City Directory for Marysville WA 1936

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03 Marysville DIRECTORY






04 Marysville DIRECTORY


and Several Students of the Marysville High School

This material has been gathered by actual canvass, and
has been assembled in a manner which assures maximum
accuracy. The publishers will not be responsible for errors
or omissions.

05 Marysville DIRECTORY

ACKERMAN, Robert, 1626 Seventh, Mill worker; Mrs. Edith.
ACKERMAN, Roy, Alder between Fifth and Sixth, shingle mill; Emma, Myrna, Robert King.
ADAMS, George, Beach near Tenth, truck driver.
ALEXANDER, Vernon R., Sixth and Beach, printer; Mrs. Mary, Robert, Bonnie, Elaine.
ALLAN, Leland C., Eighth near State, boom man; Mrs. Mary, Lois, Mary Ann.
ALLAN, Mrs. Minnie, 1403 Second.
ALLEN, Jay J., 1204 Third, finance; Mrs. Esther, Freddy, Dorothy Jean, Virginia, Janet.
AKAM, Harold, 1519 Fourth, clerk.
AMSLER, Frank W., 1524 Second, railroad worker; Mrs. Ella, Russel.
ANDERSON, Aldrich, Fourth between Ash and Beach; retired.
ANDERSON, Fred, Seventh and Alder, mill worker; Mrs. Cecelia. Richard.
ANDERSON, Juel, First between Delta and Cedar, mill worker.
ANDERSON, Lars, 1516 Fourth, retired; Mrs. Tina.
ANDREWS, Charles T., Fourth between Delta and State, depot agent; Mrs. Ethelwyn, George.
ANNETT, Roland, Third near Union, power salesman; Mrs. Gertrude.
APPLE, Emery, 1625 Sixth, carpenter; Mrs. Anna.
APPLE, Rebecca, 1625 Sixth, teacher.
ARGLE, Mrs. Elizabeth, Third and Cedar, housewife; Charles (clerk), Ward.

06 Marysville DIRECTORY

ARMISTEAD, Alfred W., Fourth at Cedar, retail lumberman; Mrs. Merle, Sadie, Bud, Anita, Gene, Glenna.
ARMBRUST, Mrs. Jessie, Third between Quinn and Union, housewife.
ARRINGTON, Emilyne, 1416 Fifth, housekeeper.
ASAPH, Joseph, 1515 Sixth, blacksmith; Mrs. Belle.
ASBERY, Isaac, 1502 Fourth, retired; Mrs. Josephine.
ASBERY, Sanford T., 1416 Fifth, hardware; Mrs. Myrtle.
AUNE, Paul, Grove between State and Liberty, farm hand.

BACON, Mrs. Mary, 1509 Fifth, housewife.
BAGLEY, Alfred, 502 Beach, trucker; Mrs. Leona, Charles, Robert, Betty.
BAKER, Alfred, 1617 Second, teacher.
BARCLAY, Louis, Sixth between Cedar and Beach, service station; Mrs. Margaret, Jimmy D.
BARNHART, Dee, 1216 Fifth, mill worker; Mrs. Marie.
BARTLETT, Carll, 1104 Fifth, clerk; Mrs. Edna, Joyce, Peggy, Bradley, Richard, Neil.
BEAMAN, Claude, Second between Alder and Union, truck driver; Mrs. Ann, Donald, Richard.
BEAMAN, Lester, Third between State and Columbia, mill worker; Mrs. Addie, Patricia, Jack, Frances.
BEDFORD, Charles, 906 State, laborer; Mrs. Helen, Carol, Carma, Betty.
BEDFORD, James, 906 State, mill worker.
BEDFORD, Mrs. Vestillia T., 906 State.
BELLESON, Sylvester, Beach north of Tenth, janitor; Mrs. Pearl, Harold, Dorothy, Paul, Pauline.
BENTON, Mrs. Belle, Third between Union and Liberty, housewife.
BERRY, Anna, Ninth near Alder.
BERRY, Ray, Third between Alder and Quinn, railroad worker, Mrs. Leota, Clarence, Doris, Raymond, Vernon.

07 Marysville DIRECTORY

BERTOIS, Fred, First and Columbia, retired; Mrs. Neva.
BIGNELL, Ray A., Eighth and Beach, laborer; Mrs. Julia, Raymond, Margaret, Rufus, Julius, Kenneth.
BILLS, George, Eighth between Alder and Quinn, millworker.
BLACK, Albert L., 922 State, printing; Mrs. Flora, Gwendolyn.
BLACK, Linn Leroy, State between Ninth and Tenth, millworker; Mrs. Vivian, Robert.
BLAND, Mrs. Sarah, 1402 Second, housewife.
BLANKENSHIP, Paul, 1414 Second, sawyer.
BLOCK, Frank; Fourth near Liberty, laborer; Mrs. Jessie, Helen, Mary.
BLOOM, Doris, 1613 Second, piano instructor.
BLOOM, Olaf T., l613 Second, merchant; Mrs. Nellie, Thomas, Shirley, Gary.
BLOOM, Thelma, 1613 Second, teacher.
BOESHAR, Laura, 1604 Seventh, teacher.
BONFADINI, Earnest, Tenth and Columbia, Mrs. Louise.
BOON, Thys, Second near Ash, mill worker; Mrs. Agnes, Thys jr., Bettie Lou, Barbara Jean.
BOUCHER, Mrs. Mae, 107 State, restaurant.
BOUTILIER, Levi, near Ninth and Delta, janitor; Mrs. Gretchen.
BOWE, George D., 1117 Eighth, retired.
BOWE, Prank, 1117 Eighth, fireman; Mrs. Mary.
BOWE, Hugo, Eighth between Ash and Beach, student.
BOWE, Wilbur, Eighth between Ash and Beach, student.
BOWKER, Mrs. Rosabelle, 1902 Fourth.
BRADFORD, Charles, Seventh near Liberty, railroad worker; Mrs. Helen, Howard.
BRADLEY, James, Ninth and Alder, retired.
BRAIN, Mrs. Dora, Third and Alder; Albert.
BRANN, James M., 1510 Fifth, boom man, Mrs. Maude, Maxine, Norman.

08 Marysville DIRECTORY

BRASCHLER, Clarence, 1085 State, mill worker; Mrs. Anna, Daniel, Donald.
BRENNAN, Mrs. Clara, Eighth and Cedar.
BRIDGES, Mrs. Emma, 1902 Seventh.
BRIDGMAN, John H., Sixth between Union and Liberty, farmer; Mrs. Maude, Harley, baker.
BRILEY, Robert T., 1418 Third, retired; Mrs. Sarah.
BROKAW, Hosmer, 1505 First, stave .mill manager; Mrs. Elizabeth, Betty, Barbara.
BROOKS, Floyd E., 1517 Seventh, mill worker; Mrs. Edna, Earl Wayne.
BROOKS, Herbert W., Eighth and Cedar, carpenter; Mrs. Helen, David.
BROOKS, Loren C., 923 Columbia, laborer; Mrs. Arza M., Mildred, Loren Jr., Faye.
BROOKS, Victor L,, Eighth and Cedar, retired; Mrs. Belle.
BROWN, Arthur, 1427 Eighth, shingle weave •; Mrs. Nora, Morris.
BROWN, H. C., Beach near Tenth, truck driver; Mrs. Lena, Delmar, Jack, Lyie.
BROWN, W. H., 401 Beach, engineer; Mrs. Emma, John H., Alice, Edward.
BULI, Mrs, Mary, First near Beach.
BUNGARD, Andrew, 1207 Fourth, filer; Mrs. Jeanette, Howard.
BURDICK, M. James, Ninth near Alder, fisherman.
BURNHAM, Sam T., Sixth between Ash and Beach, office worker; Mrs. Beatrice, Nancy, Jeanne Marie.
BUTLER, Miss Ruth, Eighth near Columbia, teacher.
BUTTKE, Arthur C., 1616 Sixth, carpenter; Mrs. Olive, Lawrence, Arthur jr., Louise,
    Vera, Barbara, Delores, Robert.
BUTTKE, Mrs. Albertina, 1616 Sixth,

09 Marysville DIRECTORY

BUTTON, Wilbur, Third near Beach, laborer; Mrs. Pearl, Necia, Robert, Wilma.
CALL, Joe H., Columbia between Third and Fourth, musician.

CALLAR, Elmer W., Beach north of Tenth, repairman; Mrs. Ruby, Alwyn, Gladys, Grace.
CARL, Joe, 1720 Fourth, laborer.
CARLETON, Frank T., Cedar near Grove, real estate; Mrs. Gussie.
CARLSON, Carl, 1511 Third, baker; Mrs. Selma, Adell.
CARLSON, Fenry, 1213 Pcurth, mill worker; Mrs. Clara.
CARLSON, Victor, Sixth between State and Delta, fisherman; Mrs. Rose.
CARR. Milford H., Fourth near Union, hardware; Mrs. Bertha, Mildren,
    Helen Scott, Howard Scott Bruce Scott.
CARROLL, Mrs. Melissa, Sixth and Liberty, housewife; Paul, laborer.
CASSIL, Mrs. Fairy, 1620 Seventh; Jack, Jeanette, Donald.
CATTERALL, John D., 1606 Third, laborer; Jack.
CATTERALL, Mrs. Rose, 1606 Third.
CHAMBERS, Bernice, Beac'h near Grove, student.
CHAMBERS, Marie, Beach near Grove, student.
CHARTIER, Oswald, Third and Alder, mill worker; Mrs. Cora.
COLLINS, Mrs. Anna E., State near Second, confectionery.
COLLINS, H. F., Second near Union, farm hand.
COMEFORD, Mrs. Mae; Fifth and Cedar, housewife.
COMPTON, Mrs. Mamie, First and Ash.
COMPTON, Mrs. J. B., 923 Columbia.
CONNELL, Sam, Third between Beach and Cedar, signwriter; Mrs Ina, Ruth, William, Robert,
    Thayne, DeVere, Merle, Shirley Lou.
CONTRARO, Elsie, Beach and Ninth, student.

10 Marysville DIRECTORY

CORNELIUS, Walter, State between First and Second, restaurant; Mrs. Marguerite, Alwyn, Elton.
CORY, Claude, Sixth near Union, mill worker; Mrs. Adelaide, Mary Lou.
COVEY, Adolph, 907 Columbia, mill worker; Mrs. Leslie.
CRAIN, Miss Edith, 1518 Fifth, clerk.
CRAIN, Lewis M., Second near Alder, retired; Mrs. Gertrude, Bernard, Gerwys.
GRAIN, Raymond, 1518 Fifth, clerk.
CRAMER, John, First at G. N. tracks, bridge tender; Mrs. Anna.
CRIST, Aldis B., Second and State, cleaning, dyeing; Mrs. Margaret, Donald, Kenneth, Katharine, Carol.
CROSSWHITE, William M., Seventh near Union, laborer; Mrs. Alveretta.
CROW, Roland M., Eighth near Union, grocer; Mrs. Elsie.
CULVER, Fred, Eighth near Union, variety store; Mrs. Edna.
CUNNINGHAM, L. P., 1605 Fourth, mill worker; Mrs. Gaynell, Archie, Rosamond, Althea.
CURRY, William, 1605 Second, dock worker; Mrs. Celia, Katherine.

CYPHERT, Eugene, Fifth and Beach, shingleweaver.
DAHL, Rudolph, First and State, mill worker.
DAIGLE, Levi, 1908 Third, mill worker; Mrs. Emma, Aurea.
DANIELS, Chester, Ninth and State, laborer.
DARLAND, Miss Adelaide, Third between Quinn and Alder.
DAVIS, George I., 1620 Second, bridge tender; Mrs. Augusta, Evelyn.
DAWSON, James, Tenth and Beach, retired.
DAY, Ernest L., Ash near Eighth, laborer; Mrs. Matilda.

11 Marysville DIRECTORY

DELANEY, Ed. H., Fourth between Union and Liberty, laborer; Mrs. Florence, Voilet, Jack, Jim, Ed. jr.
DELANO, Reese, 1518 Fifth, grocer.
DEU PREE, George L., 1049 State, prospector; Mrs. Mabel, La Von Joy.
DILLMAN, Mrs. Anna, Tenth and State.
DILLMAN, W. E., Tenth and State, railroad inspector.
DIXON, John E., Third and Columbia; teacher; Mrs. Maxine.
DOAN, Mrs. Jai.e, Second and Ash.
DOAN, John Fourth between Ash and Beach; Mrs. Edna, Barbara.
DOCKENDORF, Edward, Third and Delta, mill worker, town treasurer; Mrs. Millie, Freddie, Gloria.
DOHNER, Irving. First near Cedar; Mrs. Ruth, Alvin, Gladys, Maxine, Charles.
DOUGHERTY, Charles, Sixth near Quinn, ironworker; Mrs. Marie Antoinette, Jacqueline Mitchell,
    Marie Mitchell, Shirley Ann Mitchell.
DOW, Harry H., Columbia near Ninth, carpenter.
DOWNING, Horace, Seventh between State and Delta, laborer; Mrs. Grace, Ruby.
DRAKE, Charles, Second and Ash, fisherman; Mrs. Lucy.
DUBORKO, John, 1211 Fourth, shingle weaver; Eleanor, Arthur.
DUNNING, Lee, 917 Cedar, laborer: Mrs. Lorene
DUVALL, Henry, Fourth near State, safe; Mrs. Anna, Doris, Dale.

EASTMAN, Alex,.1706 Third, rear; logger.
EASTMAN, John , 1706 Third rear; logger.
EBERT, Andrew, Sixth and Cedar, laborer; Mrs. Nellie, Charles.
EBERT, Miss L. Maxine, Sixth and Cedar, teacher.
EDLUND, Ed, 1701 Fourth, mill worker; Mrs. Olivia, Mildred, Inez.

12 Marysville DIRECTORY

EDLUND, Eugene, 1701 Fourth, mill worker.
ELLIOT, Ann, 1604 Seventh, teacher.
ELLIS, Mrs. Velma, State between Tenth and Grove; Jean, Gerald.
ELZEA, Miss Anna, 1511 Fourth, clerk.
ELZEA, Everett, Eight near State, service station; Mrs. Ruby.
EMPRINGHAM, Elfric E., Liberty near Ninth, painter; Mrs. Minnie.
ENGEBRETSEN, Conrad, 1406 Third, grocer; Mrs. Marie, La Verne, Clayton.
ENGH, Mrs, Ella, 208 State St., beauty operator; Lorna.
ERICKSEN, Rev. Frank L., Liberty near Second, Lutheran minister, Mrs. Evelyn.
ERICKSON, Mrs. Christina, Eighth near Union; Elsie.
ERICKSON, Earl, Columbia near Ninth, mechanic; Mrs. Grace, Lloyd.
ERICKSON, Gus, Seventh and State, janitor; Mrs. Sophia, Margaret.
ERICKSON, Rev. Harris David, 1507 Fifth, Baptist minister; Mrs. Esther W., James W., Claiborne R.
ERICKSON, Oscar, Third and Columbia, shingle weaver; Mrs. Emma, Robert.
ERICKSON, Thomas, 1820 Fourth, mill worker; Mrs. Blanche.
ERICKSON, U. R., Third near Alder; Mrs. Lola, Billy, Bobby.
EVANS, James M., First between State and Delta, laborer; Mrs. Bertha, Marsalis.

FAHLSTROM, Verne, Beach between Tenth and Grove, electrician; Mrs. Carrie, Carol, Joan.
FAULCONER, Mrs. Elizabeth C., Third between Columbia and Alder.
FAULCONER, Mrs. Jennie, 1602 Fourth; Arle.

13 Marysville DIRECTORY

FENSLER, Everett, Third between Ash and Beach, mill worker; Mrs. Lillian.
FISHER, Orville, State near Ninth, laborer.
FISHER, William, 1214 Ninth, mill worker.
FOLEY, Ed. D., 1609 Fifth, milker.
FORBES, Eugene, Union between Fifth and Sixth, butcher; Mrs. Josephine, Mary Jo.
FORTIER, Matt, Second near Beach, mill worker.
FOSTER, Frank, 1523 Fourth, street supt.; Mrs. Myrtle.
FOXE, James, State north of Ninth, mill worKer; Mrs. Clara, Donald, Russell, Harold, Dorothy.
FRIEND, Oscar J., 208 State, jeweler; Mrs. Gertrude.
FURMAN, E. E., Tenth near State, retired.

GABRIEL, John, Union near Second, retired.
GASKILL, Clarence, Third and Union, lumber yard; Mrs. Helen.
GASKILL, Hosea J., 1409 Third, lumber; Mrs. Abbie.
GEDDES, John, Third near Columbia, carpenter; Mrs. Mary, William, Warren, Mary Lou.
GELLERSON, Harold, 1616 Second, clerk; Mrs. Julietta.
GENTRY, Carl, Tenth and Beach, lumber worker; Mrs. Edna, Dalton.
GENTRY, Herschel V., Tenth and Beach, laborer; Mrs. Clara.
GEORGE, Albert F., 1514 Sixth, shingle weaver; Mrs. Josephine, Clifford, Lester, Madeline.
GEORGE. Solomon, 1518 Seventh, laborer; Mrs. Christine, Jack, Arline.
GERARD, Richard D., Eighth between State and Delta, trucking; Mrs. Emily.
GERUM, Louis, 1905 Fourth, retired; Mrs. Elizabeth.
GIFFORD, Bud, Beach near Grove, machinist.
GILLIS, Lawrence K., Fifth and Union, laundry driver; Mrs. Myrtle, Emsley L.

14 Marysville DIRECTORY

GINTHNER, Edward C., Second and Union, farmer; Mrs. Goldie.
GLATZ, Lillian, 1085 State, Waitress.
GODIN, John A., Third near Alder, Mill Worker; Mrs. Fannie.
GOODWIN, John Wesley, 1525 First, Pentecostal Minister; Mrs. Emma, Beverly, Bobby, Jim Isaass.
GOSHORN, Miss Fern, Beach north of Tenth.
GOTTSCHALK, Malcolm, Beach and Seventh, Garage; Mrs. Vera, Malcolm jr., Shirley.
GOTTSCHALK, William, Sixth and Ash, Retired.
GRANNELL, AL, 104 Beach, Laborer; Clifford, Helen.
GRAY, Essie, 1215 Fourth, Beauty Operator.
GREEN, John, First near Beach; Mill-worker.
GREENSTREET, G., White Auto Cabins.
GROVES, Clifford S., Fourth near Union, Millworker; Mrs. Anna.
GROVES, Homer H., 1902 Fourth, Transfer; Mrs. Goldie, Walter, Millworker.
GUETLIN, Ernest G., 1626 Third, Stage Driver; Mrs. Mary, Ernest G. jr., Arthur Wayne, Margaret Ann.
GWINN, Mrs. Minnie, 1710 Fourth, Clerk; Lila, Marian.
GYOROG, Alexander, Seventh and Union, Plumber; Mrs. Alma.

HAALAND, Perry F., Eighth and Delta, Trucker; Mrs. Solveig, Shirley.
HAGADORN, Mrs. J. B., 1727 Fourth.
HALLETT, Oren V., 1G20 Sixth, Mechanic; Mrs. Pauline.
HAMILTON, John, 1215 Eighth, Millworker; Mrs. Myrtle, Helen, Donna.
HAMMETT, Kellie, Wihite Auto Cabins, Junior High School Principal; Mrs. Dorothy.
HANSON, C. M., First and Columbia, Millworker; Mrs. Mabel.

15 Marysville DIRECTORY

HARDING, George T., 1614 3rd, boom man; Mrs. Phoebe, Phyllis, Mary Lou, Tom.
HARRINGTON, Fred W., Tenth and Union, Retired; Mrs. Caroline, Agnes, Edward.
HARRINGTON, Fred Jr., Tenth and Union, Radio Service.
HART, Mrs. Nellie, Gateway Hotel.
HAUFLE, Edward, 1305 Second, Laborer.
HAWLEY, Rex, Fourth between Quinn and Union, Millworker; Mrs. Beulah.
HAWLEY, Mrs. Arvilla, 1035 State.
HAWLEY, Mrs. Ellen, 1513 Sixth, Housewife.
HAWLEY, Floyden, 1035 State, Butcher; Wilda, Maxine.
HAWLEY, Leslie, Steele between Cedar and Beach, Boom Man; Mrs. Ruth, Geraldine,
    Donald, Edward, Roy, Gordon.
HAWKINS, L. H., 1620 Fourth, Baker; Mrs. Doris, Marian.
HEIN, John, Cedar near Grove, Millworker; Mrs. Katherine, Richard, Anna Mae.
HEMEKE, Verle, Fifth between Union and Liberty, Truck Driver; Mrs. Violette, Chiquita.
HENDERSON, Mrs. Matilda, Union near Sixth, Rentals.
HENDRICKSON, A. F., Fifth and Columbia, Retired; Mrs. Hulda.
HENDRICKSON, Minnie, Fifth and Columbia, Publisher.
HENDRICKSON, John, 1706 Third, Millworker; Mrs. Dreka, Irene, Rodney.
HENRY, Harvey C., Second near State, Theatre Operator; Mrs. Frances, Phillip.
HENRY, John S., Marysville Hotel, proprietor; Mrs. Julia.
HILL, Charles, Ninth and Union, Millworker; Mrs. Irene, Margaret Mae.
HILL, Leonard, Second and Beach, Service Station; Mrs. Nadine.

16 Marysville DIRECTORY

HILL, Morris T., Beach between Sixth and Seventh, Laborer; Mrs. Bernice, Muriel.
HILLAIRE, Philander, Eighth and. Ash, Mill-worker; Mrs. Margaret, Dorothy, .Virginia, Junior.
HILTON, Frank, Third between Columbia and Alder, Cigar Store; Mrs. Edith, Lorraine, Betty.
HILTON, Ian H., 1528 Second, Staticn Attendant; Mrs. Catherine, Agnes.
HILTON, Jeffery jr., Columbia between Third and Fourth, Druggist.
HILTON, John, 1031 State. Lumber and Transfer; Mrs. Naoma, Ronald, Irene.
HJORT, Fred, 1527 Fourth, Barber.
HJORT, John, 1527 Fourth, Retired; Mrs. Hannah.
HOIDAL, Hans, Sixth between Union and Lloerty, Mechanic; Mrs. Alice, Mary Lou, Gordon, Alice Marie.
HOLMES, David, Fourth and Union, Shingle Weaver; Mrs. Beulah, Charles, Dale, Billy.
HOLMES, Mrs. Jennie, Fourth and Union.
HOLMES, Oscar, 1602 Second, Millworker; Mrs. Mabel.
HOSTIC, Ed., White Auto Cabins, night watch; Mrs. Carmel.
HOSKINS, Ben., Ninth and Quinn; Mrs. Helen, Jean.
HOVLAND, Charles, Grove, between State and Liberty, Farmer; Mrs. Carrie.
HOVIK, Fred, 502 Columbia, Millworker; Mrs. Viola.
HOVIK, Harold, Eighth and Union, Millworker; Mrs. Frances.
HOVIK, Ludvig, 1609 Fifth, Retired.
HOWE, Louis H., 1216 Fifth, Millworker; Mrs. Cora.
HOWELL, Glen, Alder near Ninth, Millworker; Mrs. Eleta.
HOWLAND, Mrs. Agnes, Union near Fifth, Clerk; Manley, Walter, Lawrence, Mary Gretchen, Caroline.

17 Marysville DIRECTORY

HUFFMAN, Wayne I., Fourth between Liberty and Union, Garageman; Mrs. Stella, Mildred.
HUNTER, Edward, Tenth and State, Student.
HUTCHINS, A. J., 1720 Fourth, logger; Mrs., Etta, Richard, Royal, Clara, Jackie, Betty Jean.
HUTTON, Andrew, 1511 Fourth, Hardware Merchant; Mrs. Cora.
HYLBACK, Erik, 415 Cedar, Millworker; Mrs. Mary, Ruth, Peter, John, Erling, Lyie, Marianna.

IMAMURA, S. T., Delta near Ninth, Railroad Section; Mrs. M., Sunao, Sumiko.
IVERSON, Glendon, Third and Columbia, Clerk; Mrs. Cynthia Maud.
IVERSON, Melvin. 1909 Sixth. Millworker: Mr.s. Marguerite, Richard, Virginia, Roberta, Mary.
IVES, Mrs. Elta, 1635 Sixth.

JACKLIN, John J., Third and Union, Electrician; Mrs. Selma.
JACKSON, Stella, 1604 Seventh, Teacher.
JACOBSON, Agnes, Seventh and State, Waitress.
JACOBSON, Esther, Seventh and State, Waitress.
JAMES, Mrs. Shalor B., 1511 Second.
JENSEN, Marian, Fourth between State and Delta, Teacher.
JOHNSON, Frank E., Fifth between Ash and Beach, Millworker, Mrs. Jennie, Robert, Phyllis, Billy.
JOHNSON, Jessie, Ninth near Alder.
JOHNSON, William, 1527 Second, Logger; Mrs. Lena, Ilene.
JOHNSTON, Accie, First and Columbia, Bridge Tender; Mrs. Stella, Mary Pat.
JOHNSTON, Clarence, State south of First, Cold Storage and Bottling.

18 Marysville DIRECTORY

JOHNSTON, Gordon, First between State and Delta, Ice and Beverages; Mrs. Anna May, Kathleen.
JOHNSTON, Howard, First between Ash and Beach, Painter.
JOHNSTON, Ronald, First between State and Columbia, Restaurant; Mrs. Louise.
JOHNSTON, Ron Jr., State south of First, Student.
JOHNSTONE, Dan, Union between Second and Third, Service Station; Mrs. Louise, Janet, Mary Lee.
JONES, A. W., Ohse Bidg, State between Second and Third, Barber.
JONES, Mrs. Agnes, Columbia near Ninth, Waitress; Ellen, Peggy.
JONES, Clair, 1217 Second, Laborer.
JORGENSON, Carl, Beach and Steele, R. R. Bridge Tender; Mrs. Lena.
JORGENSON, Fred A., Fifth near Alder, Artcraft; Mrs. Hannah, Walter, Edith, Esther, Clarence,
    Ruth. Betty Joy.
JORGENSON, John, 1414 Third, Railroad Engineer; Mrs. Josephine.

KEEHN, Dr. Arnold F., 1828 Seventh, Chiropractor; Mrs. Gusta, Claude, Bernadine.
KEEHN, William F., Seventh near Union, Retired; Mrs. Adolffine.
KEEHN, William R., 1804 Seventh, Mechanic; Mrs. Barbara, Barbara June, Ardelle.
KELLER, Mrs. Mary, White Auto Cabins. Retired.
KENT, Clifford, 1902 Seventh, Laborer.
KEPLER, Mrs. Elsie, Seventh and Union, Housewife, Edna, Sydney, Peggy;
    Fred Custer, Ellen Custer, Louise Custer.
KINCAID, Omar A., Cedar north of Tenth, Salesman; Lucy, Omar Jr.
KINDER. Owen D., 1415 Second, Mechanic; Mrs. Charlotte, Jimmy, Alice Brentzen.
KING, see Ackerman.

19 Marysville DIRECTORY

KIZER, Earl, Seventh and Delta, Mill Worker; Mrs. Marie, Daune Wright, Phyllis Wright.
KOCH, S. A. F., Second near Beach, Insurance; Mrs. Mary, Gloria.
KOPLITZ, Arthur, North Liberty, Mill Worker; Mrs. Ella, Alice, Imogene, Daisy, Irene.
KOPLITZ, William M., Liberty near Grove, Retired; Mrs. Fredericka.
KRAMER, Ferdinand, 1409 Third, Teacher.
KUHNLE, Edward, Sixth and Columbia, Confectionery; Mrs. Claire, Kay.
KUHNLE, Walter, Sixth and Columbia, Confectionery.

LACKEY, Rush D., Beach and Grove, Mason; Mrs. Lettie.
LAMPARTER, George,. First near Alder, Mechanic; Mrs. Kitty, Betty, Dorothy, LaVerne.
LANE, Theodore, First between Columbia and Alder, Boom Man; Mrs. Dorothy, Larry.
LANG, W. D. 1509 Fifth, Radio; Mrs. Betty.
LASHUA, D. W., 1914 Seventh, Laborer.
LASHUA, Mrs. Elva, Cedar near Seventh, Clyde, Robert, Shirley, June.
LASHUA, Roy, 1902 Seventh, Tugboat Man; Mrs. Gladys, Clinton.
LASHUA, William A., 1914 Seventh, Laborer; Mrs. Sophia.
LATTA, Lester, Fourth near Columbia, Truck Driver; Doris.
LAUGHLIN, Miss Hazel, Eighth near Columbia, Teacher.
LAWRENCE, Lucas, Second between Beach and Cedar, Fisherman; Mrs. Florine A.
LECHNER, Leonard B.,: Sixth between Union and Liberty, Farmer.
LE CLAIR, Lewis N., Third at Beach, WPA Foreman; Mrs. Ada, Lincoln.
LE DENT, Gordon, Third and Columbia, CCC Worker.

20 Marysville DIRECTORY

LEE, Charles, Fifth and Columbia, Water Superintendent, Mrs. Nora.
LEE, Mrs. Ida, Sixth between Columbia and Alder (rear); Iona Ackerman, Donald Ackerman.
LEE, Mack, Second near Ash, Laborer.
LE GARY, Peter, Fifth near Columbia; Ray, Lorraine.
LERVOLD, Fred, 1513 Sixth,: Mill Worker; Mrs. Elma, Yvonne, Jacqueline, Garth.
LEUPP, John, 1217 Eighth, Auto Machinist; Mrs. Louise.
LIAN, Arthur, 807 Beech, Shingle Weaver; Mrs. Irene, Howard, Gordon, Bernice, Dale, Eugene.
LIAN, Elmar M., 1227 Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. Nettie, Carrol, Thomas.
LIMPRIGHT, Clifford, Sixth and State.
LINDQUIST, Mrs. Teckia, 1617 Second; Walter.
LINDSEY, Raymond, Ninth and Alder, Laborer; Mrs. Gertrude, Wilson, Gordon, Lora,
    Roberta, Raymond Jr., Dorothy.
LITTLE, Nate, Fifth between Ash and Beach, Retired; Mrs. Etta.
LOCKERT, Anton, 1429 Eighth, Grocer; Mrs. Alea.
LOCKERT, Arthur, 1439 Eighth, Night Watchman.
LOCKERT, Frank 1429 Eighth, Trucker; Lloyd, Margaret.
LONG, Father Edmond, Fifth and Delta, Catholic Priest.
LONGFRED, Mrs. Jennie, 1518 Seventh.
LOTHIAN, Mrs. Bertha, Second near Beach.
LOTHIAN, Robert, Third between Beach and Ash, Carpenter; Edna, Freda.
LOVE, James H., Cedar, north of Tenth, Highway Department; Mrs. Hilda, Chester, Maxine.
LUCAS, Thomas, 1617 Fourth, Office Clerk; Mrs. Isabella, William H., Sheron L.
LUMLEY, Mrs. Annie, Cedar near Seventh, Teacher.

21 Marysville DIRECTORY

LUND, Albert W., Beach near Eighth, Laborer; Mrs. Gertrude, Margaret, Dorothy, John, Josephine, James.
LUNDGREN, Oscar, Union near Second, Barber.
LUTHER, Virginia, 1604 Seventh, Teacher.

MAC INNIS, Margaret A., Tenth and Beach, Graduate Nurse.
MAGEE, Leonard M., First near Columbia, Mill Worker; Mrs. Hazel, Virginia, Marvin.
MAPES, Mrs. Marie, White Auto Cabins, Housekeeper.
MARCH, Alfred H., White Auto Cabins, Auto Cabins; Bertha.
MARDON, Frank, 1515 Third, Postoffice Clerk; Mrs. Dorothy, Frank Jr.
MARDON, William, Eighth and Cedar, Mill Worker; Mrs. Adell, Edith, Laura, John, Ella.
MARTIN, Don, First and Alder, Boom Man; Mrs. Delia, Harold, Gordon, Leonard, Burton, June.
MARTIN, G. R., Fourth and State, Mill Worker; Mrs. Carrie, Robert, Patsy.
MATSON, Mrs. Emily, 419 Beach.
MATSON, Hugo, 419 Beach, Clerk.
MARTIN, James S., 1638 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Nettie, Velma, Lila, Howard.
MC CARTHY, Jack, 1509 Sixth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Laura, Evelyn.
MC FARLAND, Bertha, Fifth and Delta, Housekeeper.
MC INTYRE, Mrs. Mary, Eighth and Columbia, Housewife, Kathryn.
MC KINNIS, Charles L., Third and Union, Dentist; Mrs. Nellie.
MC MASTER, William C.. 1909 Third, Shingle Mill; Mrs. Daisy.
MC LEOD, Wray Beth, Cedar and Steele, Teacher.
MELBY, Miss Gladys, Beach; between Sixth and Seventh.
MENDE, Emil, Sixth between State and Delta, Laborer; Mrs. Dorothy.

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