The Official Newspaper for
Marysville WA

December 1917

Volume XXVI Number 47 Friday, December 7, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

3,000,000 Red Cross Seals to be Sold in Washington
A question for the Food Administration
Benefit Dance Given for Boys in Service
Car Shortage Relieved at Least Temporarily
Citizens' Ticket Wins by Good Majorities
Home Wedding
Hooverizing at the State Penitentiary
John McMaster Shingle Co. Adds $100 to Y.M.C.A. Fund
Knights of Columbus War Camp Fund Drive
Marysville Lumber Co. Is Incorporated
No News from the Soldier Means that He is All Right
Pertinent Points in President Wilson' Message to Congress
Youth's Companion Calendar for 1918
Zedeler Symphonic Quintette Coming Dec. 12


Type Names
death Drange, T. Card of Thanks
To the many kind friends who gave us their generous sympathy and who assisted us in many ways during the long painful and fatal illness of our husband and father the late T. Drange we wish to express our heartfelt thanks. Our special gratitude is due and hereby expressed to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oftebro and the Kellogg Marsh Grange, No. 135. Mrs. Sarah Drange, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Drange, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stuetsdall, Gus Drange, Louise Drange.
death Stimson's Crossing: Peter Nussbaum was called to Lebam, Wash. Friday, on account of the sudden death of his brother-in-law.
divorce McGrath, Byrdie and Samuel Summons: Byrdie E. McGrath, Plaintiff, vs. Samuel McGrath, Defendant... This action is one commenced by the plaintiff to obtain an absolute divorce from the bonds of matrimony existing between the plaintiff and defendant; to have restored to her her maiden name,...
marriage Affleck, Wm. Local and Personal: Wm. Affleck and Miss Katie Bockwinkel, both of Marysville, were married last Friday. A reception and dance was given in their honor last evening at the opera house.
marriage Barhart, Gladys Local and Personal: Miss Gladys Barhart of this city was married in Everett Tuesday to Wyatt Millikan of Seattle, a Bremerton navy yard worker. The ceremony was performed by Rev. R. B. Hassell. The newly married couple will make their home in Seattle.
marriage Rathvon, Lucile and Charneski, Michael HOME WEDDING
A wedding, which came as a surprise to Marysville people, occurred last Saturday at 5 p.m. at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Rathvon, when their daughter, Miss Lucile, was married to Mr. Michael Charneski of PeEll. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Chas. Sanders of the Methodist church, no one but the immediate family being present. Mr. Charneski is empolyed as a mill worker in Pe Ell, and the happy couple left Sunday for their new home, the groom having a home all furnished and ready to move into

Volume XXVI Number 48 Friday, December 14, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

County Tax Receipts Increased this Year
Drainage District to be Established
Ed Tatham Writes Letter of Trip to France and Back
Federation of Indians Meet in Marysville
K. of Columbus and Other Organizations
Little Red Cross Christmas Seals
Loggers and Millmen Wanted for Service
Mansfield's Drug Store Burglarized and Dope Taken
Marysville Theatre Changes Ownership
Red Cross Christmas Drive for Membership
Shortage of Postoffice Boxes Means Increased Population
War Savings Stamps a Good Investment


Type Names
Some dope fiend who probably has found it difficult to secure his needed supply in the regular way broke into Mansfield drug store Tuesday night and took what he wanted from the cabinet of narcotics. He helped himself to bottles and phials containing morphine, cocaine, opium, etc., the value being not over $10.00. He also broke open the cash drawer and took the loose change to the amount of perhaps three or four dollars
The entry was made through the back window, Mrs. Callahan, who had come to occupy the room in the rear of the Fair store next door, heard noises in the night, but felt no uneasiness as to their cause.

Volume XXVI Number 49 Friday, December 21, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

Ambulance Men Guests at Dinner
An Acknowledgement
Awaits Trail Before Federal Grand Jury
Camp Garbage Contractors Surprised at Small Amount
Chinook Winds Cause Much Flood Damage
Gymnasiums and Workshops for Care of Injured soldiers
Henry P. Cochrane Writes from Presidio
High School Service Flags have 34 Stars
Instructive Lecture on the World War
Official Program for Food Conservation


Type Names
death Dewar, Emma J. Matters of the Estate of Emma J. Dewar, Deceased...first publication Dec 17, 1917
death Hovik, Johanna Matters of the Estate of Johanna Hovik, Deceased... Ludvig A. Hovik, the surviving spouse...petition for Homestead... Date of first publication Dec. 21. 1917
death Lane, C. A. Local and Personal: C. A. Lane was up from Seattle Wednesday to put his father's will into probate. The estate is left to the widow, with Mr. Lane as executor.

Volume XXVI Number 50 Friday, December 28, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

Appreciative Word for Comfort League
Decrease in Demand for Some Articles Adds to War Workers
Held to Federal Court in $500 for Tearing $10 Bill
Letters for Lonesome Soldier Come in Hundreds
Lewis County Gets Good Cleaning Up
Marysville Comfort League Activities
Marysville Merchants Report Splendid Christmas Trade
New Regulations for Automobile Lenses
Only Two Per Cent of Men Seek Nonhazardous Positions
Over 700 Members Join the Red Cross
Refuse Officers' Courses so as to Get to Front Quick


Type Names
crime Ostman, Alex Held to Federal Court in $500 for Tearing $10 Bill
Marshal Powers last Friday arrested Alex Ostman for drunkenness and he was fined $10.00 and costs. He refused to pay the fine, but when he arrived at the jail he decided he would pay. marshal Powers said he would have to take it up with the judge and as he turned to unlock the cell door, Ostman deliberately tore the bill in two. Therefupon Marshall Powers took him to Everett and turned him over to U. S. Commissioner Mansfield, who bound him over to the Federal court in the sum of $500. He was taken to Seattle where he will appear before Judge Neterer in the near future. As he was in Judge Neterer's court last summer for being involved in smuggling liquor across the border, his sentence may be more severe than it would otherwise have been.
He claims draft exemption on the ground that he has been sick for the last two years. He wants the United States to win the war. He claims he is not an I.W.W. though he went out on strike with them last summer at logging camps.
death Nelson, Carl Obituary: Carl Nelson was born April 30, 1893, and died Dec. 21, 1917 at Everett Hospital, at the age of 24 years 8 months. Deceased came to Washington with his grandparents in 1901 and has lived in Snohomish county since.
Besides his mother he leaves three brothers and one sister to mourn his loss, one brother being with the army in France at present. His youngest sister passed away last June in the same hospital. His last words were. :I am tired and want to rest, so please turn out the lights."
The funeral was held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Nazarene church Rev. C. D. Erb officiating. Interment in Odd fellows cemetery in charge of Undertaker C. H. Schaefer.
death Rainey, Edward Man Dies Suddenly
The sudden death of Edward Rainey, living on the Tom Murray place, near Stimson's Crossing, leaves a mystery to be solved. Rainey was 55 years old, and had been clearing land and working by himself for some years, nobody knowing who his relatives ere, or where they could be located. The body has been held and will be buried Saturday afternoon unless some relatives are found.
disaster flood Local and Personal: The road from Cavellero's corner into Everett is still impassable on account of high water, several hundred feet of dikes being cut at the south end of Ebey Island. Petersen's stage makes one trip a day via Snohomish at 1:00 p.m.

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