The Official Newspaper for
Marysville WA

June 1918

Volume XXVII Number 21 Friday, June 7, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Can the Vegetables and Surplus Fruit
Council Called for a Special Meeting
From C. H. Williams of the U.S. Marines
From Dee Barnhart, Camp Mills, L. Isl.
Marysville Boy on Torpedoed Ship Safe
Marysville Young Man Enlists in B.C.
New Plan Offers to College Student Military Instruction
The Boy Who Fights for His Mother
Those Government Positions No Myth
Troops are being Equipped with Browning Machine guns


Type Names
death Kemery, Mrs. George Local and Personal: Mrs. Geo. Kemery, an old resident of Sunnyside, died at 8 a.m. yesterday. The funeral services will be held Sunday at the Marysville Undertaking parlors.
death Phillips, Jennie C. Obituary: Mrs. N. T. Phillips
Jennie C. (Prescott) Phillips was born in the state of Maine, June 24, 1841, and departed this life at her home in Marysville Wash., June 2, 1918. Had she lived till the 24th of this month she would have been 77 years old.
She was united in marriage with Nelson T. Phillips Sept. 12, 1865. They came from Maine to Marysville about 17 years ago.
Mrs. Phillips has been a christian from girlhood, having united with the Methodist church then.
Her health has been very poor for several years. Three weeks ago she suffered from a stroke of paralysis, after which time her strength fast failed. Throughout all her suffering and troubles she has been sustained and comforted by the sure hope of immortality in "a better country."
Besides her husband she leaves a daughter, Mrs. Bell Dermondy, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
funeral services were held in the Marysville Undertaking parlors, at 2 p.m. June 4 1918. Rev C. E. Sanders officiating. Interment was made in the I.O.O.F. cemetery.
marriage Nelson, Zable Nelson-Zable
One of Marysville's popular young couples, Ed Nelson and Miss Clara Zable, slipped off to Everett Saturday morning, and were quietly married at the home of Rev. Karl R. Gilmer. They were accompanied by the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Nelson of Getchell, and Mrs. Clair Robinson. Later the happy couple took a train for Seattle and returned to Marysville on the Owl the same night. They will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. Clair Robinson. The groom is a member of the Marysville Auto Co. firm, and the bride has been for the past ten months the faithful assistant at the Glove office, where she will be missed.
marriage Turner, Clyde and Nutter Turner-Nutter
Clyde H. Turner, in the Coast Artillery, determined to take a bride before being called to duty in France, so he left Fort Casey last Saturday long enough to come to Everett, get a marriage license and go to Sunnyside, where, in the presence of relatives, he was united in marriage with Miss Ione Nutter, at the home of the bride. The happy couple went to Seattle for a wedding trip, the groom returning to his duties after a two-days furlough. Mrs. Turner expects to teach again the coming year.
move Sifton, Edith Local and Personal: Miss Edith Sifton has resigned her position with the schools here, and will teach year. She and her mother, Mrs. Lowman, left Wednesday for Seattle

Volume XXVII Number 22 Friday, June 14, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Big Campaign Now on for War Savings Certificates
Browning Machine Gun Passes Test for Airplane Use
Disloyalty Crops Out Here and There
Ed/ Tatham Wires: "Safe in New York"
From Palmer Nelson Somewhere in France
Idel Men to Go to Jain in Marysville
New Draft Takes Seven of Our Boys
Republican to Hold Caucuses Saturday
Returns of Eighth Grad Examination
Shoultes Pie Social Clears Lare Sum
The Old Home Paper
Thrift and Shift and Self-Denial
Work in Everett, Live in Marysville


Type Names
accident child Jones, child Local and Personal: The two-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jones was seriously burned Saturday by falling into a tub of hot water. One arm and should was badly scalded. The father, who is employed in Seattle, came up, but returned Monday evening.
death Kemery, Sallie Ann Obituary: Mrs. Sallie Ann Kemery died at her home in Sunnyside Thursday, June 6, of bronchitis at the age of 73 years. She was born in the South, but came to this section of the country over twenty years ago, living for some years at Shoultes and the last ten years at Sunnyside. The funeral was held Sunday at 2 p.m., at the Marysville Undertaking parlors. Rev. J. W. Boynton of Tacoma, pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist church, officiating. Interment was held in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.
The town council met in special Monday evening for the purpose of placing on passage an ordinance to curb idleness and the holding of unlawful meetings, or distributing literature of a seditious nature, or any act in any way detrimental to the best interests of the government in its prosecution of the war.
The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mansfield, and there were present Councilmen Thompson and Stormo. Councilman Logan Smith having resigned. Mayor Mansfield appointed to his place. J. James. Aldermen Hilton and Lackey were absent.
A prepared ordinance as above described was given first reading by Town Clerk Santry and discussed. All agreed on the necessity of such an ordinance, feeling that as other towns are passing such ordinances we might, if we failed to have such an ordinance in force, become the hotbed for idles and for meetings of a disloyal character.
The ordinance will probably be passed at the first regular meeting in July.
The motorcycle contracted for a year ago and used by Town Marshal Powers with the idea of gathering in fines from speeders on the highway, has been sold for a sum somewhat less that the original contract price, and the city agrees to pay the difference to Fred Whistler of the Marysville Garage, who sold the city the machine and who has awaited patiently for payment. In this deal the town has been rather the loser, as no fines were collected. There seemed to be a hitch in the law. The wooden policeman was a source of revenue to the city, fines of upward to $100 having been paid in for cutting the corner short at too high a rate of speed.
marriage Smith, Logan C. and Gottschalk, Gladys Smith-Gottschalk
Logan C. Smith and Miss Gladys Gottschalk were married in Seattle Saturday at the home of Rev. Richard Bushell. Logan's brother Silas being present at the ceremony. The next day, the happy couple came to Marysville and enjoyed a wedding dinner at the home of the groom's parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Smith, all members of the family being present except one daughter, Mrs. F. K. Berry, of Vancouver, B. C., who was detained on account of sickness in the family.
Logan left on the evening train for Vancouver and immediately went into the service. He will be in the detention camp for two weeks, and in another week expects to go east and overseas to England
wooden cop The motorcycle contracted for a year ago and used by Town Marshal Powers with the idea of gathering in fines from speeders on the highway has been sold for a sum somewhat less that the original contract price who sold the city the machine and who has awaited patiently for payment. In this deal the town has been rather the loser

Volume XXVII Number 23 Friday, June 21, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

Artcraft Pictures Shown Hereafter
Fine Flag Pole to be Erected in City Park
German Alien women Register this Week
New Registrants from Marysville
Parents Association Will be Organized
Special Edition for War Savings Stamps
War Proclamation


No fightin', No birthin', and no-nothin'

Volume XXVII Number 24 Friday, June 28, 1918
Official Paper of Marysville

6/28/18 Arlington District Sends out 69 Men
6/28/18 C. W. Gorham to Run for Representative
6/28/18 M.H.S. Graduate Receives Honors
6/28/18 Married
6/28/18 Miss M. Cumberland, Former Marysville Girl, Marries
6/28/18 Patriotic Assoc'n Organized in City
6/28/18 Pictures Wanted of France and Belgium and Western Germany
6/28/18 Republican Party Platform
6/28/18 Republicans Hold County Convention
6/28/18 Roll of Honor
6/28/18 Sells-Floto Circus Coming to Everett
6/28/18 W.S.S." Campaign Culminates Today


Type Names
accident fire Local and Personal: The fire department had two calls within a week, the first being for a blaze that started under the old E. J. Anderson building back of the Ideal Laundry building. Fire had started under the building, but was put out with little trouble after one stream had been turned on. Wednesday evening between 8 and 9 o'clock fire was discovered on the roof of the old livery barn belonging to Hugh Allan, and the department responded promptly extinguishing the blase before any damage was done.
crime auto Mansfield, Mayor Local and Personal: Mayor Mansfield now drives a five passenger Buick, which he received in exchange for his Reo that was damaged last week in Seattle by joy riders. The parties responsible for the damage preferred to supply another car than repair the old one.
crime espionage Shaffer, Frank Local and Personal: Frank Shaffer, a rancher of East Everett, and who solicited sales for the book of the Pastor Russell series. :The Finished Mystery," is on trial before Judge Neterer, Federal court in Seattle, charged with violating the espionage act. If convicted the penalty is a severe one. Miss Edith Crain is a member of the jury which was selected Tuesday.
marriage Cumberland, Margaret G. and Russell, Clarence Gilford Miss M. Cumberland, Former Marysville Girl, Marries
Word was received here this week of the marriage of Margaret G. Cumberland to Clarence Gilford Russell, both of Shelby, Mont. The young people were married at Chonteau, Mont. on June 15, 1918. From there they left for an extended motor trip thru southern Montana and Wyoming by way of Yellowstone Park. They will be at home to their many friends after July 15, 1918, on their ranch five and one-half miles south of Shelby. Miss Cumberland, it will be remembered, was born and lived in this vicinity for nearly fifteen years. Five years ago she with her mother moved to Spokane, thence to Montana where she has been teaching in the public school for three years. Mr. Russell is a prosperous farmer of Shelby.
marriage Rothaus, Clarence H. and Murphy, Helen Rothaus-Murphy
A wedding of more than usual interest to our people occurred Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock when Miss Helen Murphy was married to Mr. Clarence H. Rothaus of Seattle, in the presence of the immediate relatives. Rev. Father Grace of the local Catholic church, officiated. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served, and the happy couple took the 9:48 train north for Vancouver, B. C., on a wedding trip. They will make their home in Bellingham. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Murphy and has been for nearly two years acting as assistant postmistress. The groom is an efficient brakeman on the G. N. Railway, his run being thru this city.
His mother and sister, and his brother James and wife from Seattle were present at the wedding, also Mrs. M. H. O'Connor and Miss Catherine McDonald of Portland, Sisters of Mrs. Murphy. The best wishes of all go with them for a happy and prosperous future.
move Apple, E. Local and Personal: Mr. and Mrs. E. Apple left Thursday for Portland, Oregon to be present at a coming Willamette Valley land drawing and will take up their residence at Hermiston, Oregon. Many friends regret to see them leave Marysville.
move Gruwell, C. L. Local and Personal: C. L. Gruwell, who recently drove with is wife and two children from Republican Neb., to visit with his brother, C. W. Gruwell of Shoultes, liked the country so well that he decided to locate here, and has bought the Wafer place, a fifty-acre farm on the Pacific Highway in the Shoultes district. He has already taken possession
Petitions are in circulation asking the town council to make provisions for moving the town hall from its present location of Front street to the City Park. This has been talked of frequently, but so far nothing has been done. Now is a good time to act, as the erection of the flag pole and the concentration of business on State street, also the advantage of having our city building located on the Pacific Highway furnish the best of reasons for making the change. No objections should be made provided a way can be found to meet the expense.

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