The Official Newspaper for
Marysville WA

December 1918

Volume XXVII Number 47 Friday, December 6, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Crown Prince to His Kaiser Papa
Highways Transport Co-operation Urged
Increased Insurance Rates Not Justified
Red Cross Activities
Red Cross Christmas Drive Begins Dec. 16
Roll of Honor
Teachers to Make Up Two Weeks' Time
The Red Cross and the Refugees


Type Names
death Colb, Matt Notice: estate of Matt Colb, (Gold) deceased... first publication 6 Dec 1918
death Goodrich, Evelyn Local and Personal: Mrs. W. W. Goodrich and her daughter Evelyn, who died in Monroe last week of pneumonia, were brought here for burial in the Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Mrs. Goodrich was a niece of Mrs. J. D. Robinson, and at one time made her home in Marysville
death Goodrich, Mrs. Dr. W. W. Stimson's Crossing: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Robinson went to Monroe Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Dr. W. W. Goodrich and daughter, who died of pneumonia. Mrs. Goodrich was Mr. Robinson's cousin.
death Madsen, Paul Notice: estate of Paul Madsen, deceased. Anna Margarette Madsen, executrix. First publication 6 Dec 1918.
death Morris, R. L. Local and Personal: Dr. R. L. Morris of Puyallup died a few days ago of the influenza. He was at one time a practicing physician in Marysville.
disease influenza Stimson's Crossing: Miss Alma Kylling, who has been very ill with influenza is slowly recovering. Mr. Kylling is down with it this week. Nearly every family in this vicinity and Lakewood has some member of the family down with the "flu".
marriage Palmer, Naomi and McRivett, Russel Local and Personal: Miss Naomi Palmer was married in Seattle Monday of last week to Russel McRivett, a shipyards worker. Miss Palmer was a graduate of last year at the Marysville High.

Volume XXVII Number 48 Friday, December 13, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Coming--The Ward Waters Company
I Need Thee
Much Complaint of City Water System
Much Sickness in City, But Many Improving
Naturalization of All Aliens Desired
Red Cross Xmas Roll Call Coming
School Notes
Sugar Purchase Restrictions off


Type Names
accident fire Legary, Pete Stimson's Crossing: About seven o'clock Monday evening the home of Pete Legary was completely destroyed by fire with all its contents but the piano which they managed to save with a great deal of effort, The house being all in flames when discovered. The family had only left the house a short time before and were at a neighbor's near by.
accident horse Brown, son Local and Personal: John Brown's oldest boy was the victim of a runaway a the reservation Tuesday morning. He was taken to the hospital
accident horse Stuart, Clifford Local and Personal: Clifford Stuart, while cranking the family car Wednesday evening, broke his arm.
death Facklam, Miss Local and Personal: Miss Facklam was called home Saturday by the death of her sister at Enterprize, Kansas. She will remain till after the Christmas holidays.
death Hartley, Elizabeth Mrs. Elizabeth Hartley
The remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Hartley who died at Concrete Sunday, were brought to this city for burial. Miss Elizabeth Neigarth was born Nov. 10, 1848 at Eureka, Woodford County, Ill., and died Dec 8, 1918 at Concrete, Skagit County, Wash., was married to Mathias Ellsworth Hartley in the year 1873. To this union were born three children: Lilly May, who died in infancy and Mrs. J. S. Stine of Marysville, Wash., and Frank Leslie who is now stationed at Camp Sheridan, Mongomery Alabama, in the service of his country.
She leaves besides her family, one sister, Mrs. J. C. Gresham and one brother, Fredrich Neigarth, both of Woodford County, Ill.
The funeral was held at Marysville Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Marysville Undertaking parlors, with interment at Odd Fellow's cemetery. Rev. C. D. Erb officiating.
death Kainim, Alphonso Local and Personal: Alphonso Kainim, an Indian boy at the Tulalip school, on Tuesday morning fell through a hole in the floor of the old mill, and broke his neck, dying instantly.
death Larson, John C. Notice: estate of John C. Larson, deceased. Lars Larson administrator. first publication 13 Dec 1918.
death Percival, family Percival
Ed. Percival has been sorely afflicted. His infant son died of influenza on Nov. 21st, and on Monday afternoon last, Dec. 9th, his two sons, Charlie, aged 6, and Wheeler, aged 4 died during the same hour. His wife, Martha, who was also suffering with the same disease, passed away while he was in Marysville Tuesday morning arranging for the burial of the two boys. Thus he is bereft of his entire family.
death Schmitt, Mrs. Oscar Mrs. Oscar Schmidt (sic)
Mrs. Oscar Schmitt, daughter of Mrs. Maria Barnhart of Marysville died at her home at the Ebey Logging Camp on Thursday last, a victim of the influenza. Her husband had been taken to the Arlington hospital for treatment, and was lying at the point of death when Mrs. Schmitt passed away at their home at the camp
The remains were brought to this city by Undertaker Schafer, and the funeral was held Monday afternoon. Rev. A. Brady officiating.
Deceased was born in Davenport, Wash., June 21, 1892, and leaves two young children, a boy and a girl, besides her mother and husband, to mourn her loss.
disease influenza Much Sickness in City, But Many Improving Much Sickness in City, But Many Improving
The Globe has made no effort to record all the cases of influenza during the past few weeks, chiefly because we do not like to see too many "sick items" in the paper at the same time. However, there is little else to record these days, and this week's paper contains more than usual of this class of news. He are satisfied that conditions are much the same in other localities, and it will be noticed that many of the sick are recovering so there is yet time for the most of us to enjoy a merry Christmas which should be coming to us as a result of the ending of the great war.
disease influenza Local and Personal: The "flu" seems to be more general than ever, in Marysville as well as elsewhere. The school attendance is about 35 per cent short, there being about 120 students detained at home. It seems best to continue the schools and let those who can get the benefit.

Volume XXVII Number 49 Friday, December 20, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Annual Red Cedar Shingle Congress
Auto is Completely Destroyed by Fire
Fine Winter Sport of Puget Sound
Hold Liberty Bonds and Savings Stamps
January Jury List
Merry Christmas For Returning Soldiers
Red Cross Campaign coming Fairly Well
School Notes
Secretary Baker Urges Letters with "Home-touch" for the Boys
Snohomish County Now in First Class


Type Names
On Saturday last, at about 1 p.m. there was a curious accident on the Pacific Highway which resulted in the complete destruction of a Dodge auto by fire. The car was coming from Seattle, with four occupants, and when coming down the grade to cross Allen creek just east of this city the sudden drop caused the driver to lose control of the steering gear and the car ran thru the railing on the north side. It instantly caught fire, and was entirely enveloped in flames in a few seconds. The occupants, three men and a women, got out without serious injury, and had to stand by and see the flames consume practically everything but the engine and steel framework. The car belonged to O. J. Piette of Seattle, and the party were apparently starting on a tour, as they had a camping outfit strapped on which was also destroyed
The car was afterwards brought in to the Marysville Auto Co.'s garage, and is certainly a sorry looking wreck.
death Barry, Jean Local and Personal: S. T. Smith and family received the sad intelligence that their two-year-old granddaughter, Jean had died Monday night of pneumonia, at Vancouver, B. C. Mr and Mrs. Smith left for that place on Tuesday evening's train. The child was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Barry, and had been here with its grandparents for several months last summer
death Larson, Ludwig Ludwig Larson
Ludwig Larson was born Oct. 18, 1879, in Lillehamer, Norway, and died at his home in Marysville Tuesday, Dec. 17, 1918, of pneumonia after an attack of influenza, being 39 years and 3 months old.
Deceased came to the United States in the year of 1901, settleing (sic) at Inglewale, No. Dak., where he was married in 1903 to Helga Nellberg, and came to Washington nine years ago. To this union was born six children, all of whom are living. He came to Marysville with his family nine years ago, where his wife died in January, 1914. The oldest child, Clarence, 14 years of age, is in Minnesota with his aunt, and the other five children have been cared for by the father at their home on Sixth street.
Deceased has been a faithful employee at the McMaster mill for the past eight years, being night watchman for seven years. The mill closed down Wednesday out of respect for the deceased, and the employee of the mill will attend the funeral in a body this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the Marysville Undertaking parlors
. The children are Clarence of Cany, Minn., Laura, Henry, Anna, Willard and Clifford, the latter making his home with his aunt, Mrs. Arnie Amundson, who is the only relative of the deceased in this country.
disease influenza Local and Personal: Our local health officer, Dr. C. E. Munn, reports rather fewer new cases of influenza the last few days, but rather more pneumonia than before in Marysville and vicinity, the pneumonia being mostly in the logging camps. There are also a good many cases on the Indian Reservation. A feature seems to be that entire families are down at the same time, and very little chance to get outside help.
guardianship Maddux, Ethel Notice: Guardianship of Ethel Maddux, a mentally incompetent person. Mary E. Griffen, guardian... first publication Dec. 20, 1918.

Volume XXVII Number 50 Friday, December 27, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Food Administrator is Still on the Job
House of Hate" a Splendid New serial
Hunger Draws the Map
Pneumonia Fatal to Sup. H. J. M'Macken
Shall the Railroads Go Back to Owners?
The Christmas Red Cross Roll Call
To Raise Fund for Relief of Armenia


Type Names
death Hagadorn, Mrs. Jessie Obituary: Mrs. Jessie Hagadorn died Christmas afternoon at her home in Marysville. The funeral will be held at the Marysville Undertaking parlors at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
death Larson, Mrs. Olga Obituary: Mrs. Olga Larson, a former resident of Marysville, died at her home in Seattle Christmas morning at 4 o'clock. She leaves a daughter, Olga, and a son Ernest. Her husband died a number of years ago, the victim of a mill explosion in Everett.
The people of Marysville and vicinity were deeply shocked on hearing of the death from pneumonia of Harley J. McMacken, Superintendent of the Marysville Consolidated High School for the past four and one-half years. On Tuesday of last week Mr. McMacken came down with an attack of the influenza, and fearing it would be followed by pneumonia he arranged for a room at the Everett hospital and was taken there almost immediately. Having suffered before from pneumonia he felt that it would go hard with him and he told friends here that he had little confidence in being able to stand another attack of pneumonia. By the next day the dread disease attacked him and by Saturday, although everything possible was done, even to the transfusion of blood from two different persons, he became unconscious and passed away Sunday afternoon between 2 and 3 o'clock.
The remains were taken to Challacombe's Undertaking room in Everett, and funeral services were held there Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. Rev. Randall of the M. E. church officiating. The remains will be held there for a week or more until Mrs. McMacken can settle up her affairs here and accompany them to the old home in Michigan, where they will be buried at Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with the father and mother.
Harley J. McMacken was born in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, May 7, 1887. He graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School and the State Normal at that place and after teaching school for three years took a degree of B. A. at the Stat University at Ann Arbor.
He was married on Jan. 11, 1908 to Miss June Dyke, and came West in 1911, taking a class in Physics in the Everett High School. In 1913 he took charge of the Marysville Consolidated High school, and filled the position with credit until his last illness.
Besides his devoted wife he leaves three bright children, Lois aged 20 years. Mary Catherine, aged 8, and Harley, Jr., aged 4. He is survived by four brothers and one sister, Iva, Mark and Howard, of Mt. Pleasant, Mich., Joseph of Spokane, Wash., and Clifford, of Toledo, Ohio. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, and carried life insurance in a liberal amount.
The following appreciation of his services to the community and his sterling character has been written by Steve Saunders, president of the school board, whose close contact with the deceased enables him to speak with intimate knowledge:
"In the death of Superintendent McMacken, the Marysville schools have sustained, an irreparable loss; the whole community loses a tireless worker and booster, and many people throughout Snohomish County will miss the cherry, big-hearted "Prof" they knew and liked so well.
"Coming to Marysville when school affairs were in their formative stage, he quickly adapted himself to the work of building up a better and stronger school system. That he was highly successful is attested in may ways. He was especially capable in developing system in his school work, and from the standpoint of the school board he was prized because he never failed to carry through the work given him. Of his many activities such as the Lyceum Course: Red Cross work; boys and girls clubs; school fairs; school athletics, and other semi-educational work, only those comparatively close to him knew of the time and energy he cheerfully devoted thereto. He could always do a little More."
death Post, Mrs. Tom Obituary: Mrs. Tom Post of Denver, Colo., died on Christmas day. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kester of Edgecomb, and a niece of Mrs. A. D. Graves of this city, and was well known here.
death Shaw, Mrs. I. C. Obituary: Mrs. I. C. Shaw, an old resident of this locality died at her home at Sunnyside, Monday night. The funeral will be held at the Marysville Undertaking parlors this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock.
death Turner, Lois Ellen Obituary: Lois Ellen Turner, wife of Homer Turner, died in Seattle, Wash., Dec. 19, 1918 a victim of influenza. She was born in Oakfield, Mich., Apr 7, 1895.
On May 24, 1912, she ws married to Homer Turner at South Bend, Wash. The funeral was held Friday morning at am in Seattle. Interment at the Crown Hill cemetery, North Seattle. Thos remaining to mourn her loss are the husband and two daughters, Violet Ellen, aged 5 yrs; and Rose Marie, aged 3 yrs., her parents, Mr. and Mrs W. D. Raven, two sisters, Pearl and Florence, and one brother Glenn, all residing at Fraser Mills, B. C.
death Wiegman, Freddie Obituary: Freddie Wiegman, six-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wiegman, died at the home on Kellogg Marsh, Christmas morning, after an operation on the throat. The funeral was held yesterday at 2 pm. from the Marysville Undertaking parlors.
move McMacken Mrs. McMacken
will sell at private sale during the following week at her home on Fifth street the following: Ford automobile, piano, kitchen range, heater, roll top desk, kitchen queen, dining table, buffet, 4 dining chairs, one youth's chair, one high chair, six rockers, two library tables, two rugs 9 x 12, single bed, double bed, cot, dressing able, dresser, electric washing machine, wood, coal, beans, potatoes, apples, canned fruit and vegetables, water glass eggs, lard, wash stands, boilertubs, ironing board, garden tools and tent.

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