City Directory for Marysville WA 1936

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22 Marysville DIRECTORY

MERCHANT, Patrick H., 1624 Seventh, Railroad; Mrs. Ida, Junabelle.
MERRICK, Mrs. Agnes, Sixth and Cedar.
METCALF, Mrs. Hallie, Seventh near Union, Housewife.
MEYERS, Russell, 1103 Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Esther.
MILLARD, J. S., 1515 First, Clerk; Edna, Phillip.
MILLER, Mrs. Nellie, Ninth and State.
MILLER, Raymond R., 1816 Eighth, Automobile Salesman; Mrs. Nellie.
MINOR, James H., Cedar north of Tenth, Retired.
MOE, Alice, 1511 Second, Teacher.
MOHN, Enoch E., 1515 Fifth, Carpenter; Mrs. Hilda.
MOLL, Dr. George, Columbia near Third, Dentist; Mrs. Elena.
MOORE, Mrs. Eva, Third near Columbia.
MORNEY, Einer, 1623 Second, Service Station; Mrs. Louise.
MORRIS, Alvin, Beach near Third, Secretary county Dairymen's Association;
    Mrs. Elizabeth, John, Mary Ellen.
MORRISON, Mrs. Envma, Third betwen Alder and Quinn.
MORRISON, Walter B., Fifth and Beach, Laborer; Mrs Margaret, Donald, Eloise.
MOTT, Mrs. Frances B., 1628 Fourth, Librarian, Justice of the Peace.
MULLINS, Scotty, Fourth near State, Highway Construction; Mrs. Reita, Jerry.
MUNN, Dr. Clarence E., Third between Union and Quinn, Physician.
MURRAY, Tom, 1520 Second, Shingle Weaver.
MYERS, Duane, First near State, Construction.
MYERS, Gretchen, Sixth and Beach, Doctor's Assistant.

23 Marysville DIRECTORY

MYERS, Walter S., Sixth and Beach, Insurance; Mrs. Hilda, Jean.
MYRICK, Mrs., State near Ninth, Housewife.

NASI, Theodore, 1823 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Nora, Phyllis, Ted Jr.
NEAL, Fred, 1121 Fourth, Mill Worker.
NEAL, Mrs. Mary, 1121 Fourth.
NEBEL, J. M., 1209 Fifth, Railroad Worker; Mrs. Alice.
NELSON, Arthur, 1909 Sixth, CCC Worker.
NELSON, George, Third near State, Salesman; Mrs. Teckia (beauty operator)
NELSON, John A., Third and Alder, Butcher.
NELSON, John M., 415 Beach, Laborer; Mrs. Hazel, Jack Jr., Lois, Julia, Maxine, Ralph.
NELSON, Walter, 1909 Sixth, Laborer.
NOONAN, Dan, Third and Beach, Retired; Mrs. Catherine.
NORBERG, Arvid, Eighth between Quinn and Union, Laborer; Mrs. Margaret, Shirley, Mary.
NORBERG, Mrs. Mary Adelia, Eighth and Quinn, Housewife.
NOTTS, J. C., Beach near Tenth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Olive, Shirley, Beverly.
NYBLOD Louis, Third near Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Myrtle.
NYBLOD, William, Tenth and Union, Mill Worker; Mrs. Madeline, Richard.

OAKES, Paul B., White Auto Cabins, Contractor; Mrs. Gladys, Jimmie Huff.
OARS, Clarence, 1510 Fifth, Boom Man.
ODENIUS, Mrs. Nora, Grove and Ash, Bevin.
OLIVERSON, Marie, 2nd and Alder.
OLSON, Andrew T., 1324 Seventh, Clerk: Mrs. Tennie.
OLSON, Olaf C., 1518 Seventh, Mill Worker; Mrs. Josie, Elvin, Palmer, Olga.

24 Marysville DIRECTORY

OLSON, Chris, Second and Alder, Fisherman; Mrs. Helen, Harvey.
OLSON, Noble, 419 Union, Clerk; Mrs. Mary.
O'NEIL, Vern, State near Seventh, Clerk; Mrs. Mildred. Keith, Burton, Dianne.
ORCUTT, A. E., Eighth and Columbia, Laborer; Mrs. Juta, Betty Lou, Violet, Arthur, Donald.
ORCUTT, Irving K., Eighth near State, Mill Worker; Mrs. Ezalas.
ORIL, Arthur E., Second and Beach, Bookkeeper; Mrs. Rose, Erna, Robert, Kenneth, Katherine, Dick.
OWEN, Mrs. Ella, Third and Beach, Housewife.

PARKS, Stillman, Fifth near Columbia, rear, Laborer.
PARRISH, Leonard, 1722 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Ida, Jerry.
PATTERSON, Mrs. Lillian, Third between State and Columbia.
PAYNE, H. E., 1328 Second, Shingle Weaver; Mrs. Clara.
PERREGO, Clarence, Seventh and Ash, Laborer; Herman, George.
PERREGO, James Sr., Fifth near Beach, Retired.
PERREGO, James, Fifth near Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Laura, Marguerite.
PETERSON, Almer J., Beach between Tenth and Grove, Laborer; Mrs. Lila, Imogens,
    Almer Jr., Shirley, Robert.
PETERSON, Mrs. Carrie, 1636 Fourth.
PETERSON, Edward C., 1820 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Hannah, Dell.
PETERSON, Mrs. Eliza, 1636 Third, Stage Line Owner.
PETERSON, Elmer, 1531 Fourth, Truck Driver; Mrs. Katherine.
PETERSON, Esther, Seventh and State, Teacher.
PETERSON, Frank, 936 Columbia, Mill Worker; Mrs. Naomi.

25 Marysville DIRECTORY

PETERSON, Gus, 1826 Fourth, Shingle Weaver; Mrs. Tillie.
PETERSON, Hamlet, Third between Alder and Columbia, Mill Worker.
PETERSON, Hjalmer, State and Ninth, Butcher; Mrs. Nina, Nadine, Walter.
PETERSON, Lawrence J., Third between Columbia and Alder; Mill Worker; Mrs. Lillian, Eugene.
PETERSON, Stanley, 1636 3rd, Stage Operator; Mrs. Liberty, Brooke.
PFROMM, Henry, Third and Cedar, Town Clerk.
PILLMAN, W. T., Third between Quinn and Alder, Tailor; Mrs. Elizabeth.
PITTS, Mrs. Gladys, 1701 Fourth.
PHILIPPI, Jean, Seventh and State, Teacher.
PLONT, Archie, State near Ninth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Effie, Archie Jr., Bonnie.
PLUMB, Mogan A., Fourth near Beach, Farmer; Mrs. Josephine, Jimmy, Betty Joy, Tommy.
POLLOW, Ernest, 1616 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Hyacinth, Rodney.
POPE, Albert, Fourth between Alder and Quinn, Mill Worker.
POPE, Mrs. Bertha, Fourth between Alder and Quinn.
POWERS, Patrick H., Fourth at Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Laura, Grace.
PRINGLE, Mrs. E. F., Sixth near Union; John.
PRIEST, William, 1411 Second, Laborer.

QUAST, Clifford, Third and Liberty, Construction.
QUAST, Cordt H., 1511 Fourth, Retired; Mrs. Adeline.
QUINN, Mrs. Katherine, 1613 Fifth, Housewife.

RANDALL, Albert J., Sixth and Alder, Laborer; Mrs. Myrtle B.
RANDALL, Mrs. Etta, Second east of Alder.

26 Marysville DIRECTORY

RANDALL, Irving, Second near Quinn, Fisherman; Mrs. Elsie, Rondalyn, Roosevelt, John, Fred. Kermit.
RANDALL, John, First near Alder, Farmer; Mrs. Elsie.
RASMUSSEN, Robert, Beach near Eighth, Bridge Tender; Mrs. Anna, Stanley, Robert, Lillian, Louis.
RAVEN, Robert S., Fourth between Union and Liberty, School Superintendent; Mrs. Opal, Bobby, Dicky.
RAY, Cecil, 1622 3rd, P. S. P. & L. Employe; Mrs. Lola.
REGAN, Ernest, 1410 Second, Storekeeper;Mrs. Myrel, Eugene, John.
REGAN, John H., Third between Alder and Quinn, Retired; Mrs, Ellen, Richard.
REINING, George, Sixth and Columbia, Railroad Worker; Mrs. Ethel, Esther, Dorothy, Mildred, George Jr.
RENIKER, Glen, Truck Driver; Cecil.
RENIKER, Neil, Eighth and Quinn, Mill Worker, Mrs. Flora, Donald, Ella, Bernard.
RICE, E. R., 1305 Second, Shingle Weaver; Mrs. Marion E., Russell, Margaret, Kenneth.
RICE, James, 903 Beach, Logger; Mrs. Matilda.
RICE, L. C. "Dick," 1511 Fourth, Road Construction; Mrs. Lois, Jackie.
RICE, Theodore, First near Cedar, Retired.
RICHARDSON, Wm., First near Beach, Filer.
RINGENBACH, Joseph, Fifth and Alder, Mill Worker.
RHODE, William, First near State, Laborer.
ROBERTSON, Henry J., Beach between Tenth and Grove, Mill Worker; Mrs. Lillian, Bernard, Hazel,
    Helen, June, Shirley, Eugene, Richard.
ROBINSON, Mrs. Alice, 1519 Fourth, Clerk.
ROBINSON, Lynn G., Sixth near State, Teacher; Mrs. Mary.
ROBINSON, Joseph D., Seventh and State, Retired; Mrs. Mary.
ROGERS, Florence, 1511 Second, Teacher.

27 Marysville DIRECTORY

ROHDE, Carl F., State between Tenth and Grove, Mariner.
ROOT, Claude, 1531 Seventh, Mill Worker; Mrs. Eva, Ruth.
ROOT, Gordon, 1531 Seventh, CCC Worker.
ROOT, Raymond, 1531 Seventh, Musician.
ROSE, Dr. John William, 317 Liberty, Physician; Mrs. Theresa, Jackie, Daniel.
ROUNDS, Wallace T., White Auto Cabins, H. S. Instructor.
ROWLEY, Earl, 1519 Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. Katherine, Shirley.
ROWLEY, James, Eighth and State, Janitor; Mrs. Ora, Ivan, Lloyd.
RUGWELL, Arthur, Sixth and Beach, Painter; Mrs. Ora, Arthur Jr.
RUSSELL, George W., State and Fourth, Bridge Tender; Mrs. Gail.
RUSSELL, Merle, State and Fourth, Laborer: Mrs. Margaret, Thomas Gail.

SALSTROM, Dewey, Fourth at Delta, Funeral Director; Mrs. Selma, Doris, Sandra.
SANDERLIN, Danny, Second and Beach.
SANBORN, Adeline, Beach near Ninth, Housekeeper.
SANBORN, Jay, 1411 Second, Mill Worker.
SANNER, John, 1609 Second, Mechanic; Mrs. Undine, Ellen, Frank.
SARRETT, Mrs. 0. M., Seventh and Delta; Maxine, Kenneth.
SAUNDERS, Frederick, Eighth near Liberty, Merchant; Mrs. Ruth.
SAUNDERS, Mrs. Margaret, 1218 Third, Clerk; Bobby, Billy.
SCHAEFER, Charles H., State and Sixth, Retired; Mrs. Josephine.

28 Marysville DIRECTORY

SCHAEFER, Elmer J., Eighth and State, Undertaker; Mrs. Marie, Stanley, Marilyn.
SCHLAGETER, Joseph, Tenth near State, Government Employe; Mrs. Daisy, Lenna, Joseph Jr., Francis.
SCHOLEY, H. B., Gateway Hotel, Laborer; Mrs. Myrtle.
SCHROEDER, William, 1618 Fifth, Railroad Worker; Mrs. Laura, Ralph.
SCHULTZ, Rev. Leroy C., Third near State, Methodist Minister; Mrs. Lizzie.
SCOTT, Ida, 1612 Second, Retired.
SCOTT, Judge John H., 1612 Second, Retired.
SEATER, Mrs. Nellie M., Second, east of Alder.
SECRIST, Esther, Fourth at Delta, Waitress.
SECRIST, Grant, Fourth at Delta, Mill Owner; Mrs. Nettie.
SEELEY, Clarence, 909 Columbia, Salesman; Mrs. Pearl.
SEVERSON, Mrs. Wilhelmina, 1618 Fourth.
SEWARD, Thomas, Fifth and Alder, Mill Worker; Mrs. Vernice, Ellen.
SHELDON, Lawrence, Beach and Ninth, Truck Driver; Mrs. Ellen, Raymond, Francis.
SHIELLS, Alex, First and Beach.
SHIELLS, Porter, Fifth; and Ash, Merchant; Mrs. Mary Alice.
SHIPPY, J. B., Beach near Grove, Gardener; Mrs. Edith, Kenneth , Irene, Raymond Smith, Percy Smith.
SIGLER, Dr. Glen V., Tenth near State, Physician; Mrs. Margaret.
SKINA, Mrs. Frances, Fifth near Columbia, Housekeeper.
SMITH, Mrs. Agnes, Eighth near Columbia, Seamstress; Bernard, Leo.
SMITH, Albert, First between State and Columbia, Mill Worker; Mrs. Louise, Louise.

29 Marysville DIRECTORY

SMITH, Fred, 1602 Fourth, Hardware; Mrs. Frances.
SMITH, Henry, 1215 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Maude.
SMITH, Henry C., Ninth between Quinn and Union, Laborer; Mrs. Minnie B.
SMITH, Lester E., 927 Alder, Mill Worker; Mrs. Iva E., Norman, Elbert.
SMITH, Logan C., Third and Quinn, Banker; Mrs. Gladys, Logan Jr., Kenneth.
SMITH, Mrs. Lydia "Daisy," State near Eighth, Lunch Room; Raymond.
SMITH, Presley Jr., 1624 Fifth, Truck Driver; Mrs. Dorothy.
SMITH, Walter S., State near Eighth, Linotype Operator.
SOLOMAN, F. L., 1409 Fourth, Millworker; Mrs. Lola, Marcus, Jeanne, Frances.
SOLOMON, Mrs. Minnie, 1409 Fourth.
SOWARDS, H. Sam, 1417 Second, Garageman; Mrs. Ruth, Dorothy, Henry.
SOWARDS, Vernon, 1417 Second, Laborer; Mrs. Maxine.
SPATCH, Millard, Fifth and Delta; Mrs. Lillian.
SPRAGUE, Mrs. Belle, Third and Columbia; Camilla.
SPRAGUE, Charles, Third and Columbia, Mill Worker.
STAFFORD, Wm. Theron, 1617 Second, Newspaper.
STALLMAN, Frank, 1606 Second, Carpenter; Mrs. Emma.
STANTON, Edward, 1711 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Alice.
STEARNS, Alice, 1604 Seventh, Teacher.
STEVENSON, Earl, State near. Tenth, Dairyman; Mrs. Margaret, Jeanne.
STEVENSON, Ralph, State near Tenth, Dairyman; Mrs. Mabel, George, Nettie
STEWART, Clifford B., Steele and Cedar, Millworker; Mrs. Helen, Helen, Bud, Dick.
STEWART, H. Burke, 1108 Tenth, Wood Worker; Mrs. Elizabeth.

30 Marysville DIRECTORY

STILES, John H., Cedar near Tenth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Leah.
STINE, Elmer, 1521 Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. Nevella, Junior, Sam.
STINE, John C., 1728 Fifth, Shoe Maker; Mrs. Mabel, Erma.
STOCK, Leon L., 1803 Third, Postmaster, Editor; Mrs. Alice, Robert F., Dorothy Mae, Eugene.
STORME, Harold, First between Columbia and Alder, Mill Worker.
STORSETH, Peter, Fourth and Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Lena, Hildur, Hilda, Walter, Leonard.
STORY, Charles, 1417 Second, Laborer.
STORY, John B., 1417 Second, Retired; Mrs. Emma.
STORY, Stephen, 1417 Second, Laborer.
STRATTON, Mrs. Ella, 1214 Ninth near Beach; Anne, Ruby, Georgina, Rowena.
STUBBS, Clarence C., First and State, Laborer; Mrs. Althea, Cecil, Fay, Betty.
STUDEBAKER, Clyde, White Auto Cabins, Pole Buyer; Mrs. Ora.
STUK, Anthon, Fourth and Ash, Laborer; Mrs. Margaret, Floyd, Doris, Joan, Alfred.
SUMMERS, Mrs. Cora, Beaoh near Grove.
SWANSON, Alden, Third and Quinn, Mill Foreman.
SWANSON, August, Third and Quinn, Mill Worker.
SWANSON, Elmer, 1209 Fourth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Cora.
SWANSON, Evelyn, Seventh and State, Teacher.
SWANSON, Louis, 1603 Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. L., Edwin.
SWANSON, Miss Minnie, Third and Quinn, Bookkeeper.
SWEENEY, Mrs. Inga, Seventh and Quinn, Housewife; Helen, Charles, Hower, Chester, Patricia.
TALLMAN, Dewane, 627 Delta, Blacksmith; Mrs. Catherine.

31 Marysville DIRECTORY

TALLMAN, Lloyd, First between Beach and Cedar; Ivan.
TATHAM, Jaimos H., Sixth and Beach, Retired; Mrs. Mary E.
TATHAM, Orlando, Sixth and Beach, Retired.
TAUBENECK, Mrs. Mary, State near Grove; Harold, Laborer.
TENGELIN, Nathan, 1603 Second, Baker.
TERRY, Buel A., White Auto Cabins, Mill Owner; Mrs. Theodosia.
THOMAS, E. J., Cedar north of Tenth, Plumber; Mrs. Mabel, Carol, Mildred, Linn, Edward,
    Jackie. Norma. Nancy. Mary Ann. Patsy Lou, Allen, Richard, Beverly, Joan.
TOMPKINS, Rev. R. W., Third and Ash, Nazarene Minister; Mrs. Margaret.
THOMSON, D. F., Beach near Grove, Mill Worker; Mrs. Nellie I.
THOMPSON, Mrs. Emma J., 1406 Fourth.
THOMPSON. Ole, 1085 State, Farmer; Mrs. Sina.
THOMPSON, Peter, Third near Ash, Shingle Weaver.
THORSEN, Carl, White Auto Cabins, Mill Worker.
THORESON, Thor E., Third and Quinn, Janitor; Mrs. Ernstine T.
TIEDEMAN, Henry, Beach near Steele, Retired; Mrs. Katie.
TIEDEMAN, Lillian, 1626 Seventh, Waitress.
TIEMAN, William, Fifth near Ash, Mechanic; Mrs.Mina, Herbert.
TINGSTAD, A. Ray, Third between Union and Quinn, Radio Salesman; Mrs. Florence.
TOMPKINS, Mrs. Anna B., Cedar between Tenth and Grove.
TOMPKINS, Edward J., Cedar between Tenth and Grove, Retired.
TORREY, Porter F., 1406 Second, Retired.

32 Marysville DIRECTORY

TRATHEN, Charles R., 1515 Fourth, Cat Driver; Mrs. Crystal, Florence Whitt, Lloyd Whitt.
TRIBER, Gordon, 1519 Fourth, Student.
TRIMBLE, D., Ninth near State, Sawyer.
TRIMBLE, Verne, Ninth near State, Shingle Packer; Betty.
TRISLER, John, 1819 Third, Electrician; Mrs. Emma.
TRUMBLE, R. A., 920 State, Merchant; Mrs. Lenore.
TRUMBLE, R. J., 920 State, Merchant; Mrs. Lydia.
TRYON, Henry, 1411 Second, Mill Fireman; Mrs. Ellen.
TRYON, Humphrey, 1636 Fourth, Laborer; Mrs. Adeline, Peter, Alfred, Adeline.
TRYON, Warren, 1411 Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. Hattie, Mary .

UPRIGHT, George, First between Delta and Cedar, Mill Worker.
URTFJELD, Peder, Ninth and Columbia Laborer ; Mrs. Masene.
UTLEY, Mrs. Alzina, 1635 Sixth.
VAN HOENE, Mrs. Harriet A., 1518 Fourth.

VAN METER, Frank C., Ninth and Union, Carpenter; Mrs. Matilda, Claude, Lala, Mina.
WALBERG, Robert H., Sixth near Liberty, Fisherman; Mrs. Olga, Ray, Joyce.

WARD, Miss Jewel, Beach north of Tenth.
WARLEY, Mrs. Ethel, Marysville Hotel, Waitress.
WARREN, George, Ninth near Union, Mill Worker; Mrs. Mildred, Eugene, Jack.
WASHBURN, Ernest, R. 1604 Seventh, Pharmacist; Mrs. Zoe, Russell.
WATSON, Mrs. Olga, Sixth and Columbia, Clerk.
WEISS, Ralph, Seventh and State, Grocer; Mrs. Lila, Gordon.

33 Marysville DIRECTORY

WELCH, William W., 1402 Second, Laborer.
WELDS, Mrs. Addie, 1632 Fifth.
WELLS, Claude, 1632 Fifth, Mill Worker.
WELLS, Jasper T., 1201 Eighth, Mill Worker; Mrs. Bessie, Robert.
WENTWORTH, Donald, Cedar near Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. Leona, Donald Jr., Victor, Harold.
WEST, Dorothy, 1604 Seventh, Teacher.
WESTLUND, Alwyn C., State near Eighth, Laborer; Mrs. Norma, Johnny.
WESTLUND, Orville, Union near Second, Butcher; Mrs. Lola, Theodore.
WESTLUND, Rudolph, Eighth and Cedar, Driver.
WHITCOMB, J. L., Beach north of Tenth, Carpenter; Mrs. Fronia.
WHITCOMB, Z. S., Second near Cedar, Carpenter; Mrs. Catherine.
WHITE, Miss Evelyn, 1511 Fourth.
WHITE, Mrs. Maggie, Cedar and Tenth.
WHITE, W,m. N., Cedar and Tenth, Contractor; Mrs. Anna, Junior.
WHITSON, Harry, Grove and Ash, Construction.
WICKS, Ben E., 1633 Third, Carpenter; Mrs. Mae, Ruby
WIESE, Charles, Fourth and Quinn, Mill Worker; Mrs. Belle.
WILKE, O. W., 1903 Fourth, Laborer; Mrs. Lenora M.
WILLIAMS, Roland C., Fifth and Beach, Construction.
WILLIAMS, Sam., Fifth between Ash and Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Nellie, Thelma,
    Arthur, Marie, Irma. Cora May.
WILLIAMS, Silas, Fifth near Beach, Mill Worker; Mrs. Minnie, Clifford.
WILSON, Jay P., 1728 Fifth, Concession Operator.
WILSON, Mrs. Lueille. Seventh near Alder. Teacher; Harret.

34 Marysville DIRECTORY

WIPF, Claudia, 1803 Third.
WIPF, Lillian, 1803 Third, Teacher.
WITMER, Anna M., Cedar near Seventh, Teacher.
WITMER, Viola, Cedar near Seventh, Housekeeper.
WITT, Leonard E., Third and Union, Grocer; Mrs. Maude, Dick.
WOLTRING, George, Columbia and Tenth, Carpenter; Mrs. Mabel, Frank, Gerald, George Jr., Rex.
WOOD, Elwyn, 1623 Sixth, COC Worker; Mrs. Nerys, Elwyn Jr.
WOODS, William B., Fourth and Alder, Mill Worker; Mrs. Jennie, Esther, Billy.
WRIGHT, Lewis T., Sixth and Alder, Mill Worker; Mrs. Margaret, Donald, Pat, Eugene.
WRIGHT, Edward, 417 Beach, Laborer.
WRIGHT, Francis, State south of First, Restaurant.
WRIGHT, Oscar E., 417 Beach, Laborer; Elliot.
WRIGHT, Sanford, State near First, Carpenter.
WYGANT, Sydney E., 1424 Second, Mill Worker; Mrs. Grace, Norma Grace.

YLVISAKER, W. O., Fifth near State, Teacher; Mrs. Lou, Doris, Paul.
YORKSTON, J. A., Third between State and Delta, Mill Worker; Mrs. Margaret, Marie.

ZYLSTRA, James E., 1403 Second, Mrs. Helen.

35 Marysville DIRECTORY

Business Directory
With Listing of Public Buildings

ASAPH'S BLACKSMITH SHOP, General forge work; Columbia between Sixth and Seventh; J. W. Asaph.
AUTO KITCHEN, Lunches; Eighth and State; Mrs. Ora Rowley.
BEULAH'S CAFE, Restaurant; 212 State; Mrs. Beulah Holmes.
BLOOM'S CLOTHING, Shoes, haberdashery; 313 State, Olaf T. and T. N. Bloom.
BLUE BIRD CAFE, Restaurant; 315 State; Henry Duvall.
BLUE DIAMOND MARKET, Meats and groceries; 207 State; Leo Barth.
CAMPFIRE GIRLS TANK HOUSE, Sixth between Ash and Beach (rear).
CARR'S HARDWARE, General Hardware; 1514 Third; M. H. Carr.
CASCADIA HALL, State between First and Second.
CASCADIA TAVEN, Lunch room; 107 State; Walter Cornelius.
CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, Fourth and Alder; Rev. R. W. Tompkins.
CITY BATHS, Barber Shop; 209 1-2 State; A. W. Jones.
COLLINS BABER SHOP, Barber and sporting goods; State between First and Second; J. Avery Colins.
COLLINS CONFECTIONERY, Candies and tobacco; State between First and Second; Mrs. Anna E. Collins.
CON'S GROCERY AND CONFECTIONERY, 219 State; Con Engebretsen.

36 Marysville DIRECTORY

CROW'S RED AND WHITE STORE, Groceries; 213 State; Roland W. Crow.
CULVER'S VARIETY STORE, 1506 Third; Fred and Edna Culver.
ELITE CLEANERS & DYERS, 1505 Third; Al B. Crist.
ELLA'S BEAUTY SHOP, Beauty culture; 209 State; Mrs. Ella Engh.
ELZEA'S SUPER SERVICE, Richfield oil products; Eighth and State; Everett Elzea.
ERICKSON SHINGLE CO., Green shingles; E. M. Erickson.
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Fifth and State; Rev. Harris D. Erickson.
FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, Third and State; Rev. L. C. Schultz.
FIRE STATION, Third and Delta.
FOWLER'S AUTO SERVICE, Repairing and service; Third and State, Harry L. Fowler.
FRIEND'S JEWELRY, Jewelry and repairs; 208 State; O. J. Friend.
GASKILL LUMBER CO., Lumber and building material; Third at G. N. Tracks; Hosea J. Gaskill.
GATEWAY GARAGE, Auto repairing and storage; State near First; Fred Saunders.
GATEWAY ROOMS, Hotel; First and State; H. B. Scholey.
GATEWAY SUPER SERVICE, Shell oil products; First and State; Fred Saunders.
GEM FERTILIZER CO., mfrs. commercial fertilizers; Third at G. N. tracks; Wm. Duce.
GODKIN & CARLETON, Real estate and insurance; 214 State; V. H. Godkin, P. T. Carleton.
GRANGE SUPPLY CO., Distributors oil products; office Eighth and Cedar; H. G. Fisher, Mngr.
GREAT NORTHERN RAILROAD, Station Fifth between Cedar and Delta; C. T. Andrews, agent.
GUDRUN'S BEAUTY SALON, Beauty parlor; 1518 Third; Gudrun Oftebro.
HAWLEY'S MARKET, Meats; 213 State; Floyden Hawley.
HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC FIELD, Seventh and Eighth, Alder and Quinn.
HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY, Groceries; Seventh and State; Ralph Weiss.
HIGHWAY HALL, Seventh and State.

37 Marysville DIRECTORY

HILTON DRUG CO., Drugs and sundries; State and Third; Jeffery Hilton.
HILTON'S CONFECTIONERY, Tobacco and drinks; 1508 Third; Frank Hilton.
HUFFMAN & SOWARDS, Automobile repairing; State south from First; Wayne Huffman, H. S. Sowards.
I. O. O. F. HALL, Third and Cedar.
JACKLIN ELECTRIC, Electrical supplies; 1504 Third; John J. Jacklin.
JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, State between Seventh and Eighth.
KUHNLE'S CONFECTIONERY, Tobacco, drinks, sporting goods; 204 State; Edward Kuhnle.
LEACH MACHINERY CO., Used equipment; State near Grove; George Leach.
LIBRARY, Town Hall, Third and Delta.
LINCOLN GRADE SCHOOL, Seventh between Columbia and Alder.
LOCKERT GROCERY, Groceries; Eighth between State and Delta; Anton Lockert.
MARYSVILLE COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, General merchandise; 215-217 State; Porter Shiells, mgr.
MARYSVILLE FINANCE CO., Loans; Henry Pfromm, sec.
MARYSVILLE FUNERAL PARLORS, Undertakers; Fourth and Delta; Dewey Salstrom.
MARYSVILLE GLOBE, Weekly newspaper published Thursdays; 204 1/2 State; Leon L. Stock, editor;
    Marysville Printing Co. publishers. MARYSVILLE GRILL, Restaurant; 203 State; John Henry.
MARYSVILLE HOME BAKERY, Wholesale and retail; 1509 Third; Carl Carlson.
MARYSVILLE HOTEL, Rooms; 203 State; John Henry.
MARYSVILLE ICE AND COLD STORAGE, Storage plant; Fourth between Delta and Cedar;
    Cecil Crayton, manager.

38 Marysville DIRECTORY

MARYSVILLE MACHINE WORKS, Machine shop; State at Grove; Ray Gifford.
MARYSVILLE MERCANTILE CO., 410 State; Reese V. Delano.
MARYSVILLE PHARMACY, Drugs and sundries; 317 State; Ernest R. Washburn.
MARYSVILLE PRINTING CO., Printing and publishing; 204 1/2 State; Minnie Hendrickson, Leon L. Stock.
MARYSVILLE RADIO SERVICE, 316 State; Fred Harrington.
MARYSVILLE SHOE SERVICE, Shoe repairing; 1513 Third; Horace H. Hinchcliffe.
MARYSVILLE STAGE LINE, Depot 1507 Third, Mrs. Eliza Peterson and Stanley Peterson.
MARYSVILLE STATE BANK, 202 State; Logan C. Smith, pres.; Elon E. Colvin, cashier.
MARYSVILLE THEATRE, Motion pictures; 205 State; John Henry.
MARYSVILLE TRANSFER CO., Fuel, building- material, hauling; State between Fifth and Sixth;
    John Hilton.
MARYSVILLE WATER WORKS, Office Third and Delta; town of Marysville.
MASONIC HALL, Fifth and Columbia.
McCORKINDALE HARDWARE, General hardware and plumbing; 1510 Third; Andrew Hutton, prop.
McKINNIS, DR. CHARLES L., Dentist; State between First and Second.
McLAIN'S Grocery and confectiorery; 314 State; Mrs. Margaret McLain.
McMASTER SHINGLE CO., Cedar shingles and lumber, First between Cedar and Beach; mutually operated,
    Wm. McMaster, Mgr.
MODERN MARKET, Groceries and meats; State near Ninth; Ray A. Trumble.
MOLL, DR. GEORGE, Dentist; Third and Columbia.

39 Marysville DIRECTORY

MORGAN'S AUTO SERVICE, Repairing, used parts; State south of First; Milton M. Morgan.
MORNEY'S SUPER SERVICE, Union oil products; State and First; Einer Morney.
MUNN, DR. CLARENCE E., Physician and Surgeon, 1611 Third.
MYERS, Walter S., Insurance, notary public; 316 State.
OLD BANK BUILDING, Second and Cedar.
ORCHID BEAUTY SHOP, 1505 1/2 Third; Teckla Sunnell.
PACIFIC WOODENWARE CO., Mfrs. spruce buttertub staves and heads;
    Ebey Slough near State; Hosmer Brokaw, mgr.
PARK SERVICE STATION, Automobile repairs and service; Fifth and State; M. M. Gottschalk.
PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY, First between Delta and State; Rev. John W. Goodwin.
PIONEER ICE AND BEVERAGE, Bottling and wholesale; First between State and Delta;
    Gordon Johnston, Clarence Johnston.
POSTAL TELEGRAPH CO., Agency, Hilton Drug Store.
PUGET SOUND POWER & LIGHT CO., Electric power and appliances; office 1504 Third; J. J. Jacklin, agent.
RAILWAY EXPRESS CO., Office G. N. Depot; C T. Andrews, agent.
REINELL BOAT WORKS, Small boat building and repairing; State at Ebey Slough; Nick Reinell, prop.
RON'S HAMBURGER STAND, Lunches; State South of First; Ron Johnston.
ROSE, DR. J. W., Physician and surgeon; 1419 Third.
SANITARY BARBER SHOP, Barber, 212 1/2 State; Oscar Lundgren.
SCHAEFER FUNERAL HOME, Undertakers; Eighth and State; Elmer and Marie Schaefer.
SELF HELP CLUB HALL, Third between Delta and Cedar.
SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Seventh and Columbia.
SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH, Second between Beach and Cedar; Rev. R. G. Schaffner.
SIMPSON MOTORS, Ford sales and service; 308-310 State; R. R. Miller mgr.,
SLEEPER'S MARKET, Groceries and meats; 216-218 State; George A. Sleeper.
SMITH & ASBERY, Hardware; 1417 First; Fred Smith, Sanford T. Asbery.

40 Marysville DIRECTORY

SNOHOMISH COUNTY BERRY GROWERS' ASSN., Packers of berries in season;
    Sixth and Cedar; O. B. Cameron, mgr.
SOWARDS SUPER SERVICE, Service station; State south from First; Vernon Sowards.
STANDARD STATION INC., Standard oil products; Third and State; Dan Johnstone, mgr.
STINE'S SHOE REPAIR, Shoes and repairing, State between First and Second; John C. Stine.
ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, Fourth, and Delta; Father Edmund Long.
SUNNELL ELECTRIC, Electric appliances; 1505 Third; George Nelson.
TALLMAN'S BLACKSMITH SHOP, Sixth near Delta; Dewane Tallman.
TENTH STREET SCHOOL, Beach between Ninth and Tenth.
TOURISTS' CONFECTIONERY, Candies and tobacco; 1507 Third; 0. F. Chartier.
TOWN HALL, Third and Delta.
TOWN JAIL, Third and Delta.
TOWN OF MARYSVILLE, municipality; office Third and Delta; Henry Pfromm, clerk.
TOWN PARK, State between Fifth and Sixth.
TRIPLE "X" BARREL, Lunches, fountain; State north from Eighth; Mrs. Lydia Smith.
U. S. POST OFFICE, 206 State; Leon L. Stock, postmaster.
VAN BUSKIRK, DR. E. J., Physician and surgeon; State between First and Second.
WALTERS SERVICE STATION, Texaco products; Fifth and State; Wylie Walters.
WEEKS MILLING CO., Cereals, flour, feed; First and State; E. N. Weeks and sons.
WEST COAST TELEPHONE CO., Telephone and telegraph; 1407 Third; Mrs. Emma Ryan, local manager.
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO., office G. N. depot; C. T. Andrews, operator.
WHITE AUTO CABINS, Tourist cabins; Fifth and Delta; A. H. March.
WHITE'S CASH FEED STORE, Seeds and feed; Second and State; C. E. Canell, manager.
WHITE TRUCKING CO., Hauling; Ninth and Cedar; Wm. N. White.
WITT'S GROCERY, Groceries and feed; 210 State; L. E. Witt.

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