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For whatever reason, no Polk directory was published for Everett in 1900. The 1900 "Fowler Directories"- C L Fowler, publisher was the replacement. C L Fowler was apparently an itinerant who was only briefly in Everett. His work staff included R. F. McComb who worked as a solicitor.

This presentation is a very old photocopy of a book held by the Everett Public Library. I have chosen to OCR the pages to allow search engines and because the scanned copy is really inferior.

My sincere thanks to the NW Room Library staff and especially David Dilgard.

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Talbot D M, wks B-N Mill, res 2714 Pine.


Tallmadge H O, saw filer, res 2618 Wetmore av.
Tanner John, wks Northern Lbr Co, res 3112 P
Tanner Joseph, wks B-N Mill.
Taylor A S, Pres Union Trust Co, bds Hotel Monte Cristo.
Taylor D J, propr Taylor's Dairy, res 1719 23d.
Taylor Thomas C, draughtsman G N Ry, rms Royal Hotel.
Teage C, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Tecklenberg Charles, propr Seattle Saloon, res 2801 Maple.
Tecklenberg Henry, lab, res 2819 Walnut.
Teel R G, wks G & G Mill.
Tegtmeier Irving; wks Smelter, bds Phoenix Hotel.
Tegtmeier W A, propr Phoenix Hotel, res same.
Templeton M, res 2604 Colby av.
Tennehill Edward, wks Northern Lbr Co.
Tennehill Hiram, plasterer, res 3112 Pacific av.
Terrill W E, mngr Sanford, Stone & Fisher, res 1119 Pacific av.
Terry Mrs Mary, wks Catholic Rectory, res Everett av and Cedar.
Terwilligar Richard, (Capital Saloon), rms Commercial Hotel.
Terwilliger S A, wks Ogrosky & Hofstetter.
Tnatcher Enoch M, mngr Star Grocery, res 3108 California.
Thayer Grocery Co, L E Thayer mngr, McCrossen blk.
Thayer L E, (Thayer Grocery Co), res McCrossen blk.
Thayer L E jr, rms McCrossen blk.


Thayer & Norway Co, C A Norway Pres, S E
Thayer Sec and Treas, Dorchester blk.
Thayer M A, bkkpr Thayer Grocery Co, rms McCrossen blk.
Thayer Stephen E, (Thayer & Norway), res 2313 Rucker av.
Theroux Archer, shingle weaver, res 264 Railroad av.
Theroux Jos, res 264 Railroad av.
Theroux Jos jr, shingle weaver bds 264 Railroad av.
Thenrer J A, propr Capitol Saloon, rms Commercial Hotel.
Thomas A A, papermkr, res 2939 Federal av.
Thomas Bert, wks Robbins Transfer Co, res 3018 Hewitt av.
Thomas B M, eng pile driver, res 2915 Federal av.
Thomas Frank, wks B-N Mill, res 2912 Norton av.
Thomas John, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Thomas J E, stenogr E & M C Ry, rms 3030 Colby.
Thomas Loren, driver Baihley Meat Co, bds 2939 Federal av.
Thomas Maete, assistant Dr Cox, bds 2939 Federal av.
Thomas Win, carp, res 2007 1/2 Hewitt av.
Thomas W R, clk Agnew Hdw Co, res California bet Hoyt and Colby avs.
Thomke Herman, wks Rice Lbr Co, res Harrison av.
Thomke O W F. wks Robbins Transfer Co, res Harrison av.
Thompson Alex, wks pile driver, res 2523 Hoyt av.
Thompson Alex, contractor and pile driver, rms Bay View Hotel.


Thompson Andrew, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 2705 Lombard av.
Thompson Fred, contractor Smelter, res nr Smelter.
Thompson Grant, wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co, res nr Rice mill.
Thompson G B, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Thompson H C, musician, res State nr California.
Thompson John, carp, Rockefeller av bet 24th and 25th.
Thompson Louis, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Thompson P G, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Thomson Carl, wks G N Ry, res 2619 Norton av.
Thomson AV A, clk Fisher's Shoe Store, rms 1703 Hewitt av.
Thornton C C, deputy sheriff, rms Commercial Hotel.
Thornton Mrs Sarah A, teacher physical culture and elocution,
    rms McCrossen blk.
Thornton W M, reporter Independent, rms McCrossen blk.
Thorsvig A, carp, res 2613 Grand av.
Thorsvig K, mngr Northern Transfer Co, res Summit Hotel.
Thurston A R, captain Str Thurston, res 115 Railroad av.
Thurston Earnest, cook Str Thurston, rms 115 Railroad av.
Tidd F E, wks Robinson Mill, res 2911 Maple.
Tidd Henry H, eng, res 2713 Walnut.
Tiege Chris, wks B-N Mill.
Tift S B, bartdr Tontine Saloon, res 2811 Hewitt av.


Tiger Clothing- Store, Joe Meyer Mngr, Clothing and Gents Furnishing
    Goods, Tel 871, 1603 Hewitt av.
Tillman H, fireman, res 1509 Rucker av.
Timlin Martin, rancher, res Clifton Hotel.
Timlin Mrs M, propr Clifton Hotel 2927 Maple, res same.
Toftager John, wks T T Enger, rms Hoyt av and 33d.
Tollman Hall, longshoreman, res foot of California.
Tomlinson H T, bkkpr Union Transfer Co, res 3002 Rucker av.
Tontine Saloon The, (J C Garner & Joe Knoll), 1401 Hewitt av.
Tooker O F, filer Rice Lbr Co, res 1416 23d.
Tooker W, wks Rice Lbr Co, res nr mill.
Touchet Louis, lab, res nr Rice mill.
Trasky John, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 2708 Chestnut.
Tremont The, Robert Lee propr, Lodging House and Saloon 1302 Hewitt av.
Trenholm S, wks B-N Mill.
Trevorah W A, bds 2619 Grand av.
Trimmer W, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Trinity School, Rev CJ Brenton prin, 2528 Grand av, riverside.
Triplett Edward, wks Power House, res Walnut bet Everett av and 26th.
Triplett Wm T, eng, res Walnut bet 24th and 25th.
Troeber C A, barber 1619 Hewitt av, res Norton av and 32d.
Trovinger F, wks Riverside Shingle Co, res Cedar.
Tsukniya C, cook Trinity School, bds same.


Tubbs E P, dairyman, res 3012 Pacific av.
Tucker C E, shingle sawyer, res 3512 Hoyt av.
Tucker L S, millwright B-N Mill, res 3512 Hoyt av.
Turk Alex. wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co. res nr Rice mill.
Turk Robert, wks G & G Mill,res Norton av and 32d.
Turner H, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Turner H L, electrician Ev Ry & Elec Co, res 3216 Colby av.
Turner J H, baggageman G N Ry, res 3009 Federal.
Twede 0 0, pastor Scandinavian Methodist Church, res 2701 Everett av.


Ulrich August, carp, res 2009 Grand av, riverside.
Ulrich Frank, bridge carp, res 23d and Washington.
Union Pacific Ry, Adelbert Folsom agt, 1807 Hewitt.
Union Saloon, John Diefenbacher propr, Hewitt av and Chestnut.
Union Transfer Co The, (B H Vollans & J T Grove), 2918 Rucker av.
Union Trust Co The, A S Taylor Pres. C E Shepard Vice-Pres,
    J E Horan Sec, Wisconsin blk.
Uphus A J, pres Nortliern Lbr Co, res 3128 Pine.
U S Assay Office, J N Walker government assayer, basement Wisconsin blk.


U S Customs Office, L H CoOn deputv collector, 4 and 5 Wisconsin blk.
U S Postoffice, James M Vernon Postmaster, Sidney E Edwards Assistant, Wisconsin blk,
    cor Hewitt and Hoyt avs.
' Utech Wm, wks P Wagner, rms Everett Hotel.


Valde Louis, shingle weaver, res 142 Railroad av.
Vallier Frank, wks Paris French Laundry, bds same.
Vallier Levine, wks Paris French Laundry, bds same.
Vallier Louis, propr Paris French Laundry, Grand av n of Hewitt av.
Van Bargen F, res 26th and Walnut.
Vandolinda J D, sawyer, bds 3515 Everett av.
Van Dyke John, carp, res Broadway av nr Pacific av.
Vaneyken H, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Van Gordon Myrtle, res 2811 Hewitt av.
Van Hosspen H, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay View Hotel.
Van Luvin H H. res 2917 Walnut.
Vansickle Andrew, comp Independent, res 2108 Hoyt.
Van Valey A L, propr Bottling Wks 3120 Hewitt av,res 2725 Maple.
Varnum Julia M, res 2706 Everett av.
Vernon James M, Editor Everett Times, rms Royal Hotel.


Victoria House, Mrs M Klein propr, 3120 1/2 Hewitt av
Vienna Bakery, Wm Mescher propr, 1409 Hewitt av.
Vienna House, Mrs M Hutter propr, 2716 Rucker av.
Vinson Wm, porter Magnet Barber Shop, rms same.
Vollans B H, mngr Sunset Tel & Telg Co, rums Hub blk.
Vollmer Oscar, teamster Sumner Iron Wks.
Vonder Heyde A, clk A Hansen, res 1609 Hewitt av.
Vou Durgen Charles, barber 3006 Hewitt av, res same.
Von Durgen Lulu, dressmkr, res 3006 1/2 Hewitt av.
Von Gumppenberg Julius, teacher of languages Trinity School, res 32d and Broadway av.
Voy Thomas, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Vrooman Grace E, teacher Lincoln School, rms McCrossen blk.
Vuld 0 G, lab, res 34th and Broadway av.


Wagner P, tailor 1305 1/2 Hewitt av, res 3222 Colby av.
Wahl Jacob, wks Monte Cristo Provision Market, rms same.
Wainwright G L, veterinary surgeon Wainwright's Barn, res 2927 Colby av.
Wakely Ernst, clk Riverside Hdw Co, rms Clifton House.


Wakely E A, plumber Riverside Hdw Co, rms Clifton House.
Walby Mattie C, nurse Everett Hospital, rms same.
Walker Joseph A, sexton Evergreen Cemetery, res nr same.
Walker J N, U S government assayer basement Wisconsin blk. res 1420 Pacific av.
Wall Charles, wks Smelter, res nr Smelter.
Wall John, wks Smelter, res nr Smelter.
Wallace A D, fireman E & M C Ry, res 3104 Pacific.
Walsh Charles, (C & W Walsh), rms St Eimo Hotel.
Walsh C & W, proprs Harbor Saloon, Railroad av.
Walsh E L, prop Branch Saloon, res 2101 Hewitt av.
Walsh Frank, propr Board of Trade Saloon, res 3002 Federal av.
Walsh Mrs Kate, res 2913 Walnut.
Walsh Walter, wks Paper Mill, rms 2913 Walnut.
Walsh Wm, (C & W Walsh), rms St Eimo Hotel.
Walsh Wm, wks Robinson Mill, res 2112 Grand av.
Walters S A W, cigarmkr Haferkorn.
Walton A, expressman, res 15th and Colby av.
Walton W, sewing machine agt, res 2916 Chestnut.
Ward & Klein, (E D Ward & J F Klein), Saloon 3001 Hewitt av.
Ward E D, (Ward & Klein), res 2825 Maple.
Warner A D, attorney Wisconsin blk, rms Hotel Tower.
Washington Junk Co, (E Jacobs and J Weinberg), 2710 Hewitt av.
Wasson B F, propr Wasson's Brick Yard, res cor Pacific and Broadway avs.


Watcher Edward, wks B-N Mill, bds Bay Hotel.
Waterford Alfred, wks O K Shingle Mill, 3515 Everett av.
Waters Stevens, wks Haferkorn, bds Everett Hotel.
Watson Thomas, lab, res 14th and Grand av.
Wayland George, lab, res 2914 Chestnut.
Weaver E F, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 3001 Everett av.
Weaver P, res 3502 Everett av.
Weber Bros, (FJ & E Weber), groceries, clothing and furnishings 1209 Hewitt av.
Weber E, (Weber Bros), res 1209 Hewitt av.
Weber FJ, (Weber Bros), res 2601 Grand av.
Weber Geo A, wks Pacific Hdw Co, res 2619 Wetmore.
Weber Mrs Nettie, wks 2201 Rucker av.
Weborg Carl, wks B-N Mill, bds 3605 Colby av.
Weborg Nels, wks B-N Mill, bds 3605 Colby av.
Weborg Wm, wks B-N Mill, res 3605 Colby av.
Weeks A E, cook Grand Central Restaurant, rms 3103 Pacific av.
Weide Wm, sawyer Rice Lbr Co, res nr mill.
Weinberg J, (Washington Junk Co),res 27i0 Hewitt av.
Weinze Otto, wks Eclipse Lbr Co, res 3130 Pine.
Weisener Dave, wks Rice Lbr Co, rms Elliott House.
Weken R J, carp, res California and Railroad av.
Welch Alfred, shoemkr 2911 1/2 Hewitt av, res same.
Welch Henry, barber 3109 Hewitt av, res same.
Wellard A A, barber, res 2914 Nassau.
Weller C W, wks Carpenter Bros, rms 3524 Hoyt av.
Weller Harry H, clk Tiger Clothing Co, rms 3524 Hoyt av.
Welty John, wks Rice Lbr Co, rms Summit Hotel.


Welty J N, wks Rice Lbr Co.
West Charles, wks Ship Yard, res California and Railroad av.
West Mrs Catherine, res California and Railroad av.
West Johr. messenger Postal Tel Co, bds California and Railroad av.
Westbrook H D, sign painter, res 1115 Pacific av.
Westbrook Mrs H D, dressmkr 1115 Pacific av, res same.
Western Union Telegraph Co, Fannie Horner mngr, Hewitt blk.
Westland A J, shingle manufacturer, bds Hotel Monte Cristo.
Westland Wm, wks O K Shingle Mill, bds 3515 Everett av.
Westley George, wks Paper Mill, res 37th and Broadway av.
Weylandt Alfred, wks B-N Mill, res 2022 Colby av.
Whartenby H P, lodging house 2915 1/5 Hewitt av, res same.
Whedon N L, millwright, res 2811 Hewitt av.
Wheeler Charles F, logger, res 2809 Hewitt av.
Wheeler C T, grocer 3308 Everett av, res same.
Wheeler George M, logger, res 2811 Hewitt av.
Wheeler George W, patent medicine 2703 Hewitt av.
Wheeler James, comp Independent, res 2701 Lombard.
Wheeler Mrs J A, res 236 Railroad av.
Wheeler Mrs L M, res 2701 Lombard av.
Wheeler, Osgood & Co, W C Wheeler pres, C R Osgood treas, T E Ripley sec,
    mills riverside.
Wheeler W H, salesman L K Church, rms Hub blk.


Whitchurch Mrs K H, res 3410 1/2 Everett av.
Whitchurch R J, shingle weaver, rms 3410 1/2 Everett.
Whitchurch Thomas J, shingle weaver, 3410 1/2 Everett av.
White's Ship Yard, C G White propr, Railroad av.
White C D, shingle weaver, res 3502 Everett av.
White C G, propr White's Ship Yard. rms Hotel Tower.
White Edward, wks White's Ship Yard. rms St Elmo Hotel.
White F A, pres Cascade Development Co, res 3001 Hoyt av.
White F E, propr Magnet Barber Shop, 1412 Hewitt.
White L, wks Northern Lbr Co, bds 3515 Everett av.
White Wm, wks Bay View Hotel, res same.
White William B, mach, res 2724 Walnut.
Whitehouse G H, mill setter B-N Mill, res 2210 Colby.
Whiting Mary C, teacher Jefferson School, rms McCrossen blk.
Whitlaw John, wks Riverside Shingle Co, rms Rudebeck blk.
Whitmarsh J O, agt E & M C Ry, res 3212 Pacific av.
Whitmore Geo, lab, bds Everett Hotel.
Whitney H, clk Bay View Hotel, res same.
Whitney & Headlee, (L C Whitney & F M Headlee), attorneys Realty blk.
Whitney L C, (Whitnev & Headlee), attorney, res Mitchell add.
Whitney S, propr Bay View Hotel, res same.
Whittingham J, wks Rice Lbr Co, res nr Smelter.
Wiester O M, clk Lowell Grocery Co, res 3126 Maple.


Wilbur Seth, wks B-N Mill. res 24th and Wetmore av.
Wilcox C A, wks B-N Mill.
Wilcox Jolin B, comp Independent, rms Morgan House.
Wilcox W, wks B-N Mill.
Wildes M H, (Wildes, Metzger & Reqna), res 2118 Rucker av.
Wildes Metzger & Requa, (M H Wildes, E M Metzger & J H Requa), grocers
    1415-17 Hewitt av.
Wilhelmson Oscar, wks B-N Mill, bds North Star Hotel.
Willard C A, brickmason, res Sines' add.
Willard Ray, comp Independent, res Sines' add.
Willey J, lab, res 26 1/2 Federal av.
Williams Mrs C, bds Hotel Monte Cristo.
Williams C H, grocer 122 Railroad av, res same.
Williams D B, eng Ev Ry & Elec Co, res 3226 Colby.
Williams E T, wks B-N Mill
Williams H, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Williams Herbert, eng Str Thurston, res 707 Hewitt.
Williams H P, wks G N Ry, res 200 Railroad av.
Williams Iva, dressmkr Mrs Sabin's, res State and Everett av.
Williams Mrs J B, (wid), laundress, res rear 2811 Hewitt av.
Williams J M, carp, res 2608 Norton av.
Williams John O, eng, res 3130 Pine.
Williams T A, wks Sumner Iron Wks, res 3109 Pine.
Williams Warren, cash Parley Cafe, res 3016 Hewitt av.
Williams W B, wks B-N Mill.


Williams W H, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 2723 Hoyt av.
Williamson F G, asst snpt G N Ry, bds Monte Cristo.
Williman F,, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Willis A G, lab, res 186 Railroad av.
Willoughby Edward, wks Everett Transfer Co.
Willman E, wks B-N Mill.
Willman F A, wks B-N Mill.
Willman J, wks B-N Mill.
Willmaser Frank, clk Agnew Hdw Co, rms 2605 Rucker av.
Wilmon E, wks B-N Mill, bds 3301 Hoyt av.
Wilmon F, wks Rice Lbr Co, bds 3301 Hoyt av.
Wilmon F A, wks B-N Mill, bds 3301 Hoyt av.
Wilmon J, wks B-N Mill, res 3301 Hoyt av.
Wilson Andrew, sawyer, res Pine nr Pacific av.
Wilson Andrew, lab, res 18 Federal av. •
Wilson Charles, shingle sawyer, res 1430 Rucker av.
Wilson Edward, lab, res 14 Federal av.
Wilson George, wks B-N Mill.
Wilson James H, eng G & G Mill, res 2012 Rucker.
Wilson J W, lab, res Cleveland av. .
Wilson Samuel, wks Ship Yard, bds Bay View Hotel.
Wilson T C, wks Wheeler, Osgood & Co, res Parkhurst.
Wimms Thomas, res 178 Railroad av.
Winchell A J, wks B-N Mill, res 3006 Federal av.
Winsor Hotel, Mrs J E Baker propr, 1202 Hewitt av.
Winscott W C, res 23d and Washington.
Winters A B, mngr Postal Telg Co, res 2721 Hoyt av.
Wintermute Joseph, carp, res 3716 Colby av.


Wisner David, lab, res 2819 Walnut.
Wogneld Larson, wks B-N Mill, bds North Star Hotel.
Wolf Frank, sawyer, res Walnut nr 23d.
Wonder Millinery Store, Mrs H E Mix propr, 1814 Hewitt av.
Wonder Slice Store, Samuel Yoe propr, 1403 Hewitt.
Wood Annie, laundress, rms 2820 Walnut.
Wood Frank, lab, bds 3101 Pacific av.
Wood Iva, waitress Bay View Hotel, rms same.
Woods S, wks B-N Mill.
Wood Sidney J, lab, 3101 Pacific av.
Wood W H, wks B-N Mill.
Woodin Jerry, wks B-N Mill.
Woodruff George E, pres and mngr Everett Drug Co, res 2931 Norton av.
Worth Charles, driver Union Transfer Co, res 1009 Pacific av.
Wright E A, millwright, res 2331 Colby av.
Wright H S. contractor, res 2528 Grand av.
Wynn James, wks B-N Mill, rms 1201 Hewitt av.


Yackel John L, wks Rice Lbr Co, res 2934 Cedar.
Yasumura H, bkkpr Riverside Shingle Co, res 2938 Pine.


Yoe Samuel, Propr Wonder Shoe Store. 1403 Hewitt av, res 2819 Rucker av.
Yenish Frank, wks B-N Mill, res Pacific av. riverside.
Yenish Hattie, tel opr Sunset Tel & Telg Co, bds 3122 Maple.
Yenish Henry, wks Union Transfer Co, res 3122 Maple.
Young Mrs D M, res Sines' add.
Young's Hotel, H H Young propr, nr Rice mill.
Young H H, propr Young's Hotel, res same.
Young John, pastor First Christian Church, bds 2922 Norton av.
Young Philip, bartdr Board of Trade Saloon, res Federal av and Washington.
Young Robert, wks Rice Lbr Co.
Young Wm, wks Rice Lbr Co.
York Edith, bds 2911 Cedar.
York Harry, clk county treasurer, bds 2911 Cedar.
York H G, county treasurer, res 2911 Cedar.
Yost C A, res 2709 1/2 Cedar.
Yost Felix, bds 2709 1/2 Cedar.
Yule Eniina S, supt City Schools, bds Hotel Monte Cristo.


Zehl Mrs Mary, (wid), res 2619 Fulton av.


Zeigler Theodore, clk Pacific Hdw Co, res 3530 Colby.
Zentner Fred, cigars and tobacco 1610 Hewitt av, rms same.
Zettle J, wks Riverside Shingle Co, rms Rudebeck blk.
Zigweid George, eng G N Ry, res shack nr depot.
Zimmerle Charles, lab, res 15th and Grand av.
Zimmerman Marian, music teacher, bds 2711 California.
Zimmerman Peter, county shiriff, res 2711 California.