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(154 is advertisement for the Steamer Grayhound)

For List of Abbreviations, See Page 23.

ARLINGTON—in the northern part of the county, on the Stillaguamish River — was founded in 1890. It is an important station on the Seattle InternationalRailway, and is distant from Everett, the county seat of Snohomish County, twenty-five miles. Lumber and shingles are manufactured in large quantities. The land in the vicinity is excellent for farming purposes. There are two hotels, two newspapers, a public school, three.churches, several shingle and lumber mills and a number of stores. Express, Northern Pacific; telegraph, Pacific Postal and Western Union. Population about 700.

Adams W C, propr Depot Saloon.
Arlington Enterprise The, Verne L Joslyn pub


Arlington Hotel, Mrs Mary Cull propr.
Arlington Times The, C L Marsh Pub.
Armstrong J H, propr Commercial Hotel.
Berg & Nelson, photographers.
Brown C C, genl merchandise.
Brounty & Wick, butchers.
Buell S G, agt S & I Ry.
Catholic Church. Rev Father Van pastor.
Commercial Hotel, J H Armstrong propr.
Dorgan & Tucker, shingle mnfrs.
Duerer C, boots and shoes. Evangelican Lutheran Church, Rev I Blakkan pastor.
Fergurson & McKilligan, loggers. Ferguson Joseph, propr Commercial Bar.
Fowler W G, Mmgr Lincoln Shingle Co.
Free Methodist Church, Rev E L Smith pastor.
Fry Abner, groceries.
Gray J A, cigars and confectionery.
Hall F M, contractor and builder.
Hansley S W, constable.
Heim C F, cigars and confectionery.
Hoye Dr C E, physician and surgeon.
Jarvis B M & Co, groceries.
Jones John G, general merchandise.
Jones. John Z, postmaster.
Jones L N, attorney and insurance agt.
Joslyn Verne L. pub Arlington Enterprise.
Kehoe Charles E, justice of the peace.
Kehoe Charles, E, shoemkr.
Krauskorf Frank, blksmith.


Laxton Mrs C H confextionery.
Lincoln Shingle Co, W G Fowler mngr.
Marsh C L, pub Arlington Times.
McPhee & Brown, loggers.
Methodist Church, Rev John Bretts, pastor.
Michigan Shingle Co, Ben Kunze pres, Geo Kunze sec, W J Barber mngr
Moran Thomas, propr Arlington Hotel Bar.
Moran Thomas, hardware.
Murphy A, cigars and confectionery.
Murphy George, meat market.
Oliver Dr W F, physician and surgeon.
Pacific Postal Telegraph Co, S G Buell agt.
Pantzke E C, barber shop.
Phelps Dr J E, physician and surgeon.
Seattle & International Railroad, S G Buell Agt.
Sill Jasper, livery stable.
Smith Mrs A L, bakery.
Stevens & Co, Cottage Bar.
Stewart & Emerson, general merchandise.
Sunset Telephone & Telegrapli Co, Christina Wilson agt.
Teagar C, druggist.
Tvete N K, general merchandise.
U S Commissioner, C L Marsh.
Van Hook M, barber.
Western Union Telegraph Co, J A Gray agt.
Winton Mrs T L, propr Depot Restaurant.

(page 158 is advertisements for Everett News)

For List of Abbreviations, See Page 23.

EDMONDS, an incorporated town, seventeen miles north of Seattle, on tHe main anc Coast Line of the Great Northern Railway, also reached by boats from Seattle, Everett and Bellingham bay points, was founded in 1887. The principal industries are the manufacture of lumber and red cedar shingles. There is one school, two churches and four fraternal orders. The town officers are: Louville L. Austin, mayor; Messrs R. Konnerup, Sam Fourtner and C. E. Peterson, councilmen; W. H. Schumacher, treasurer. Churches — First Congregational, Free Methodist, Societies — Edmonds Tent No 7. K. O. T. M.; Edmonds Lodge No. 96, I. O. O. F.; North Star Lodge No. 69, A. O. U. W.; Dewey Lodge No. 226, Good Templars.

Anderson Chris.
Appleton James L.
Arnold Rev W A, pastor First Congregational Church.
Ault James.


Ault Edwin.
Austin Louville L, logger.
Axtell E K, shingle packer.
Bennett E L.
Bell W J.
Bertrand H H, bolt cutter.
Brackett George, capitalist.
Brackett D W.
Brackett William, livery.
Brady Phillip, principal Edmonds School.
Brown F L, time-keeper.
Brunson J E.
Bartlett George H.
Bartlett Edgar F, logger.
Caldwell W W.
Carr Wm.
Carbaugh C H.
Carlson CJ.
Chase R L, Physician and Surgeon.
Cleary T, filer.
Cook W H.
Coons J V.
Cousign Joseph.
Cutlar Carrie B.
Cutlar Wm C.
Edmonds Red Cedar Shingle Co, shingle mill.
Enterprise Shingle Co, shingle mill.
Ekstrom Charles.
Engle L C.
Fourtner S, farmer.
Freese Wim H, farmer.


Great Northern Cod Fish Co.
Greddin Nelson, watchman.
Hamlin W H, farmer.
Heberlein Ernest H.
Hoff N P.
Hubbard C J.
Hunter W C.
Hyner M E.
James Isaac.
Jaxtheimer M, eng.
Johnson Charles.
Jones M E, school teacher.
Jones George.
Jones S M, bartdr.
Kennedy John,lab.
Kingdon Wm.
Konnerup R, general merchandise.
Larenz Louis.
Latstrom A E.
Legary P E.
Lovgren John.
Martin F F, mngr G N Cod Fish Co.
Martin John N, drugs.
McAllister J I, barber.
McClintock, G A, sawyer.
McElroy J T.
McGowen G.
Millspaugh F C.
Mowat A.
Mowhe G H.
Nilson Charles, sawyer.


Otto & Parker, saloon.
Passage W, laundry.
Pence C.
Potts W J,agt G N Ry.
Price James T, butcher.
Pritchard A M, postmaster and insurance agt.
Raefshneider A, teamster.
Reynolds Jeane, school teacher.
Rogers M.
Russell A. time-keeper Enterprise Shingle Co.
Roscoe Edwin W, shingle weaver.
Rowe W J, sawyer.
Schreiber Peter.
Schumacher Wm H, groceries.
Scott Rev J M, pastor Free Methodist Church.
Seeley John, ropemkr.
Seivin C G, eng.
Sinclair J T.
Sorrenson Henry, blksmith.
Thomas Noah.
Tiffany F.
Yost A M & Sons, shingles and lumber mnfgrs.
Warren Adelbert, logger.
Wertz Archie C, eng.
Western Shingle Co.
White W C.
Wicklund Eric A, city marshal.
Wilson Henry, carp.
Wilson W H, time-keeper.
Woodfield Charles F, teamster.
Woodfield Joseph, farmer.


For List of Abbreviations, See Page 23.

INDEX, the marvelous young mining camp, was established in 1892, previous to which very little prospecting had been done in the Cascades. The townsite was originally located by A. D. Gunn who showed no little foresight in the selection of such an ideal spot. One year from the location, the town was platted and Mr. Gunn erected the first building which is now used as a hotel. Early in the spring of 1898, A. I. Indridson opened the first store and this was shortly followed by the erection of one or two other small buildings, but up to January, 1899, there were only six buildings in the town The real growth of the town did not begin until about June of 1899, when the Index Townsite Company was incorporated and took up the work of making Index a flourishing town. During the past four months there have been erected l00 different buildings, among which are a number of residences. bakery, furniture store, theatre, drug store, barber shop, butcher shop and general merchandise. It is on the Great Northern Ry., 71 miles from Seattle, thus being the shipping point for all supplies going to the mines. The projected railroad from Index to Galena City, a distance of about fifteen miles, which is now being surveyed and which will be built early in the spring of 1900, will contribute largely to the growth of Index camp. The Skykomish river flows past its borders and forms just above the town the falls of the Skykomish, which are now being electrically harnessed to supply light and power in the city and the mines. There is excellent hunt- (hunting)


(hunting) and fishing throughout this entire section. Two miles from the town are the magnificent Sunset Falls.

Copper is the chief mineral of the Index district. There is gold and silver, but of copper alone the assays indicate as high as from 40 to 60 per cent. although the average is considerably lower for the whole district. There are a number of copper mines which are already shipping ore and others opening up. At the Spokane Exposition, 1899, expert judges awarded to the Index exhibit the first prize on copper ore. All the leading copper districts of Idaho, British Columbia and Washington were in the contest competing for this prize. In making the award, the judges look into consideration not so much the quantity as the quality of the copper. From all indications the Index camp will be one of the greatest camps of the Northwest. No attempt is made to give a complete list of mines and prospects adjacent to Index, of which there are several hundred.

Axton Wm, packer.
Bachelder & Moorland, contractors and builders.
Bilodeau &. Redding, assayers and chemists.
Brong E, Klondyke Lodging House.
Brown F E. mining broker.
Bush House, C N Bush Propr.
Bush C N, propr Bush House.
Calnmet Copper Mining Co, J W Young pres, Charles Osner sec.
Carlson C J, bkkpr Soderberg & Rogers.
Comstock F W, general merchandise.
Copper Bell Mining Co, L W Gray pres, C H Gray vice-pres, J F Lane sec,
    A Chilberg treas. principal office Seattle.
Copper King Mining Co, E C Kilbourne pres, C A Kilbourne sec, principal office Seattle.
DeWolf E H, mining expert.
Dezort Ignac, shoemkr.
Dutcher J W, propr Grand Pacific Hotel.


Egbert C, bartdr Index Saloon.
Ericks Louis, clk Soderberg & Rogers.
Eshelman J F, (Eshelman & Corcoran, Seattle), Agt Index Townsite Co.
Foster Mrs C L, Riverside Laundry.
Gordon Thomas, Miners' Restaurant.
Globe Hotel The, Mrs A Ross propr.
Great Northern Railway, F A Sherman agt.
Gregory A, clk F W Comstock.
Gunn A D, postmaster.
Gunn Persie, asst postmaster.
Gunns Peak Mining Co, C A Riddle pres, D Rohfis vice-pres. S D Crockett sec, F Danel treas,
    principal office Seattle.
Hall H C. saw mill.
Hamilton Arthur W, mining investor.
Hastings Mrs James, propr Central House.
Hastings J H, bakery.
Hawley M. section foreman G N Ry.
Haybrook Louis G, pres and mngr Index Lumber Co.
Hoback Harry, propr Sunset Saloon.
Huehne &Johnson, proprs Miners' Saloon.
Index Hotel, Basset & Howard Proprs.
Index Hotel Bar, Basset & Howard proprs.
Index Independent Mining Co, Benjamin Evans pres, E P Crooker vice-pres and treas, Frank Evans sec,
    principal office Snohomish.
Index Lumber Co, Louis G Haybrook pres and mngr.
Index Miner, C W Gorhain Propr.


Index Townsite Company,
INDEX is now the greatest Copper and Gold Camp in Washington, and not far from the greatest in the Pacific Northwest. Investigate for yourself, and self interest will make you buy one or more lots in this very rapidly growing town, which will soon rival Butte. Lots still sell very low, but growing steadily in price. Price, 530 to $500 each, according to location. Our motto is "To live and let live".

For further information about Index, or for bargains in Seattle property, call on us at the Stock Exchang, 1020 First Ave., or at the old stand.
Telephone, Main 666.
106, 107, 108 Washington Bldg.


Index Northern Mining Co, E W Price pres, A J Blethen jr, vice-pres, W P Hanimons sec,
    G C Carman treas, principal office Seattle.
Index Townsite Co, A D Gunn Pres, J E Horan Vice-Pres.J F Eshelman Sec and Treas.
Indridson A I, general merchandise and saloon.
John D Copper Mining Co, G A Pounder Pres, James W Scott Sec, L Pounder Treas,
    head office Seattle.
Keystone Mining Co, P K Lewis pres, J H Mitchell sec, Chris Culmback treas, principal office Everett.
Korn Drug Co, I Korn mngr.
Kottmann A F, telg opr G N Ry.
Lost Creek Mining Co, John E McManns pres, J Durgen vice-pres, W deF Edwards sec and treas,
    principal office Everett.
McFall Wm, bartdr Sunset Saloon.
Miners' Home Hotel, Mrs John Stephen propr.
Mosher Frank, section foreman G N Ry.
Matxenauer Edward, furniture and second hand goods.
Mount Index Mining Co, L Wilbnr pres and mngr, Thomas Mclntyre vice-pres, Lew Paramore sec,
    head office Snohomish.
Mudgett & Ripley, contractors and builders.
Niles R F, comp Index Miner.
Peacock Mining Co. J N Watt pres, C A Riddle sec, principal office Seattle.
Ross Mrs A, propr Globe Hotel.
Rogers Dan. bartdr Index Hotel Bar.
Rogers E F, (Soderberg & Rogers).


Rossa & Veretto. mining and real estate.
Sills S J, confectionery and cigars.
Sabin & Palmer, blksmith
Saindon Edward, barber shop.
Sherman F A. agt G N Ry.
Smith H A, barber shop.
Soderberg J A, (Soderberg & Rogers).
Soderberg & Rogers, (J A Soderberg and E F Rogers).
Stout Walter, clk Soderberg & Rogers.
Sunset Copper Mining Co, E M Egbert pres, Arthur Baily vice-pres, J E McManus sec and treas,
    head office Seattle.
Sunset Hotel, H Hoback Propr.
Sunset Saloon, Harry Hoback propr.
Trout Creek Copper Mining Co, Charles Tucker pres and treas, Charles M Johnson sec, J C Carcy mngr.
Willis M, restaurant.
Zancanella Marie, propr Home Bakery.


For List of Abbreviations, See Page 23.

MARYSVILLE. Twenty-one years ago an Indian trading post was established where Marysville now stands. From that humble beginning the town has grown until today there are 800 people within the corporate limits. The surrounding country has kept fully abreast of the town's progress, and, taken as a whole, this is one of the most prosperous communities in Snohomish county.

The agricultural products are many and varied. Oats is the leading staple, but hay and potatoes are also raised in abundance. Fruit raising is also given much attention by the husbandman, and many fine orchards are found within a few miles of town.

Logging was one of the earliest and best industries of Marysville. A magnificent growth of fir, beginning at Ebey Slough, extended twenty miles to the north, east and west. A large area of this timber yet remains and affords employment to several hundred men. The output of all the camps whose headquarters are at Marysville is fully a half a million feet per day.

But the manufacture of red cedar shingles is the leading industry of this place. Three large mills erected this year have increased the capacity for making shingles to 600,000 per day. These institutions employ a large force of men, and are the mainstay of the town.


Having water communication with all points on Puget Sound, cheap freights has made Marysville an important trading point. The trade of the Tulalip Indians (whose reservation adjoins the town) centers here. The natives exchanging their logs and shingle bolts for merchandise, thus adding considerable to the trade of the local dealers.

Marysville is known as a model municipality. Incorporated in 1891, the work of improvement was immediately started and has been kept up ever since. There are now four miles of graded streets, four miles of planked sidewalks, a town hall, jail, fire department, street lights, and many other municipal necessities. During the present and several previous years it has been found unnecessary to levy a municipal tax, so admirably is the town government conducted.

The Catholics, Congregalionalists and Methodists have strong organizations, and each denomination has erected commodious and well appointed churches.

The Odd Fellows, A O. U. W. and I O. G. T. have progressive lodges and several other orders are about to be started.

The town is governed by the following officers: Mayor, Edmond Smith; clerk, C. A Doan; treasurer. Mrs. H A Plate; police judge, Steve Saunders; marshal and street commissioner, G. W. Hartners; councilmen, C. E. Olney, A. Stohr, C T. Conrad, C. E. Munns.

Allen H, livery stable.
A O U W, Quil Ceda Lodge No 85, W S Myers recorder.
Andrews Charles W, general blksmithing.
Anderson John G, propr Marysville Machine Shop.
Anderson Mill Co The, lumber and shingles.
Baker Mrs John, restaurant.
Bartlett F L, general merchandise.
Bertois F C, propr Bertois Packing Co.
Blair Edgar H, propr City Drug Store.
Catholic Church, Rev Father Roux rector.
Comeford & Comeford, real estate.


Conrad C T, stockdealer.
Curlis George S, dairy.
Cox Mrs George, propr Johnston Hotel.
English & McCaffery, loggers.
First Congregational Church, Rev R Bushell pastor.
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev G D Dimmick pastor.
Foss Erick, propr Block Saloon.
Guy M A, general merchandise.
Haley & Sisco. loggers.
Harrington Mill Co, (Fred and Herbert Harrington & John Regan).
Harrington F W, (Harrington Mill Co).
Holnian Thomas, propr Block Chop House.
I O O F, Ebey Lodge No 104, H Ludwigson sec.
Johnson Accie, postmaster.
Johnson J L, contractor and builder.
Kennedy John A, general merchandise, crockery and furniture.
Ludwigsen Henry, barber.
Marysville Encampment No 24, I O O F.
Marysville Globe, Steve Saunders Pub.
Marysville Shingle Co, Seymour Shoultes pres, treas and mngr.


Marysville State Bank, G A Gould pres, C E Olney vice-pres, S T Smith cash.
McCorkindale L, blksmith and wagon shop.
Mortson & Vike, restaurant and lodging house.
Munn Dr C E, physician.
Myers E &, Co, cigars, fruits and confectionery.
Myers W S, propr Racket Shoe Store.
Olney C E, banker and mnfr.
Phillips N, propr Central Saloon. Port Susan Logging Co, N C Healy mngr.
Public School, directors Jeffrey Hilton, A H Bailey,
    Rev R Bushell, clk Edgar H Blair.
Rathvon H A, agt G N Ry.
Swinnerton C, groceries. Smith Manufacturing Co, S T Smith pres and mngr.
Smith Edmond, general hardware.
Solomon Fannie B, millinery.
Solomon M L, barber and watch repairing.
Stewart J B, boots and shoes.
Stinson Logging & Railroad Co, James Roe mngr.
Storr Adolf, butcher shop.
Swanson Louis, cigars, tobacco, fruits, confectionery and billiards.
Tatham Bros, gents' furnishings and dry goods.
Teeple R, harnessmkr.
Theuson Andrew, groceries and provisions.
Turner Wm, saloon.


For List of Abbreviations, See Page 23.

SNOHOMISH, an incorporated town of 2,500 inhabitants, is situated upon the banks of the Snohomish river about twelve miles from its mouth, and about thirty-eight miles by rail from Seattle. Snohomish was settled in 1859, and some of the old settlers are still in evidence. It is the railroad center of the county. the Seattle & Internationl, the Great Northern and the Everett & Monte Cristo railroads all passing through it. In addition to the railroads, communication is had with Everett and Seattle by boat lines. Snohomish contains Congregational, Methodist, Episcopalian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and Lutheran churches, excellent graded schools, adenominational academy, a national bank, two good hotels, a weekly newspaper, six shingle mills, a saw mill. an excelsior mill, a creamery, a feed mill. municipal waterworks, electric lighting works and numerous other industries, showing the enterprising character of the inhabitants. The principal exportations are lumber, shingles, hay, grain, fish, and hides. It has telegraph and telephone communication with Seattle and exterior points. Six mails per day. A. M. Blackman postmaster.

All of the secret and fraternal societies are represented, some with two or three lodges. The town is governed by the following officers: Mayor, G L. Turner; clerk, James Burton; treasurer, W. M. Snyder; superintendent waterworks, J. L. Doyle; city attorney. W. P. Bell; marshal, H. W. Evans; police judges, C. W. Gorham and H. C. Comegys; chief fire department. C H. McKinney.


Anderson Mrs L, milliner.
Bakeman C H, deputy coroner.
Bakeman Furniture & Undertaking Co, (C H Bakeman pres and treas, J F Bakeman sec).
Baptist Church, Rev P S Rogers pastor.
Bell W P, city attorney.
Benson Frank G, plumber and hdw.
Bergman C E, master Str Mikado.
Bird M J, contractor and builder.
Blackman A M, postmaster.
Blackman Mrs A M, asst postmaster.
Boyle John L. supt City Water Wks.
Bruhn & Henry, (Inc), grocers, butchers and hdw.
Brant E, shingle mnfr.
Burke A W, cigars and tobacco.
Burton James, fire insurance.
Canadian Pacific Railway Ticket Office, J W Hall agt.
Catholic Church, Rev Father Van Holderbeke, rector.
Cedar Mill Co, (U S Buck pres, A S Buck sec and treas).
Central School, C M Sherman prin.
Ceovich & Stanich, New Chop House.
Cleveland's Bargain Store, Frank Cleveland propr.
Club Saloon The, Stokes & Stites proprs.
Coast Lumber Co, U K Loose purchasing agt.
Comegys H C, U S commissioner.
Crippen C H, coal and wood.
Crossman O E & Co, dry goods.
Cyclone Shingle Mill, Joseph Turner lessee.
Dolson W O, agt G N Ry.


Dopp & Bushell, Pub Snohomish County Tribune
Elwell Tamlin, livery and sale stable.
Emerson School, D W Allen prin.
Ennis A C, dry goods.
Ferguson E C, pres Snohomish Land Co.
First Congregational Church, Rev B S Winchester
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev R Z Fahs pastor.
First National Bank of Snohomish, Jacob Furth Pres, H C Comegys Vice President,
    Wilson M Snyder Cash.
Foster Frank F. clothing.
Fowzer George J, photographer.
Free Reading Room, Hagarty blk.
Gem Saloon The, John Connelly propr.
Gittelsohu W, dry goods and clothing.
Great Northern Railway, W 0 Dolson agt.
Grover Bros, jewellers and opticians.
Hatton H, millinery and ladies' furnishing goods.
Hendrie George T, druggist.
Hintze Wm. merchant tailor.
Horton A D, wharfinger.
Horton G D, books and stationery.
Hotel Meyer, Frank Meyer propr.
Hotel Penobscot, Frank M Evans propr.
Hudson W C, furniture, crockery and tinware.
Keefe Dr Thomas, cor Ist and A av.
: Kennicott Dr J H, dentist Otten blk.


Kenney & Son, shingle mill.
Kinne H A, cigars and confectionery.
Kneipp F A, jeweler.
Interstate Savings & Loan Association, U K Loose res agt.
Joch H H, asst agt S & I Ry.
Loose U K, wholesale lumber.
Logan Mrs E, bakery and lunch room.
Lutheran Church, Rev H C Eberling pastor.
Magnolia Saloon, (Currie & Viddler).
Mahoney Mrs H, saloon and lodgings.
Mallett E L, barber shop.
Maple Hotel, A Catlin Propr.
McCready Dr N S, B av. McGuinness M J, Attorney and Notary.
McKinney H C, vehicles and implements.
McMaster H, propr Snohomish Creamery.
McMaster A, spruce and cottonwood excelsior.
Mescher Charles T, bakery.
Miller & Bowen, Attorneys at Law.
Miller & Bowen, Real Estate & Insurance.
Moehring Charles F, boots and shoes.
Morgan Bros, (B H & Alonzo), saw mill and sash and doors.
Morgans M & Son, saw mill.
Moran Allan H, cigars, tobacco and confectionery.
Munns Bros, hardware.
Nelson W A, barber shop.
Northern Pacific Railway Ticket Office, J W Hall agt.


Packard M W & Son, grocers.
Palace Dining Hall, H A Kinne propr.
Palace Hotel, J T Poitras propr.
Partee J B, photographer.
Pearl Mrs James, boots and shoes.
People's Market, F P Swisher propr.
Penobscot Restaurant, G H Malkson propr.
Presbyterian Church, Rev G A Gray pastor.
Puget Sound Academy, E R Loomis prin.
Postal Telegraph Co, J W Hall agt.
Racket Store The, S C Moody propr.
Rainier View Hotel, Mrs Phoebe Russell propr.
Rainier Saloon, Albert & Schneider proprs.
Riggs Lumber Co, car roofing, A S Riggs mngr.
Ruebenack F W, merchant tailor.
Ruebenack H, cigar manufacturer.
Saddle Rock Restaurant, A W Martinoff propr.
Salvation Army Barracks, C av.
Sauppe Bros, blksmiths and repair shop.
Schafer Fred, harnessmkr.
Schoennauer Emil, painter and paper hanger.
Seattle & International Ry, L N West Agt.
Seattle Saloon The, Gotleib Roth propr.
Seattle Supply Co, dry goods and clothing, A J Marion mngr.
Shankland D, genl repair shop.
Shaw & Hodgins, books and stationery.
Sherman C M, supt City Schools.
Shipman B C, barber shop.
Smith J H & Son, blksmiths and repair shop.


Snohomish Brass Band, Conrad Bieber leader, Charles Lamprey business mngr.
Snohomish Cash Grocery, Charles Lamprey propr, Brooke Y Lamprey mngr.
Snohomish Commercial Club, G L Turner pres, C W Gorham sec.
Snohomish County Tribune, Dopp & Bushell Pubs.
Snohomish Electric Light Co, U K Loose mngr.
Snohomish Feed Mill, Frank Friese propr.
Snohomish Furniture Co, J W Hall propr, J P Stockwell mngr.
Snohomish Hardware Co, W A Cochran mngr.
Snohomish Land Co, E C Ferguson pres and mngr.
Snohomish Orchestra, Conrad Bieber leader, Charles Lamprey mngr.
Snohomish Shingle Co, Charles H Ames mngr.
Snohomish Steam Laundry, H Smith propr.
Snyder Wm M, Cashier First National Bank of Snohomish.
Spurrell H, lumber dealer.
Stafford Dr J E, A av bet ist and 2nd.
Sterling Mill Co, B A Marshall pres and mngr, F R Van Tuyl sec and treas,
    shingle manufacturers.
Stinson & McMillan, loggers.
Stryker George W, Dentist Wilbur Blk.
Sunset Telephone Co, Shaw & Hodgins agts.
Trinity Episcopal Church, Rev Douglas Sutton rector'
Turner Joseph, shingle mnfr.
Urban F V, merchant tailor nnd gents' furnishings.