The Official Newspaper for
Marysville WA

October 1917

Volume XXVI Number 38 Friday, October 5, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville



Type Names
death Loe, Gertrude Notice: Gertrude Teager Loe, deceased
divorce Summons: Lee Gates, Plaintiff, vs. Charles Gates, Defendant.... Object of this action is to obtain a divorce against the defendant and custody of minor child on the grounds of abandonment and non-support for more than one year last past.
divorce Summons: W. B. Mahan, Plaintiff, vs. Mabel A. Mahan, Defendant... The object of this action, as prayed for in the the complaint, is to obtain a decree of divorce by the plaintiff from the defendant on the grounds of abandonment for more than one year last past.
divorce Summons: Ida Backman, Plaintiff, vs. Gust Backman, Defendant ... The object of this action is to obtain a divorce against the defendant and custody of minor children on the grounds of abandonment and non-support for more than one year last past.

Volume XXVI Number 39 Friday, October 12, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

U.S. Second Liberty Loan, Germany's 7th
County Dairymen Meet in Everett October 25th
Tag Day For Red Cross Nets the Neat Sum of $32.00
Second Annual Fair Marysville Schools
Mount Vernon Boys Run Away With Car
Guardsmen Are Adept Railroad Builders
Company M Called Away Monday Last
A "Toothpick" That 50 Men Could Hardly Carry
Club Dances Prove Enjoyable Affairs
New County Directory Gives Marysville 2000 People
All Well Pleased With Tulalip Fair


Type Names
birth Sundstrom, Maurice Local and Personal: Born, Oct 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Sundstrom, a son, at 1811 Sixteenth street, Everett.
birth Welch, T. M. Local and Personal: Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Welch of Anchorage, Alaska last week a ten-lb. boy.
Marshal Powers picked up a pair of runaway boys Wednesday who had been out with a stolen Ford car for a week. The boys, each about fifteen years old, one wearing knee pants, lived in Mount Vernon. Their names were Harry Keike and Arthur Macearhan. They came to Marysville Tuesday and stayed over night at the Marysville Hotel, leaving for Everett next morning without paying their bill. Later in the morning they came back and Marshal Powers picked them up and held them until a depute sheriff came from Mount Vernon to take them home. They told different stories as to where they had been. The car belonged to a farmer near Mount Vernon named Taylor. The boys had been much of the time in Bellingham, and evidently passed through Mount Vernon of the way ere. Their whereabouts were disclosed when a chum whom they endeavored to induce to accompany them from Mount Vernon Tuesday told about it.
death wood George, Leo Local and Personal: Leo George, son of Skookum George, was struck by a broken cable while at work in a logging camp Thursday of last week and died that evening.
divorce Summons: Grace Anderson, Plaintiff, vs. Frank S. Anderson, Defendant ... The object of this action is to obtain a divorce against the defendant on the grounds of abandonment and non-support.
marriage Tallman, Willis B. Local and Personal
Mr. Willis B. Tallman and Miss Edith Clemons were married on Wednesday Oct. 3 in Seattle by Rev. Richard Bushell
The new county directory for the year 1917 was delivered in Marysville last week. This directory is issued annually by R. L. Polk & Co., and contains the names of all adults in city, village and rural routes, a classified list, and much other valuable information. The directory estimate of Marysville's population is 2000. Stanwood is given as 1050 and East Stanwood as 750. Monroe shows 2000, while Arlington is credited with 2200.

Volume XXVI Number 40 Friday, October 19, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

Why You Should Buy Liberty loan Bonds
Fined For Crossing Walk Onto his Own Premises
Substitutes For Wood Increasing
Marysville Undertaking Co. Erect Beautiful Monument
Subscriptions Coming Slow for Liberty Loan
Premiums Awarded at the Annual School Fair
Liberty Loan Facts
Former Resident Of Marysville In India
The Hoover Pledge Campaign postponed
Marysville Wins in Game with Monroe


Type Names
birth Rathvon, granddaughter "Local and Personal: Mr. H. A. Rathvon went to Seattle Sunday to see the new baby at his son Haldy's. He returned Monday with Mrs Rathvon who had been there for a week. They report the new grand-daughter as fat and 'sassy'
On Tuesday of last week Marshal P. A. Powers placed under arrest Steve Saunders and cited him to appear before Police Magistrate Karl R. Gilmer, the charge being crossing the cement sidewalk on Third street onto his own property with his automobile. The case was brought to trial Saturday morning and continued till 1 p.m., when after a short session a fine of $5.00 and costs was assessed against Saunders, who acted as his own lawyer. He at once appealed the case. Mr. Saunders plea was that the alley entrance on Beach street was so difficult to negotiate and hard on tires on account of the heavy surfacing of loose gravel that he was practically obliged to use Third street; that the crossing suffered no injury, and that a dozen or twenty others were using similar crossings without half the necessity. It seems that the council at a recent meeting decided on enforcing the ordinance and this is brought on as a sort of test case. The validity of the ordinance together with the merits of the case may be tried later before the judge of the Superior court at Everett.
death Clough, Margaret Local and Personal: Mrs. F. H. Plont was called to Bellingham Sunday on account of the death of her little granddaughter, Margaret Clough, three years old. Mrs. Plont left Monday on the "Owl", returning Tuesday

Volume XXVI Number 41 Friday, October 26, 1917
Official Paper of Marysville

Step-With-Pep Club Gives Second Dance
Hoover Pledge Campaign for Food Conservation
Many Hospital Supplies Going Out From Red Cross
Five Hundred Young Chinese Pheasants to be Liberated
Conservation of Fuel Supplies By State Fuel Administrator
What The Railroads have Done To Help
War Prosperity Strikes Anacortes
Have You Purchased Your Liberty Bond Yet? IF NOT, WHY NOT?


Type Names
During a business trip to Anacortes the Globe editor was privileged to visit the new shipyards now being established on Guemes Island, on the opposite shore of Guemes channel. This is one of the most ideal sites for a shipbuilding plant possible to find on the Puget Sound, and that means anywhere in the world. The land slopes properly for hundreds of yards along the shore, and the water attains good depth at once so that launching presents no difficulties.
Large permanent buildings with great steam engines and motors and all sorts of heavy steel and wood working machinery are being installed. Platforms and tracks are now being laid on which immense traveling cranes will run to shift timbers and materials into place on the hulls of the ships under construction
Already four keels have been laid and part of a fifth, with preparations for the sixth. These keels are 281 feet and 6 inches long. The stern posts are the most interesting sight, being 30x36 inches and 32 feet long, cut from perfectly clear and sound fir logs. A hole about six inches in diameter is being bored through each one with a hand auger for the insertion of the propeller shaft.
Six wooden ships are to be built as soon as possible, to be followed by others as fast as these are launched. The hulls will be finished in Anacortes and they will be towed to Olympia where machinery will be installed.
As a result of this shipbuilding industry added to lumber and fishing business of Anacortes, the city seems to be starting on a career of exceptional prosperity. The small run of sockeye salmon this season was disappointing, but the people seem already to have forgotten and the business men have a distinct feeling of optimism which is reflected in their bearing, and in the fact that empty storerooms are becoming scarce and everybody is hustling and no loafers in sight.
The following, a little late, but nevertheless of interest to many Marysville people was sent us by interested friends of the happy couple. It was published in the Mount Vernon Herald of the 11th last
The marriage of Miss Ruth S. Boughter and Louis M. Matson, both of Mt. Vernon was solemnized in Seattle Monday, October 8th, by the Rev. M. A. Matthews of the First Presbyterian church. Friends of the couple had anticipated the forthcoming nuptials, but even at that, the couple quietly stole away to Seattle where the knot was tied. Mrs. Matson is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James G. Boughter. She has been connected with the local telephone office for the past eight years. Mr. Matson is well and favorably known here, having been connected with the local electric company for some time. He came here from his home in Marysville. The newly weds are spending a few weeks in Seattle on their honeymoon. They will return to Mt. Vernon and be at home, temporarily, with Mr. and Mrs. Boughter on Lawrence street, after Nov. 4th.
Mr. Matson will be remembered as former owner of the Grand theatre of this city, having made his home here for the past twelve years. He is now located at Mr. Vernon, being the Skagit county representative for the Willard Storage Battery Co.

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