vierra's Hawaiians Last Lyceum Number
Views of Council on Park Improvement


Type Names
death Akers, Mary Local and Personal: Mrs. Isaac Asbery has received word of the death of her mother, Mrs. Mary Akers, which occurred in Ottawa, Kansas, on Thursday, April 5.
death Jorgenson, John Obituary: John Jorgenson was born in Norway, April 3rd, 1857, being at the age of his death, April 7, 1917, 60 years and 4 days.
At the age of 20 he immigrated to America and came to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where he was married the same year to Miss Carrie Stene, later removing to a farm near Iola, Wis., where he resided until in 1906, when he went to Divide County, N. Dak., and took up a homestead. He staved there three years.
In 1911 he came to Mt. Vernon, Wash., later the same year coming to Marysville, where he has been staying with his sons until the time of his death.
His wife died March 5, 1897.
Besides three brothers at Summit, S. Dak., he left to mourn his loss, five children, Carl and Johnny Jorgenson, Mrs. Ida Hagadorn, Mrs. Josie Jackson, all of Marysville, Wash., and Mrs. Sina Erickson of Rosholt, Wisconsin.
Mr. Jorgenson was a quiet and unassuming man, highly esteemed by all who knew him
He bore his last illness without a word of complaint. He gave everything over to God and put all faith in him.
The most sincere sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.
Funeral services were held at the Baptist church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. R. A. Cunningham officiating. The Odd Fellows took charge of the burial at the I.O.O.F. cemetery.

Volume XXVI Number 14 Friday, April 20, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

A Statement
An Earnest Appeal to the Nation by President Wilson
Council Making Move for a Garbage Dump
Everett Elks to Have Patriotic Parade for Snohomish County
Food Conservation Planned for County
Recommendations for Food Conservation
The Pacific Coast's Real Opportunity
A Warning


Type Names
accident Heald, Mrs. Local and Personal: Mrs. heald had the misfortune to run a crocket hook in her hand, Tuesday, and had to have the assistance of a doctor to remove it.
accident auto Stewart, Clifford Local and Personal: An unfortunate accident occurred last Saturday on the highway north of Marysville, when Clifford Stewart, who was riding with Orvis Sarratt on the latter's motorcycle, got off and stepped in front of a car driven by Ed Nelson, resulting in a broken leg. Dr. Thompson was called and set the fracture, and later took the young man to the Everett Hospital, where he is doing as well as could be expected.
accident fire Hill, Oscar Local and Personal: Oscar Hill's house on Third Street caught fire Wednesday, but was saved before calling on the fire department.
accident fire Fire Department Has Call Friday Evening
The First fire in Marysville for some months occurred last Friday evening at between 8 and 9 o'clock, when the blacksmith shop of McCorkindale and Carr, was discovered to be on fire.
The fire department was on hand quickly with two lines of hose and extinguished the blaze before much damage had been done to the roof.
The fire was caused by the wooden smokestack falling down into the forge. The same evening about an hour later the O. K. mill in Everett suffered from a fire, the dry kiln being burned with a loss of $10,000.
crime liquor Marshal Pulls Blind Pig
Marshal Powers on Monday arrested "Big Jack" Reese, who lives at the west end of Front Street, and took him before Police Magistrate Gilmer, where he was fined $50 and costs and sentenced to 20 days in jail for selling whiskey to Indians. The authorities have been aware that "Big Jack" as well as some others have been violating the law, but had found difficulty in securing evidence on which conviction could be assured.
death Jorgenson, John Resolutions of Condolence (fraternal organization)... Fred Smith, Hugh Allan, Frank Stuth ... Committee
death Local and Personal: Ed. Harriman of Anacortes, was in Marysville last Friday making arrangements with Mr. Schaefer for burial of his mother, who died in English, and was buried at Arlington, Saturday.
letter to editor A Statement
To whom it may concern:
I just was told today by a party from Marysville that when I left home Sunday afternoon, June 11, that Mrs. John Olson went with me. She did not. I did not see her after I left Saturday night from John Olson's place and do not know anything of her, and did not know that she intended to go. I know she had trouble, but she never said a word to men and what I saw of her while there, she was a lady in every respect. I got onto a job that day when I got started for home, of a camp at Black Diamond, out of Seattle, so went right on to Everett, that afternoon and got on the car for Seattle and over to the camp to start work Monday morning; stayed there until the first of November, then went to Portland and stayed there until January, then went to work in the steel plant in Seattle, where I am now at work, but expect soon to come back home to my family.
I write this to right a mistake that was made. I do not know if Mrs. Olson is at home or not, but would like the mistake to made right as any man would. She too much of a lady to go with any man and I never thought of such a thing. W.P.GOODMAN
marriage Tallman, Mae and Harris, Otto H. Kellogg Marsh: Mae Tallman and Otto H. Harris were married in Everett April 12. They will make their home in Tacoma. Mrs. Harris has lived in this community for many years. Thursday evening a large crowd surprised them at her former home on Getchell hill. Mrs. Harris' mother, Mrs. Richardson will now make her home with her son Will Richardson of Seattle.
move Anderson, Matt Stimson's Crossing: Mr. and Mrs. Matt Anderson and children left for Clallam Bay Monday, where Mr. Anderson has employment.
move Hollingsworth, R. H. Local and Personal: We regret to hear that R. H. Hollingsworth, principal of the high school, is not to be with us next year as he has accepted the superintendency of the Coupeville school.
move Raymond, Chas. Local and Personal: Chas. Raymond has bought in Ballard a barber shop of six chairs. He left last Saturday to take possession.
move Sprague, Belle Local and Personal: Mrs. Belle Sprague, formerly of Marysville, but now of Port Townsend, is visiting her son Frank Sprague and other relatives.
move Taylor, Mead Local and Personal: Mead Taylor and family are moving to a ranch east of the mountains.

Volume XXVI Number 15 Friday, April 27, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

Engineer Corps Needs Men from all Trades
Monroe Monitor has Installed New Editor
Nearly 8,000 in Line at Great Parade at Everett Wednesday
Preparing Garden Soil and Its Feritilization
State Camp of M. W. A. Convenes Next Week
Suggestions to the Back Lot Gardener
The New Recruit
Vacant State Lands Free to All Who Can Use Them


Type Names
accident horse Moulton, Mrs. S. F. Local and Personal: Mrs. S. F. Moulton of the Fair store suffered a severe sprain on Wednesday of last week when her horse stumbled and fell. She has been confined to her bed a day or so but is back at the store this week.
birth Hagadorn, daughter Local and Personal: A baby girl was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Hagadorn on Seventh street.
death Wanzer, Albert Local and Personal: Albert Wanzer, the 8 year-old boy who lived at the Geo. English home in Marysville, and was taken to the Everett hospital last week died there Saturday. A younger brother died at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wanzer in Snohomish about two months ago.
move Summers, Seth Local and Personal: Mr. and Mrs. Seth Summers have taken the house just vacated by Joe Vogel and family, and will make their home here in the future. They have just arrived from Michigan, and Mr. Summers will work at shipbuilding in Everett.
move Larin, Eugene F. Local and Personal: Mr. Eugene F. Larin, who has a ranch over on Getchell hill, is now in Idaho, where he has installed a linotype machine after a course in linotype school at San Francisco. He was engaged in the newspaper business in South Dakota, and later with Richard Bushell Jr. as part owner of the Mount Vernon Herald. After selling his interest in the Herald he took the linotype course in order to be able to do anything and everything about a newspaper office.
move Vogel, Joe Local and Personal: Joe Vogel and family have gone to Pontiac, Mich., where Mr. Vogel will take employment in an automobile factory.

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