The Official Newspaper for
Marysville WA

August 1918

Volume XXVII Number 29 Friday, August 2, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

91st Division Have Arrived in France
British Hospital is Target for Bombers
British Hospital is Target for Bombers
Chautauqua Program
Chautauqua Tent to be on Third St.
From Our Soldiers and Sailors "With the Colors"
Marysville Chautauqua - Mon., Tues., Wed., Aug. 5, 6 and 7
Neapolitan Quartet Chautauqua Event
Red Cross Nurse on Chautauqua Program
School Funds


Type Names
accident child Swalling, Cato Stimson's Crossing: Little Cato Swalling was seriously injured Thursday afternoon while climbing from his father's wagon, and was taken to an Everett hospital
accident wood Sheldon, R. D. Simson's Crossing: Mr. R. D. Sheldon, who is working at Coy's camp had the misfortune to hurt his arm seriously last week.
anniversary Danner Stimson's Crossing: A number from this vicinity helped Mr. and Mrs. Danner, formerly living at this palce but not at Island celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon.
death Melang, Earl Local and Personal: Earl Melang, son of J. F. Melang, died Wednesday night after an illness of several months, following an operation the kidneys. The remains were taken to Everett for burial.
The people of this community were deeply moved to sympathy and sorrow during the past week at the death of Anna Moskeland, the fifteen-year-old and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Moskeland, old and highly respected residents of Kellogg Marsh, which occurred on Thrusday, July 25th.
Anna left the Marysville high school in which she was a first year student, some time last winter on account of delicate health and in April became a patient in Aldercrest sanitarium at Snohomish. The treatment there seemed to promise complete recovery and it was planned that she was to return home on Saturday of the week in which she died. A sudden change for the worse changed this cheerful prospect, and in response to a hurry up call her parents had just time to arrive at the sanitarium a half-hour before she passed away at 10:30 o'clock Thursday morning.
The entire community shared the grief caused by the death of this unusually sweet and lovely girl. Her lovable character had endeared her to all and made her deservedly popular
Anna Martina Moskeland was born on the Moskeland farm about 3 miles northeast of Marysville Jan. 23, 1903, and lived all her brief life in the neighborhood.
Funeral services were held at the Baptist church in Marysville Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Rev. R. Bogstad, president of Columbia College at Everett was the officiating clergy man. The church was filled to overflowing with sympathetic friends. 6 of Anna's girl friends acted as pallbearers. vis; Florence Turner, Gertrude Black, Gladys Olson, Gladys Watson, Jessica Linehart and Nora Nelson. The Mortal remains were interred in Odd Fellows cemetery near Marysville.
There is left to mourn her loss a heartbroken father and mother and 3 devoted brothers -- John, Edward and Stanley, who did all that could have been done for her.
The sympathy of her friends whose numbers were limited only the number of people whom she had ever met, was beautifully expressed by a profusion of beautiful flowers.
marriage Regan, James H. and King, Emily Local and Personal: James H. Regan and Miss Emily King were married Wednesday at the home of the bride in Arlington.

Volume XXVII Number 30 Friday, August 9, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Aspiring Candidates for County Offices
Demonstration of Tractors Planned
Elmer Schaefer on Convoy Service Duty
Financial Affairs of the Red Cross
Government Calls Steve Saunders
Home Lights
Interesting Notes From Nellie Stahl
Radcliffe Chautauqua to Come Again Next Year
Remedial Treatment for the Defective Registrants
Roll of Honor
Time to Register


Type Names
death Melang, Earle Lucas Obituary: Earle Lucas Melang, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Melang of our city died at the family home Wednesday, July 31 aged 15 years 10 months and 20 days. He has four sister living, Irene, Ethel, Pearle, and Elisabeth. The deceased was an attendant at the Marysville high school prior to his illness.
Interment took place Sunday, August 4 in Evergreen cemetery, Everett where he was laid to rest in the family lot with his only brother. A large number of friends were present and the floral offerings were numerous and beautiful.
The family wish to express their gratitude for the sympathy extended by the friends and the members of the high school.

Volume XXVII Number 31 Friday, August 16, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Another Good Letter from Nellie Stahl
Attorney C. H. Graves Out for Prosecuting Attorney
Barnum and Bailey Circus is Coming
Business Training
Mrs. C. E. Olney Hurt on Seattle Street
Pollow Carnival Co. Comes to Marysville
Silver Wedding of W. S. Myers and Wife
Some Changes Made in Soldiers' Allotments
T. A. Stiger Enters Contest for Prosecuting Attorney
Young Men Becoming 21 to Register at Arlington Aug. 24


Type Names
On Tuesday at about 11 a.m. Mrs. C. E. Olney was knocked down and seriously injured while crossing Second avenue in Seattle from Frederick and Nelson's store. Her hip was seriously injured and she sustained other bruises and was taken to the Providence Hospital where at last accounts she was improving. It was not an automobile accident as first reported, but a man crossing on foot and watching the traffic ran into her. He admitted his fault and did all he could for her, and Mrs. Olney does not blame him more than herself. It is hoped she will be able to come home in a few days.
On August 14th occurred the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Myers, but owing to the inability of a number of the family to be there then, they decided to help Mr. and Mrs. Myers, celebrate the event on Sunday last. So they came by auto and train and afoot. It was purely a family affair and the guests were all either related by blood or marriage ties to one another making the affair all the more pleasant. they presented the host and hostess with a beautiful pattern of Roberts' latest design in table service of silverware. Mr. Myers gift to his bride of 25 years was a fine silk wedding dress as well as a solid silver service pin
Felicitations were extended with the hope that the worthy couple might live to see another 25 years of happy wedded life. A bountiful dinner was served including an elegant two-story wedding cake made and presented by Mrs. M. P. Phillips, a sister to Mrs. Myers.
The following guests were there besides the immediate family, including Willis and Frances, who had just returned from Yakima; Mrs. Nettie Nelson, mother of Mrs. Myers, Fred Nelson, brother; Mrs. Ida Phillips, Augusta Eggert and Christine Drake, sisters, together with their husbands, Messers, M.P. Phillips of Everett, Max Eggert of Getchell, and George Drake of Tulalip; Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Myers, Sgt. Harold N. Myers of Ft. Flagler; Mr and Mrs. Leonard H. Wright of Everett; and about a dozen children belonging to the several families above mentioned.
illness Witt, L. E. Local and Personal: Mrs. L. E. Witt has returned from Michigan, spending the week-end here with her mother and relatives. It is reported that Mr. Witt has suffered paralytic strokes, induced by the hot weather, and will return to the coast as soon as his health will permit.
move Grave, Rev. Father Local and Personal: Rev. Father Grace, who has been pastor of the Catholic church for several years will soon leave to take charge of the Monroe church. Father Grace has greatly endeared himself to his people, and as a token of their appreciation they presented him with a purse of $118. The love and best wishes of the people here go with him to his new home.

Volume XXVII Number 32 Friday, August 23, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Another Good Letter From Nellie Stahl
City Council Plans A Few Improvements
Four Young Men Narrowly Miss Fatal Auto Accident
From Our Soldiers and Sailors "With the Colors"
Get Ready for the Fourth Libert Loan
Railroad Employes Said to be Knocking
Roll of Honor
The Marysville Water Question


Type Names
accident auto Lewis, Walter Local and Personal: Mrs. Walter Lewis was seriously injured last Saturday morning while driving east with her horse and buggy just beyond Allen Creek on the Pacific highway. An auto belonging at Startup was coming behind and in trying to pass caught and overturned the buggy, throwing herself and daughter Minnie out on the pavement. The girl was not much hurt, but Mrs. Lewis struck on her elbow and strained her shoulder badly. Mr. Lewis came home from his work at Seattle that evening and is remaining for the week on account of it. The horse ran away and was caught some miles down the road. The auto driver took the buggy home and did all he could for the injured.
accident auto Four Young Men Narrowly Miss Fatal Auto Accident
What might have been a fatal accident occurred at Arlington corners on the Pacific Highway Sunday afternoon, when an auto driver coming onto the highway lost control of his car and it ran into some boys with bicycles standing on the far side of the road. They were Merle Pease, Ernie Thompson, Noble Olson and Lewis Watson. The first one barely got out of the way, but the second in line was thrown against the third and his wheel damaged and himself slightly hurt. The third boy was crowded against the fourth and his wheel damaged and himself severely hurt. The last in the row, Lewis Watson, was knocked down under his wheel and crushed, and had the machine not been stopped just in time he would undoubtedly have been killed. The wheel was ruined beyond repair, and the young man pretty badly hurt. The driver of the auto paid some damages for the wheels.
death Cunningham, R. A. Local and Personal: On Tuesday morning at 4 o'clock, after a long and painful illness, Rev. R. A. Cunningham passed away at his home on Beech street. The remains were taken to Everett, and the funeral will be held Sunday at Lowell deceased being a member of the Odd Fellows lodge of that place. A more extended notice will be published next week.
death Gehlhaar, Carl Local and Personal: Carl A. Gehlhaar, who for some years ran a meat market in Marysville, died in Everett Monday, of stomach and bowel troubles. He was 68 years old and left several sons, one of whom had come west from Milwaukee in time to take care of the father before he died. Deceased was a Mason, belonging to the Marysville lodge. A number of the members went to Everett Wednesday and assisted in the funeral services which were held there.
marriage Gilman, T. S. and Crosswhite, Barteaux Gilman--Crosswhite: The marriage of Miss Barteaux Crosswhite to Mr. T. S. Gilman of Wilson Creek, which occurred at Everett, August 14th, came as a complete surprise to the many friends in this vicinity.
Mr. Gilman will leave shortly to enter the service of his country, while Mrs. Gilman will take up her duties as a teacher near Three Lakes. The best wishes of all are heartily extended to the bride and groom
move Bushell, Richard Local and Personal: Richard Bushell, Jr., who has been running a job printing office in Everett, for a year past, has bought a newspaper in Dayton, the county seat of Columbia county, east of Walla Walla. He was at one time editor of the Marysville Globe. Mr. Bushell has already taken possession of the business and taken the printshop with him. His wife will soon join him.

Volume XXVII Number 33 Friday, August 30, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

A Few Words to State Sen. Burton
Father and Son Pioneers in Agriculture and Industry
Funeral of Former Pastor Held Sunday
N. B. Challacombe Out for Coroner
Only 20 per cent Substitutes Required After September 1
School Bell Rings Again on Sept. 9th
Snohomish County Teachers' Institute
The Government Makes Rules for Newspapers
Thomle Comes Out for State Senator
Three New Registrants
Time to Register
Who Voted for the Carnation Milk Bill


Type Names
(Lowell cor., Everett Herald): The funeral services for the Rev. Robert A. Cunningham, former pastor of the Lowell Congregational church was held in the church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, followed by the impressive exercises at the grave conducted by the Knights of Pythias and the Odd Fellows. The services at the church were in keeping with the expressed wishes of Rev. Cunningham, and were....
The pallbearers were selected from the K. P. and Odd Fellow lodges, a large presentation from both orders marching from the church to the Evergreen cemetery where Dr. Randall, pastor of the First M. E. church, Everett, spoke on behalf of the Everett Ministerial association, of which the Rev. Mr. Cunningham was president in 1914, after which the services were concluded by both the fraternal orders.
The Rev. Robert Andrew Cunningham was born in County Mayo, Ireland, and was engaged in city mission work in the city of Toronto, Ontario, for several years during which time he married Mary Elizabeth Bradt. Nineteen years ago he went to Minnesota and served three pastorates in that state in the M. E. conference. In 1902 he was ordained by the Congregational association in Nassau Minn., where he held two pastorates for four years. Later he came to Washington and served the churches at South Bend, Machias, and Lowell, until ill health compelled him to retire to Marysville, in July, 1915. On August 20, he quietly passed to his rest, a man both loving and beloved by young and old. ... He leaves a widow, one married daughter, Mrs. C. B. Munger, and two daughters, Misses Elsie and Laura and one son, Robert Cunningham.
death Finch, Sarah Jane Notice of Hearing: estate of Sarah Jane Finch deceased...first publication 20 Aug 1918
divorce Coleman, Clifford and Viola May Summons: Clifford Coleman, Plaintiff, vs. Viola May Coleman, Defendant... divorce... desertion
move Nutter, Glada Local and Personal: Miss Glada Nutter, who left today to teach school near Lewiston, Idaho, entertained a number of her friends at her home at Sunnyside Tuesday evening. The evening was spent with games and music and refreshments were served. At a late hour the guests departed wishing Glada success in her first year of teaching.

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