Marysville's Washington WWII Warriors

The bulk of this presentation is taken from the Marysville Globe, the hometown newspaper of Marysville WA. Published on Thursday, 17 May 1945. The Newspaper gave credit to the gathering of the information to Mrs. Ben Sprague, the mother of five boys serving in the armed services. No attempt was made to get pictures and articles on all the 600 locals serving in the war effort but an attempt was made to list them.

Ernest R. Washburn Jr.

Kenneth Welch

Robert Wells

Fred Westlund

Robert Wetzel

Winfred Wetzel

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This project was started by Walter Taubeneck because he's the one who saved the original newspaper from 1945.
And he is the one who hounded me until I completed the scan and placed the first pages online in time for Memorial Day 2005
Scanned and designed by
Darilee Bednar
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