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For whatever reason, no Polk directory was published for Everett in 1900. The 1900 "Fowler Directories"- C L Fowler, publisher was the replacement. C L Fowler was apparently an itinerant who was only briefly in Everett. His work staff included R. F. McComb who worked as a solicitor.

This presentation is a very old photocopy of a book held by the Everett Public Library. I have chosen to OCR the pages to allow search engines and because the scanned copy is really inferior.

My sincere thanks to the NW Room Library staff and especially David Dilgard.

Questions concerning this presentation can be sent to Darilee Bednar

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Pacific Coast Steamship Co, A G Paschke agt, foot of Pacific av, bayside.
Pacific Hardware Co, (inc), Thomas A Garrigues Mngr, 1315 - 17 Hewitt av.
Pacific Hotel, Frank Grover Propr, 2820 Cedar.
Pacific Meat Martket, J W Baihley Mngr, 3011 Hewitt av


Pacific Navigation CO, (Str State of Washington), A G Paschke Agt, Everett Land Co's Dock.
Padgett B E, City Attorney, res 3223 Colby av.
Palmer John, (E J McNeely & Co), res Tacoma.
Paris French Laundry, Louis Vallier propr, Grand av north of Hewitt av.
Parker Frank, wks B-N Mill.
Parker M C, rms Summit Hotel.
Parker W W, tinsmith Pacific Hdw Co, rms Summit Hotel.
Parkest Edward, carp, rms Craddock blk.
Parkhurst W W, clk Hokomb Grocery Co, res Rockefeller av nr Pacific av.
Parkin Joseph, supt Ev Ry & Elec Co,res 2602 Hoyt.
Parkins John S, res 1839 Grand av, riverside.
Parks Augustus, carp, res 3009 1/2 Hewitt av.
Parr Charles, wks Bodega Saloon, res 3129 Oakes av.
Parsons R J, teamster, res 240 Railroad av.
Paschke A G, agt Everett Land Co's Dock, res 3120 Rockefeller av.
Pascoe Wm, wks Sumner Iron Wks, bds Everett Hotel.
Patten F B, res 13 Federal av.
Patten George D, bridge carp G N Ry, res 13 Federal.
Patterson A C, supt Everett Water Co, res 2709 Rucker av.
Patterson John, carp, res Sines' add.
Patton H W, Publisher Daily Independent, res 2423 Grand av.
Patrinico Dominic, fisherman, res 122 Water Front.
Payne Chas, rms 2008 Pacific av.


Payne Ethel, Clk Sanford, Stone & Fisher, bds 2008 Pacific av.
Payne T E, (Keystone Paint & Oil Co), res Clifton House.
Payzant H C, carp, res 2613 Norton av
Peake A E, (Northern Transfer Co), res Pacific and Grand avs.
Peake F R, lab, res 3212 Pine.
Peake M F, wks Riverside Shingle Co, bds 3212 Pine.
Pearson N, wks B-N Mill.
Pearson N, wks Smelter, res 2618 Hewitt av.
Pearse V J, Real Estate, Insurance and Mines 1407 Hewitt av, res 2934 Hoyt av.
Peck Gust, wks Rice Lbr Co, res Sines' add.
Pedraita Mrs C, waitress, res 3205 Everett av.
Pelton John N, res 2725 Lombard av.
Pelton W H, millwright, res Cedar nr Everett av.
Pendleton C T, lumberman, res 2125 Grand av.
Pendleton F R, lumberman, res 3112 Rockefeller av.
Pendleton H J, lumberman, res 2125 Grand av.
Pendleton I B, logger, res 2521 Rucker av.
Pendleton Laura, bds 2125 Grand av.
Penne Olger, wks E & M C Ry, res 2938 Pine.
Pennywitt J C, wks Northern Lbr Co.
Peoples Bazaar, M Hutter propr, 1707 Hewitt av.
Peoples Dining Room, Mrs J T Hough propr, 1314 Hewitt av.
Peoples Market, (S S Freudenstein & S P Nelson), 2904 Hewitt av.
Perkins Kate, nurse Everett Hospital, res same.
Perry A, res 1008 Pacific av.


Powers Grace, teacher Smelter School, rms McCrossen blk.
Powers Mike, wks B-N Mill.
Pratt's Cash Pharmacy, Wm R Pratt propr, 2917 Hewitt av.
Pratt Will R, Propr Pratt's Cash Pharmacy, res 54th and Broadway av.
Price Bert. wks B-N Mill.
Price C Y, wks B-N Mill.
Prince J E, cigars and tobacco 3207 Hewitt av, res Market.
Proper L, lab, res 3015 Norton av.
Protteau George, millhand, res Cleveland av.
Puget Sound Bakery, Chas Miller propr, 3107 Hewitt.
Puget Sound Reduction Co, F T Gates pres, E V Cary sec,
    George D Roger treas, Wm C Butler genl mngr.
Pugh Wm L, shoeinkr, 1414 Hewitt av, res same.
Pulver C E, wks B-N Mill.
Purser John, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Putman A J. elk Merger & Co, res 3132 Pine.
Putnam M, wks B-N Mill, res 1009 Hewitt av.


Quinn Peter, (Quinn & McShane), logger, res 2122 Rucker av.


Quinlan Mary, chambermaid Hotel Monte Cristo.


Racket The, L A Riemann propr, 1801-3 Hewitt av.
Radmacher J, wks Robinson Mill, res 2202 Colby av.
Ragan S O, timekeeper G N Ry, res 3263 Hoyt av.
Ramsland Mrs Louise, ladies furnishings 1616 Hewitt av, res same.
Randall Carrie, bds 2630 Everett av.
Randall W, carp, res Cleveland av.
Randolph J T, wks B-N Mill.
Rankin Dan, wks B-N Mill.
Rankin J, wks Northern Lbr Co, res California nr Walnut.
Rantin Josiah, lab, res 3110 California.
Rasmussen G, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Rayborn H, contractor, res 2614 Hoyt av.
Rayburn F M, carp and contractor, res 2620 Hoyt av.
Raymond Charles, policeman, res 180 Railroad av.
Raymond Nellie, res 180 Railroad av.
Rayner R W, lab, res 51 Federal av.
Rea E C, city clerk, rms Grand Central Hotel.
Rea 0 E, mining broker, res 2008 Pacific av.
Reagan Thomas, teamster, res 3419 Rucker av.
Redding Mrs Fannie, res 1430 Rucker av.


Redding J W, lab, res 21 Federal av.
Redding Thomas, steamer captain, res 1309 Pacific av.
Redman Win, fireman Northern Lbr Co.
Redman W G, wks Ship Yard, bds Bay View Hotel.
Reed Mrs H C, res 3219 Pine.
Reed James, res 3219 Pine.
Reed R W J, foreman box dept Northern Lbr Co.
Reed Samuel, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Reed Wm, eng G N Ry, rms shack nr G N Ry.
Reicheneker W C, inngr Everett Jewelry Co, res Norton nr Pacific.
Reid Judge FT, judge Superior Court, res 2126 Rucker.
Reikofski F, wks B-N Mill.
Reikofski Godfred, lab, res 3731 Wetmore av.
Requa J H, (Wildes, Metzger & Requa), res 2924 Norton av.
Resseguie J A, resident eng E & M C Ry, res 2925 Walnut.
Restoueo A C, lab, bds Pine n of Everett av.
Restow Edward, wks Northern Lbr Co.
Revere House, PJ Peterson propr, 2917 Chestnut.
Revie Frank, log buyer and sealer Rice Lbr Co, res 26th and Washington.
Reynolds Phoebe, teacher Monroe School, rms 2601 Rucker av.
Rhoades J J, abstracter, res Snohomish.
Rice Chester, lab, bds 3109 Everett av.
Rice Edward G, farmer, res 2715 Market.
Rice F T, (Morris-Rice Co), res 2629 Grand av.
Rice Jasper, lab, res 3109 Everett av.
Rice Joseph, wks pile driver, res 2102 Hewitt av.


Rice Louis C, farmer, bds 2715 Market
Rice Lumber Co, W V Rice pres, Robert Caithness vice-pres, M M Cole sec,
    mill head of Potato Island, riverside.
Rice Thomas, furniture dealer 2801 Hewitt av, res 2919 1/2 Cedar.
Rice Wilder, farmer, bds 2715 Market.
Rice W R, brewer Washington Brewing Co.
Rice W7 V, (Rice Lbr Co), res Salt Lake City, Utah.
Richards A W, bds Everett Hotel.
Richards Benjamin, wks B-N Mill.
Richards B M, plumber Agnew Hdw Co, rms North Star Hotel.
Richards Mrs K, propr Everett Hotel, res same.
Richardson George, wks B-N Mill.
Richardson Wade R, wks B-N Mill, rms Bay Side Hotel.
Ridgeway B L, groceries 1312 Hewitt av, res same.
Ridgway A M, carp, res 2219 Wetmore av.
Riechel Louis, barber James Lafreiiiere, rms Pacific Hotel.
Riecken H C, blksmith 2617 Hewitt av, res 2707 Hewitt av.
Riemann Lillian, clk The Racket, bds 2816 Maple.
Riemann Lulu, stenogr E'A Strong, bds 2816 Maple.
Riemann L A, propr The Racket, res 2816 Maple.
Riemann Louis A jr, clk The Racket, bds 2816 Maple.
Riemann Minnie, clk The Racket, bds 2816 Maple.
Riester Otto, wks B-N Mill.
Rigby Alice, teacher Lincoln School, bds Hotel Monte Cristo.


Riggs W H, electrician, res 3206 Oakes av.
Riley Ed, wks B-N Mill.
Riley FJ, capitalist, res 2610 Colby av.
Rivers A M, mech Sumner Iron Wks.
Riverside Fish Market, T B Curtiss propr, 3023 Hewitt av.
Riverside Hardware Co, A H B Jordan Pres, George M Pillsbury Sec, W H Steeves Treas
    and Mngr, 2902 Hewitt av.
Riverside Shingle Co, Chas B Gray pres and genl mngr, mill riverside foot of Pacific av.
Roark D, bridge foreman, res 1020 Pacific av.
Robbins Edward, (Robbins Transfer Co), res 2806 Chestnut.
Robbins Transfer Co, (Edward & Wm Robbins), 2820 Chestnut.
Robbins Wm, (Robbins Transfer Co), bds Grand Central Hotel.
Robinson H N, principal Everett Business College, res 2958 Pine.
Robinson J A, foreman B-N Mill, res 2618 Rucker av.
Robinson Sam, bartdr, res State nr California.
Robinson Thomas, Sash, Doors and Lumber, Mill foot of 23d, bayside, res 272 Railroad av.


Roderick J, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Rogers A B, wks B-N Mill.
Rogers C E, cigars and confectionery 802 Hewitt av, res same.
Rogers George M, (Groger & Rogers), res Summit Hotel.
Rogers O S, wks Northern Lbr Co, res 2802 Maple.
Rohde Carl, wks H Schmalz, rms North Star Hotel.
Roof Mrs A J, res 25th and Hoyt av.
Rose Nels, wks Smelter, res nr Smelter.
Rosenberg Wm, wks B-N Mill, res 2811 Hewitt av.
Ross W M, county commissioner and insurance agt, 1510 Hewitt ave, res 3127 Rockefeller av.
Rossland Ole, wks B-N Mill, res 177 Railroad av.
Rothweiler John, wks Seattle Saloon, res 3115 1/2 Hewitt av.
Rowel A F, lumberman, res 3103 Pine.
Rowland Geo, biksmith Sunnier Iron Wks, res Harrison av.
Roy Mrs A M, propr Home Restaurant, res 1310 Hewitt av.
Rucker Bank The, Wyatt J Rucker Pres, B J
Rucker Cash, S R Bucey Asst Cash, 1602 Hewitt.
Rucker Bethel J, cash Rucker Bank, res Hotel Monte Cristo.
Rucker J W, foreman B-N Mill, res 3030 Hoyt av.
Rucker Wyatt J, pres Rucker Bank, res Hotel Monte Cristo.
Rude O G, section hand G N Ry, res 160 Railroad av.
Rudebeck Minnie, stenogr, rms Rudebeck blk.
Rudebeck N, mining broker, res Rudebeck blk.


Rudebeck Nellie, res Rudebeck blk
Rudrick John, wks Rice Lbr Co, bds Young's Hotel.
Ruffner A J, pattermkr Sumner Iron Wks.
Rumas F B, propr Great Northern Restaurant, res 3117 1/2 Hewitt av.
Runkel Charles, driver Metzger & Co, res 3130 Pine.
Rush W W, wks B-N Mill.
Russell Charles, wks Northern Lbr Co, bds 3515 Everett av.
Russell Fred, shingle weaver, bds 3132 Pacific av.
Russell Lyman, res State n of Everett av.
Russell S G, cigars and tobacco 3021 Hewitt av, res 3019 1/2 Hewitt av.
Russell W B, foreman The Everett News, res 3132 Pacific av.
Ruth E L, driver Holcomb Grocery Co, rms 59 Summit Hotel.
Ryan Thomas, tallyman B-N Mill, rms 2618 Rucker.
Ryland John, carp, res 2819 Walnut.


Sabin S G, carp, res 2916 Hewitt av.
Sabin Mrs S G, dres.smkr 2916 Hewitt av, res same.
Sage Frank, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 2332 Maple.
Salhinger S & H, department, store, 3003 Hewitt av.
Salhinger Henry, (S & H Salhinger), res 2817 Pine.


Salhinger Louis, clk S & H Salhinger, bds 3003 Hewitt av.
Salhinger Nettie, bds 2817 Pine.
Salhinger Robert, clk S & H Salhinger, bds 2817 Pine.
Salhiiiger Samuel, (S & H Salhinger), res San Francisco, Cal.
Saliva B A, cigars and confectionery 2019 Hewitt av, res same.
Sampson Ethel, clk Vienna Bakery, bds 2811 Rucker.
Sanford. Stone & Fisher, W E Terrill Mngr, Hewitt and Wetmore avs.
Sargent Mrs Tillie, res Hoyt av bet 14th and 15th.
Sato S, propr Monte Cristo Restaurant, res 3205 Hewitt av.
Saul C O, janitor Court House, res 2022 Hoyt av.
Savage George, wks B-N Mill.
Sawyer Foster P, wks pile driver.
Sawyer Ira A, carp, res 1801 23d.
Sayles Roy, wks B-N Mill,Scandinavian Methodist Church, Everett
    and Rockefeller avs, O O Twede pastor.
Schade Willie, bell boy Hotel Monte Cristo, rms same.
Schamorl George H, cook Mackenzie's Restaurant 54 Railroad av, rms same.
Schlem Charles, wks B-N Mill.
Schmalz H, tailor 1711 Hewitt av, res same.
Schmalz H L, wks H Schmalz, rms 1711 Hewitt av.
Schmurr Charles, baker, res 3107 Hewitt av.
Schofield Frank, (Everett Iron Wks), res 2917 Maple.
Schofield Fred, mach, res 2948 Pine.
Schreckengost S C, wks B-N Mill.


Schreck Valentine, lab, res 2817 Wetmore av.
Schreck Mrs Valentine, milliner and dressmkr 2817 Wetmore av, res same.
Sennits Carl, wks B-N Mill, res 32d and Norton av.
Schumac Jake, confectionery and fruits 2915 Hewitt av, res same.
Schumacher S B, (Keystone Paint & Oil Co), res 3016 Federal av.
Schwartz G, wks Carpenter Bros, res 24th and Rucker.
Scott Harry, wks B-N Mill, res 3301 Rucker av.
Scott J N, mine promoter, res 2602 Wetmore av.
Scott M L, cabinetmkr 3014 Hewitt av, res same.
Scott Percy, wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co, res 3014 Hewitt av.
Scougale F J, miner, res 2614 Hoyt av.
Seaman James F, night clk Day's Restaurant, rms Merchants Hotel.
Sear Leslie, wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co, res nr mill.
Sears W L, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Seattle Daily Times, Arthur A Baily agt
Seattle Restaurant, M M dark propr, 78 Railroad av.
Seattle Saloon The, Charles Tecklenberg propr, 3115 Hewitt av.
Seattle & Tacoma Navigation Co, (Steamer Greyhound), A G Paschke Agt, foot of Pacific av.
Seborg Chris, tailor, bds North Star Hotel.
Seeley Loren H, photographer, rms 3413 Colby av.
Segar Mrs Celia. lodging house 3016 1/2 Hewitt av, res same.
Selander Edward, wks Rice Lbr Co, res nr mill.
Selmen M, wks B-N Mill.


Senate Saloon The, J Davidson propr, 3101 Hewitt av.
Sercey Mrs F, cigars and tobaccos 905 Hewitt av, res same.
Sercey Thomas, driver Everett Transfer Co, res 905 Hewitt av.
Servise Deloss, wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co. res nr mill.
Setsaas James, wks B-N Mill.
Severs John A, wks Baihley Meat Market, bds 2934 Chestnut.
Severs Mary V, res 2934 Chestnut.
Sexton Frederick, architect, res 2612 Harrison av.
Sexton Katie, clk Peoples Bazaar, bds 2612 Harrison.
Seymour Belle, cook Seattle Restaurant, rms same.
Seymour Robert, expressman, res 33d nr Pine.
Siffirt John, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Shade O, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Shafer Ed, driver J E Bell, rms 2231 Rucker av.
Shatto George, bartdr Bank Saloon, rms 1612 1/2 Hewitt av.
Shaw John, carp, res Pine nr Everett av.
Shaw J J, dispatcher G N Ry, rms Grand Central Hotel.
Shea M F, deputy county treasurer, res 3628 Colby av.
Shead Alfred, plumber Riverside Hdw Co, rms Morgan House.
Sheldon C K, wks O K Mill. res 3410 1/2 Everett av.
Sheppard S W, clk Wildes, Metzger & Requa, res 3206 Oakes av.
Sherfey John T, mining broker, rms 2004 Hewitt av.
Sheridan John H, lumberman, res 3128 Oakes av.


Sherman Smith, moulder Sumner Iron Wks.
Sherinan Wm V, poultry dealer, res 3003 Everett av.
Sherwood A H, principal Monroe School, res 2619 Everett av.
Sherwood B W, feed and produce Hewitt av Wharf, riverside, res same.
Sherwood Ernest, clk A Folsoin, res Swalwell's Dock.
Sherwood J W, clk Metzger & Co, res 2007 1/2 Hewitt.
Sherwood Wm L, wks Northern Lbr Co, res foot Hewitt av, riverside.
Shipley Herbert, wks Suinner Iron Wks, res 2719 Lombard av.
Shook C S, comp Daily Independent, res Maple.
Shook Daniel, wks pile driver.
Showers Charles, wks B-N Mill.
Sias Weston, res 1110 Pacific av.
Sias Wm, bds 1110 Pacific av.
Sibbert John, wks B-N Mill.
Sibley Fred, comp Daily Independent, rms Morgan House.
Siemiller Albert, wks Robinson Mill, res 172 Railroad.
Siemiller Carl, wks Robinson Mill, bds 172 Railroad.
Siemiller George F, carp, bds 172 Railroad av.
Siemiller Nellie, bds 172 Railroad av.
Sigman B F. lab, res Washington.
Singer Manufacturing Co, Pope Higgins mngr.
Siverson Julius, fiisherman, res 16 Federal av.
Skaggs T E, clk county treasurer, res 3125 Oakes av.
Skelley A G, carp, res Nassau nr 32d.
Skillen F E, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Skinner Mrs E H. res Harrison av and 26th.


Skinner Frank, elk Sanford, Stone & Fisher, bds Harrison av and 26th.
Slayton C, wks Riverside Shingle Co, res Spruce.
Slayton Vern, eng Riverside Shingle'Co.
Sleidle Louis, mngr Washington Brewing Co, rums same
Sinscher Jack, wks Blackman Mill, res 1118 Hewit av
Small Mrs R A, teacher Jefferson School. res 3128 Pine.
Smalley Hugh B, Household Supplies 2813 Hewitt av, res same.
Smiley George B, wagonmkr and blksmith 2108 Hewitt av, res 2706 Everett av.
Smith Abraham, wks Rice Lbr Co, res nr mill.
Smith Anna, student, rms St Elmo Hotel.
Smith Annie, res 32d and Federal av.
Smith A E, foreman Wheeler, Osgood & Co. res nr mill.
Smith Baum, wks Robinson mill.
Smith B F, barber 3207 Hewitt av, res Everett av.
Smith Charles, driver Pacific Brewing & Malting Co, res 3117 Maple.
Smith C F, wks Rice Lbr Co, res Parkhurst.
Smith C H, cigarmkr Haferkorn rms Commercial Hotel.
Smith F E, wks B-N Mill, res 3316 Hoyt av.
Smith Frank W, motorman, res 3209 Hoyt av.
Smith Mrs George, res 2706 1/2 Everett av.
Smith George W, wks Everett Transfer Co, rms 2709 Hewitt av.
Smith Guy, rms St Elmo Hotel.


Smith Harry E, fireman G N Ry, res 2920 1/2 Hewitt.
Smith Hattie. laundress,laundress, res Grand av and 14th.
Smith John. res 32d and Nassau.
Smith J W, foreman B-N Mill.
Smith M, res 2706 1/2 Everett av.
Smith Mrs M N, res 2920 1/2 Hewitt av.
Smith N O, horse trader, rms 31 Summit Hotel.
Smith N J, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 3117 Pine.
Smith Paul, wks Robinson Mill, res 32d and Federal.
Smith Richard, wks B-N Mill, res 32d and Federal av.
Smith S, wks Sumner Iron Wks, res Cleveland av.
Smith Susie, clairvoyant and card reader, rms Summit Hotel.
Smith S J, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Smith T P, wks Rice Lhr Co, res Cleveland av.
Smith Wm, cook Seattle Restaurant, res Federal av and 32d.
Smith Wm, fisherman, res 3 Water Front.
Smith Mrs W J, propr St Elmo Hotel, res same.
Smithi W J, foreman B-N Mill, res St Elmo Hotel.
Smith W D F, propr Montello Hotel, res same.
Smout Peter S, tinsmith 1811 Hewitt av, res 3609 Colby av.
Smyth C G, (Smyth & Hunsaker), res 3304 Rockefeller av.
Smythe B Frank, printer, rms Commercial Hotel.
Snohomish County Abstract Co, (E A Strong & H L Oldfield), Abstracters Dorchester Blk.
Snyder Charles, plasterer, rms 2809 Cedar.
Snyder D F, plasterer, res Broadway av and 35th.


Snyder Herbert O, driver Pacific Hdw Co, bds Broadway av and 35th.
Snyder Jolin, logger, rms Pacific Hotel.
Snyder J B, plasterer, res 2820 Everett av.
Snyder L J, lab, res 3321 Hewitt av.
Solberg A O, jeweller 1605 Hewitt av.
Sorensen Beatrice, bds 3308 Colby av.
Sorensen Charles, confectionery, cigars, tobacco and groceries 3113 Hewitt av, res 3308 Colby av.
Sorensen Minnie, clk Sanford, Stone & Fisher, bds 3308 Colby av.
Sorenson G T, wks Rice Lbr Co, bds Hotel.
Sorenson L E. cigars and tobacco 55 Railroad av. res same.
Sound Produce Co, (J C & A McKinley), 1203-5 Hewitt av.
Sparling A K, miner, rms Montello Hotel.
Sparks Lindsay, bartdr. rms 3016 1/2 Hewitt av.
Spence George, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Spencer H H, carp, res 2934 Norton av.
Spencer D, wks B-N Mill. rms Craddock blk.
Spencer Hugh, wks G & G Mill, res Norton av nr Hewitt av.
Spencer Leslie, wks B-N Mill.
Spillman M, wks Rice Lbr Co. res 1933 Grand av, riverside.
Spithill Neil, contractor, Sumner Iron Wks.
Srague I B, captain Str Independent, res 2611 Grand.
Springer Anna, clk Spring's Bazaar, rms 2701 Grand.
Springer's Bazaar, R Springer propr, 1313 Hewitt av.


Springer Charles L, business mngr Daily Independent, res 2202 Rucker av.
Springer Elias, clk Springer's Bazaar, rms 2701 Grand.
Springer L A, civil eng, res 2519 Colby av.
Springer R, propr Springer's Bazaar, res 2701 Grand.
Springer S D, surveyor, res 3614 Colby av.
Staemppli Oscar, wks Seattle Restaurant, res 78 Railroad av.
Stallsmith W M, mngr Everett Ice Co, res 2801 Chestnut.
Stannard Bert C, assayer Smelter, res nr Smelter.
Stanford Eli, wks Riverside Shingle Co, res Washington.
Stanford George S, (Currie & Stanford), bds Hotel Monte Cristo.
Star Grocery, R D McNeeley propr, 3111 Hewitt av.
Stark Henry, lab, res 2601 Grand av.
Stark Mrs Henry, wks Troy Laundry, res 2601 Grand.
Stark T, lab, res nr Wasson's Brick Yard. ,
Staten James, propr Everett Dairy, res 1120 Pacific av.
States J G, miner, res 2816 Pacific av.
Stauffer DrJ E, physician rms 7-9 Slack blk, res 2931 Wetmore av.
Stayer J O, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Steger Max, bartdr Depot Saloon, res 138 Railroad av.
St Elmo Hotel, Mrs W J Smith propr, Craddock blk
. Stenson C, wks B-N Mill.
Stenson Mary, wks 2231 Rucker av.
Stenson Serena, wks cor Colby av and California.
Sterling Timber Co, A S Taylor pres and treas, C E Shephard vice-pres, J E Horan sec.
    Wisconsin blk.


Stevens A, mach Sumner Iron Wks.
Stevens Mrs Agnes, rms Montello Hotel
Stevens Arthur D, master mechanic G N R tunnel, res 1603 Everett av.
Stevens Mrs H N, res Washington.
Stevens L S, foreman machine shop Sumner Iron Wks, res Harrison av.
Stevens Viola, bds 1603 Everett av.
Stevens W H, (Riverside Hdw Co), res 2712 Pine.
Stevenson A D, county assessor, res Hewitt av and Norton av.
Stewart Mrs Annie, res 108 Railroad av.
Stewart E, eng tug Independent, res 2715 Wetmore av.
Stewart F B, propr Jersey Dairy 2625 Wetmore av, res same.
Stewart F B, chief elk G N Ry, res Hotel Monte Cristo.
Stewart Harvard, wks Paper Mill, bds 2625 Wetmore.
Stewart J W, res 108 Railroad av.
Stewart Norman, lab, res cor Broadway av and 32d.
Stewart N, teacher Lincoln School, bds 2814 Maple.
Stewart Roy, wks B-N Mill, res 108 Railroad av.
Stiansen Mrs L, propr Home Restaurant, res 1310 Hewitt av.
Stich John, rancher, res 2121 Grand av.
St Mary L N, res 12th and Grand av.
Stoffen Mrs Annie, cigarmkr Haferkorn's, bds Vienna Hotel.
Stockbridge W R. U S store-keeper Wisconsin blk, res 35th and Norton av.
Stone J K, agt G N Ry, res 2613 Hoyt av.


Stone Harry H, condr E & M C Ry, res 3113 Maple.
Straka R C, mach, res 2820 Walnut.
Street George, collector, rms Pacific Hotel.
Streum Charles, lab, res 218 Railroad av.
Strickland J F, wks Northern Lbr Co.
Strickler L, carp, res 2007'/a Hewitt av.
Strika C, wks Suniner Iron Wks, res 2948 Walnut.
Stringer S B, lab, res 15th and Grand av.
Stroble George, propr Midway Restaurant 2017 1/2 Hewitt av, res same.
Strobridge H L, attorney Hewitt bik, res 3208 Colby.
Stroebel George jr, porter Branch Saloon, rms 2101 Hewitt av.
Strom Mrs A, laundress 3210 Hewitt av, res same.
Stronger E A, (Snohomish County Abstract Co), rms Dorchester blk.
Strout G S. carp, res nr Smelter.
Struck H W, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Struck H W, barber 1316 Hewitt av, rms same.
Stuart E H, grocer nr Smelter, res same.
Stuart Mrs Lucy, nurse, res 2619 Hoyt av.
Sturgeon Dr R O, dentist rm 11 First Natl Bank bldg, res 34th and Broadway av.
Sullivan H P, motorman, rms Grand Central Hotel.
Sullivan John, res 24th and Walnut.
Sullivan J J, mngr Everett Tent & Awning Co, res 3209 Everett av.
Sultan Mining Co, Albert Tozer pres. W W Black vice-pres, W deF Edwards sec and treas.
Summerfield Fred, lab, res 3217 Everett av.


Summit Hotel, Hugh Lindsay propr, cor Oakes and Pacific avs.
Sumner F W, (Sumner Iron Wks), res 2328 Cleveland av.
Sumner Iron Works, F W Sumner Pres, T B Sumner Vice-Pres, P" W Mitchell Treas,
Sumner T B, (Sumner Iron Wks), res 2330 Cleveland av.
Sunnyside Land Co, W G Swalwell pres, E M Metzger, treas, W W Black sec, office cor Pine and Hewitt
Sunsby Martin, lab, res 17 Federal av.
Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co, B H Vollans Mngr, Office Realty Blk.
Sutherland Hugh, propr Everett Marble Wks, res Walnut nr Hewitt av.
Swain A L, wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co, res Cleveland av.
Swain Harry, wks Northern Lbr Co, bds Everett Hotel.
Swalwell & Butterworth, (Walter F Swalwell & John W Butterworth), real estate 2912 Hewitt av.
Swalwell Ernest, clk, res Rucker av.
Swalwell G W, res 2725 Cedar.
Swalwell Joseph A, cash First Nati Bank, res 2722 Pine.
Swalwell Paper Co, W A Swalwell pres, E Swalwell vice-pres, W F Swalwell sec and treas,
    1720 Hewitt av.
Swalwell Robert, (Swalwell Paper Co), res 2612 Wetmore av.
Swalwell Wellington, bkkpr, res Cedar.


Swalwell Walter F, (Swalwell & Butterworth), res 2750 Chestnut.
Swalwell W G, pres First Natl Bank, res 2730 Pine.
Swanson A, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Swanson Alfred, wks B-N Mill.
Swanson August, bartdr, res foot of State.
Swanson C, wks B-N Mill.
Swanson Martin, blksmith, res Pine nr Pacific av.
Swanberg Peter, lab, res Hill nr Pacific av.
Swartout Melvin, mining broker, res 2722 Pine.
Swayzie Mrs N, telg opr G N Ry, res 2521 Hoyt av.
Sweeny Jeremiah, carp G N Ry, rms Royal Hotel.
Sweet Charles A, carp, rms Hewitt blk.
Swennes J J, lab, res 20 Federal av.
Swetman A N, bkkpr Sumner Iron Wks, bds 2630 Everett av.
Swift Fred E, wks McNeely's Mill, res 176 Railroad.
Switzer's Employment Bureau, Samuel Switzer Mngr, 1305 Hewitt av.
Switzer Samuel, mngr Switzer's Employment Bureau, rms 1305 Hewitt av.
Sykes Noah, millwright Rice Lbr Co, res 3309 Cedar.
Sylvia Frank P. wks Ship Yard, res 1819 Hoyt av.