Marysville Globe
Marysville Washington

November 1912

Volume 21 Number 39 Friday, November 1, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Do You Believe?
McRae Finds Outlook Good
High School Musical
Food For Though
Mr. Taxpayer
Seattle Plays Here
Read This
A Letter from Buster Brown


Type Names
accident Matson, Louie
Local and Personal - While cutting wood one day last week, Louie Matson cut his thumb nearly off. Sic stitches were required to sew the member together again.
fire Witt, D. E.
Local and Personal - The residence of D. E. Witt on Second Street, caught fire last Saturday morning, but fast work by the neighbors and fire department had the flames under control. Little damage was done.
letter to the editor - coroner Connacher, C. H.
Affidavit State of Washington County of Snohomish.
Mrs. C. H. Connacher, being first duly sworn, on oath, deposes and says that she is the widow of C. B. Connacher who died at Arlington WA on the 13 day of Dec. 1911 that she was then and now is a resident of Arlington. That he her husband was found dead in bed on the morning of 23 Dec 1911. the the present Coroner Wm. D. Smith was notified this affaint that it was not necessary to hold an inquest but that it was necessary to hold an Autopsy; that said Coroner held an Autopsy and called to his assistance one Dr. Adams of Arlington WA to assist in performing said Autopsy and there after rendered this Affiant a bill of $40.00 for the performance of said Autopsy that $20.00 for the performance of said Autopsy, that $20.00 was to be paid to Said Corner and $20 to said Assistant, Dr. Adams; That this Affiant not being aware of the fact that it was the duty of the Coroner, who is paid monthly salary by the County for acting as Coroner in performing such duties, she caused her brother R. W. Lewis to pay the said $40 which he did. That this Affaint further believes that said bill rendered by said Coroner was an unjust bill and should be reimbursed by said Coroner for the same. Further Affant said Naught. Mrs. C. H. Connacher.
letter to the editor - coroner Maulsby, A. R.
Facts in regard to the Coroner's Office
Editor Marysville Globe. A letter in your last issue by Dr. Wm. D. Smith is indeed very misleading and demands an answer by me. I would like to be clearly understood upon the following facts: 1st that the fee paid for physicians to view a body and give his opinion is $10 so says the doctor is so unreasonable. A doctor's opinion is no better than that of any other person of good judgement in making an investigation of the case and its surroundings. That is the duty of the Coroner.
2nd he says that he has held 23 autopsies, as against Mr. Bakeman 4. This bears out my contention that a doctor holds too many post mortem examinations (or autopsies) for his own experience, at the expense of the county, and that heretofore no Coroner of this County has paid for physicians fees for holding an autopsy more than $10 and in most cases $5 and the rivalry for the work at that has been noticeable. A licensed Mortician with one doctor is acceptable by the law of the state (the same as two physicians ) for holding an autopsy, so all the juggling of figures in this matter of Mr. Smith amounts to nothing. Dr. Smith was first to establish the $20 fee.
As to the number of Coroner cases he says that he has had between 170 and 175 as against Coroner Bakeman 60 or 65. Say if Dr. Smith thinks the people are going to take such figures as the records he has another guess coming. In the Herald of Oct. 26 he says 168 cases, in giving out his record as to how the cash has been distributed the total footing is 188. I would like to know at which time he is telling the truth if at either.
Also in the article he says that there has been 63 cases where a fee of $10 would have been charged by an undertaker, by a physician, a saving of $630.00 In the Herald of the 30th he says 21 cases or a saving of $210.00. The juggling of figures in this manner will never do. Mr. Smith you must get down to brass tax and quote the records as they appear at the Court house.
You may have a record in your own private office, or at your chief deputy's office on Broadway, but the natural place to get these is at the County Court House. The records there show plainly the Commissioners proceedings, where the facts and figures by a gentleman whose ability to second to none in computing figures and facts.
In regard to the lie which you insinuate, this claim was never made by me that you buried bodies at the Post House, but that your Chief Deputy did.
Thanking you Mr. Edisor for your space and the voter who wishes to know where and how the money is being spent, I am. Yours Respectfully A. R. Maulsby.

Volume 21 Number 40 Friday, November 8, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Another Mutual Mill For Marysville
Wilson Elected
Marysville Precincts Progressive: 87 Socialist Votes Cast in Marysville
A bachelor's Experiment
Epworth League
Mrs. George Ohse Is Very Ill
Lister Still in Lead of Hay as Count Comes in
Donald McRae Elected Sheriff
Marysville Goes Wet By Thirteen Votes
Bell's Pharmacy Changes Hands


Type Names
election -
Donald McRae Elected Sheriff
Late returns give Donald McRae over 1000 votes more than his nearest opponent J. H. Smith. The Shoultes precinct gave him 115 out of 130 votes cast. He also ran well here in Marysville
election - liquor
Marysville Goes Wet By Thirteen Votes
Marysville went "Wet" on election day by thirteen votes. The first precinct vote was 147 wet and 116 dry, wile the second precinct vote was 110 wet and 128 dry. There 9 blacks in the first and three in the second. The total vote was 513 out of 560 registered.

Volume 21 Number 41 Friday, November 15, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Mutual Mill is Practically Assured
Sunday School Institute next week
Next Attraction "The Missouri Girl"
You and Your Dealer
L.S. Club
Football Game Here Saturday
Special Election Nov. 5, 1912
Notice of Town Election
Fruitgrowers Meet
Prizes for Mask Ball
Barrowman Finds His Dogs


Type Names

(everyone healthy and happy and crime free.)

Volume 21 Number 42 Friday, November 22, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

Marysville Wins Championship
Fruit Growers Meeting
Jakey Makes Hit At the Star
Mayor Harrington Resigns
Epworth League Program
She Could Answer For Him
Mass Meeting Called For To-night
Obituary - Witmer
Big Mill Men Hold Meeting
Thieves Make Raids; Dope Fiend is Held
Proggressives to Test Felty of All Appointees


Type Names
accident - railroad Solomon, Fred
Fred Solomon, brakeman on the G. N. Ry., narrowly escaped death one day last week. He was walking on top of a box car, when a telephone wire caught him across the face and threw him clear off the right-of-way. The train was moving at the rate of 20 miles per hour and it is nothing short of a miracle that he escaped with his life. His face was badly cut but no bones were broken.
death Witmer, Mary A.
Obituary - Witmer
Mrs. Mary A. Witmer died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lettie V. Potter, near Chula MO. Friday 25 Oct 1912, after a few days illness. The remains were taken to Millersburg IN and laid by the side of her husband, Mr. Levi W. Witmer who died at Wichita KS, 7 Jun 1911. Surviving are one son , Daviel S. Witmer of Marysville WA, one daughter Mrs. Lettie V. Potter and one foster daughter Mrs. Ethel McCormack of Fresno CA. They were formerly residents of Marysville.
of interest Harrington,
Mayor Harrington Resigns
At the meeting of the town council last Monday evening, Mayor Harrington tendered his resignation, and E. E. Colvin was appointed to act as Mayor during the rest of the term which is one year. Mr. Harrington served one term and was re-elected last December but finds his duties at the mill take up the greater part of time, not allowing time enough to devote to the duties of Mayor which he thinks the office requires. No one was appointed in Councilmen Colvin's place, as the council meets but once more before the city election Dec. 5.
pioneer Harrington, Herbert
Local and Personal - Mr. Herbert Harrington, the heavyweight pioneer of Marysville, and his mother sail on the Str. Governor, from Seattle, Nov. 22nd for Long Beach CA. Mrs. Harrington will spend the winter in Southern California returning in the spring. This is her second visit to the land of flowers and sunshine, as she spent last winter there and returned greatly recuperated in health. Mr. Harrington, who will accompany his mother on the voyage, has been enjoying several weeks vacation, owing to an injured hand received in grinding a saw at the mill. Mr. Harrington has always posed as an old seadog, and recounts with much pride his many perilous sea voyages in the worthy launch Beatrice, and many the times has he related the story of that hazardous trip, when he w\as navigator, and Field and Noble the crew, steered that worthy craft over the treacherous sands in the Georgia Straits and landed safe in the harbor of Lulu Islands much to the relief of all concerned. While Mr. Harrington has received unfavorable weather reports from the weather bureau, still he expects this past and valuable experience to carry him safely through and afford him a pleasant voyage.

Volume 21 Number 43 Friday, November 29, 1912
Official Paper of Marysville

The Political Overturn
Marysville Wins From Everett
Citizens Ticket is Nominated
Amateur Night at the Star
The Jolly Entertainers
Local and Personal
Mask Ball a Grand Success


Type Names
beaman Beaman
Local and Personal
The Beaman Manufacturing Co. Will resume operations next Monday after a few weeks shutdown. A new drag saw is being installed in the mill, which will enable them to cut logs.
death Long, Cornellus
Cornellous Long, a vagrant who gives him home address as Cork City, Ireland, had the misfortune to fall under the train while trying to "beat his way" on the blind baggage with the result that his left foot was so badly crushed that amputation was necessary. this accident happened at Marysville and was brought the Stanwood Hospital for the necessary treatment.

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