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January 1913

Volume 21, Number 48, Friday, Jan. 3, 1913 ... $1.00 a Year in Advance


Volume 21, Number 49, Friday, Jan. 10, 1913 ... $1.00 a Year in Advance


Legs Cut Off By Train
New Year Party
B.Y.P.U. Social
Obituary - "Dick"
Library Notes
Long Litigation Over $8000 Estate Comes To an End
50th Anniversary Of a Great Battle: Only 3 Here. Who Participated
Eight Grade Exams
Joint Installation of Officers


Type Names
accident - railroad Beaman, Charles
As we go to press, we have just heard one of the saddest things that has occurred here in years. Mr. Chas. Beaman, who had been up to Blaine yesterday, in getting off the train - the 8 o'clock Flyer - last night, slipped and was caught under the wheels of the moving train. Both limbs were taken off just below the knees and there is very little hopes of his recovery. He lay beside the track two hours before he was finally found. The doctor was sent for and after making him as comfortable as possible he was hurried to the General Hospital in Everett. This morning, he is resting as easily as can be expected.
born Geddes, baby boy
Local and Personal - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geddes, of Powell River, B. C., a son.
death Howard, Alice
Long Litigation Over $8000 Estate Comes to an End.
One of the final acts in one of the most romantic cases that has ever riveted the attention of judge, lawyers, principals, audience in the superior court of Snohomish county was performed today when Judge Bell signed an order confirming the final report of Fred Funk, administrator of the estate of Alice Howard, deceased and ordered the estate distributed among the legal heirs. These heirs are declared to be Jesse Erma Rich, grandchild of John F. Ferguson, a deceased brother of Mrs. Howard; Sylvia Jane Ferguson, only child of another deceased brother; Mrs. Ardella J. Stacey, only child of a deceased sister; Margaret A. Cobb, a sister. The heirs reside at and near Weston OR and their rights to the property were not established until after a long trial in the superior court to which great interest was attached because of the large number of claimants from different parts of the United States. Mrs. Howard, widow of Wm. Howard, the latter a pioneer lumberman and hotel keeper who resided at Marysville for more than a third of a century, died inestate 8 Aug 1910 leaving an estate valued at approximately $8000 and consisting principally of a hotel and real estate. Mr. Funk, who had been a close personal friend of the Howards, was appointed administrator.
pioneer bio Washburn, E. D.
Local and Personal - Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Washburn of Otsego MN are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Card, Mr. Washburn is an uncle of Mrs. Card; and he is an old soldier having belonged to the 8th Minn.

Volume 21, Number 50, Friday, Jan. 17, 1913 ... $1.00 a Year in Advance

Missing Newspaper

Volume 21, Number 51, Friday, Jan. 24, 1913 ... $1.00 a Year in Advance


Mayor Appoints New Marshall and Clerk
Mathewson Pinched
Card of Thanks
Obituary - Smith
The Funeral of Mrs. Fred Swinnerton
Popular Evangelists Coming
Brady Home Narrowly Escapes Destruction by Fire
L. S. Club
Indians Have Big Day


Type Names
accident - mill
A dog belonging to Dan McDonald met with a very sudden death at the Ebey Mill one day this week. He got in front of the drag saw, and was cut in two not a sound being heard from him so sudden did it happen.
born Clock, baby boy
Local and Personal - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm Clock, a boy at eight am Thursday.
Mayor Appoints New Marshal and Clerk
Council was called to order by Mayor Colvin, Councilmen clerk, Murphy, Smith, Gellerson and Bertois answered to roll call. Marshall Austin McDonald, who has filled the office for a number of years and has in many ways given the best of satisfaction tendered his resignation and Mayor Colvin appointed Pat Powers as his successor. Mr. McDonald very generously offered to assist and show the new Marshal all that was within his power about the duties of the office and received a vote of thanks from the Mayor and the Council. An ordinance was passed reducing the salary of the Clerk from $45.00 per month to $15.00 B. D. Curtiss, who has held the office for a number of years, and whose work has always been praised by the traveling auditor for the state, did not care to accept the office for another year of the salary named in the ordinance, and C. M. Schumacher was appointed Clerk by Mayor Colvin. The new Clerk will have the registration books in his office on Second Street, and those who wish to register may do so at any time during the day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The bonds of Henry Ludwigson as Treasurer and Pat Powers as Marshal were read and accepted by the Council. No further business coming before the Council the motion to adjourn was seconded. The Council will meet again Feb. 3, and every two weeks thereafter. The new Council intend to do considerable street improvement the coming year and all money that can possibly be saved in other ways will be spent on the streets.
death Smith, Minnie
Local and Personal - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith of Index, who attended the funeral of their sister, returned home Wednesday.
death Smith, Minnie
Local and Personal - Mrs. J. E. Hill, of Sedro Woolley, came to Marysville, Monday, to attend the funeral of Minnie Smith. She returned home Tuesday, accompanied by Mrs. John Hilton, who will visit Mrs. Hill for several days.
death Smith, Minnie
Local and Personal - Mr. Carl Smith of Idaho, who was called here on account of the death of his sister, Miss Minnie, will remain for an extended visit with his parents.
death Smith, Minnie
Local and Personal - Mrs. J. Wasson and Mrs. L. Pittmans of Chehalis WA sisters of Mrs. P. Smith, attended the funeral of their niece, Miss Minnie Smith
death Smith, Minnie
Local and personal - Mr. Frank Smith and family, of Everett, Mr. Harry Smith of Seattle, nephew of Mr. P. Smith, came Saturday and remained until after the funeral
death Smith, Minnie
Local and Personal - Miss Mary Farrell, of Hartford, arrived Sunday evening and remained for the funeral of Minnie Smith.
death Smith, Minnie Margaret
Obituary - Smith
Miss Minnie Margaret Smith passed away last Friday at 2:30 pm at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith on Cedar Street at the age of at the age of 15 (?) years 11 months. The death of this very estimable young girl resulted from a two months illness of Diabetes, that dread disease so rarely curable, especially in one so young, and was peculiarly sad. Gifted with so many rare qualities with a loving disposition, a very bright, if not a brilliant future was predicted for her, had not our Heavenly Father seen fit to call her to his own. for the past year and a half she has been a faithful and trusted employee of the Globe and was ever willing to do her share of the work in a neat, business like manner. The funeral occurred on Monday at the Catholic church, a Requiem High Mass being sung by Rev. Father Saidon, of Everett. The burial, at the Catholic cemetery, was under the direction of Undertaker Schaefer. The large attendance of relatives and friends attested to the high esteem in which she was held by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Besides her parents, she leaves of brothers, Joseph, George, Carl, Harold, and Theodore; and of sisters: Gertrude and Ellen to mourn her loss. May she rest in peace.
death Swinnerton, Fred
The Funeral of Mrs. Fred Swinnerton
The funeral of Mrs. Fred Swinnerton was held in the Swinnerton residence, Tuesday afternoon. The services were in charge of Rev. Ashby of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. Anna Mae Swinnerton was born 10/3/1884 in Bloomer WI. In 1889 she came with her parents to Washington. She was married to Charles Frederick Swinnerton, 30 Sep 1905. Her death occurred in Everett on 18 Jan 1912 after an illness of only four days. She leaves her parents and one son, George Swinnerton, six years old.

Volume 21, Number 52, Friday, Jan. 31, 1913 ... $1.00 a Year in Advance


Burglars Enter Marysville Bank
The New Ritual
L.S. Club
Kellogg Marsh
Important School Board Meeting
School Notes
I.S.W.U. Convention
Evangelists are Popu..


Type Names
crime Romine, Edmond
Burglars Enter Marysville Bank
Some time Wednesday night or Thursday morning, burglars entered the Marysville State Bank, by prying off the lock of the back door, and blew a hole with nitro glycerine through the brick wall of the vault right into the safety deposit boxes. The hole was large enough for a medium size man to crawl through and the burglars either by accident or by keen sense of judgment of distance, managed to blow a hole right through one of the deposit boxes, which was about 18 inches square. It was rather a neat job; and believed to be the work of an artist in this line. It is not known just what was taken, but among other things were a diamond ring, some valuable silverware and a number of gold nuggets. There were over $600 worth of stamps in one box, and bonds and warants inanother, yet none of these were disturbed. The thieves evidently did not care to take any more chances than were necessary. Sheriff McRae, Deputy Sheriff McDonald, and Marshal Powers are all at work on the case, but as yet no clew (sic) has been found.
guardianship Christofferson, James R.
Notice of Sale... Guardianship of James R. Christofferson, an insane person. (selling several lots) Bertha Aandahl, Guardian.
marriage Degnan, Mrs. Mary
Slade, Harry
Local and Personal - The marriage of Mrs. Mary Degnan and Mr. Harry Slade, both of Marysville, took place in Everett Saturday afternoon at the residence of the officiating minister, Rev. William E. Randall. Mr. and Mrs. Slade have resided for quite awhile in Marysville and have many friends who extend good wishes. They have rented the Mc Innis house on Beach Street.
move Hall
Local and Personal - Mr. Hall and family and father in law Mr. Graham, who resided on the Ackerman place north of town, departed last week for Oregon where they have purchased a farm near Portland.

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